These Hello Kitty twin bags may just be the cutest accessories that mums with daughters can’t resist

We are all suckers for anything nostalgic, or at least we know someone who is. From Mickey or Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck, or even the beloved Grumpy Cat – plaster them over any product and it sells like hotcakes. Through the years, we’ve also seen fashion houses such as Coach and even dessert boutiques like Godiva collaborating with our favourite characters.

More recently at this year’s fashion weeks in Milan, London and New York, there was one snuggly character in particular who just kept popping up everywhere. Here’s a hint. This cartoon character looks like a cat but actually isn’t actually one. She wears an iconic pink bow and occasionally changes into a red one. Plus, she’s celebrating her 45th year. Yes, it’s Hello Kitty!

Across Jimmy Paul, GCDS and Balenciaga runways were Hello Kitty inspirations and motifs. Honestly, we are in love.

Let’s be real, we can’t possibly wear a fluffy red dress (no matter how much openly admit we’re head over heels in it). Let’s shine the spotlight on Balenciaga’s Hello Kitty Bags which are probably the most wearable picks in Singapore. Chic, trendy, and obviously loved.

The Balenciaga x Hello Kitty Capsule Collection isn’t quite within the typical budget, so if you still want something Hello Kitty-esque, you’ll be relieved to know we actually have more affordable alternatives right here in Singapore. Gasp! Whether you’re a mum looking for a new gift for your daughter, or a fanatic yourself, here are the newest Hello Kitty twin bags to get your paws on.

Local brand The Sophia Label has launched the Sanrio Characters Capsule Collection, featuring several Sanrio characters, including Hello Kitty, Gudetama, and My Melody.  And yes, there are twin bags with each of them as well!


All the bags come in two different styles – a bucket bag, and a crossbody bag. Aside from that, the three characters come dressed on super cute coin pouches too! All the bags are made of textured PU leather and come with a zip closure, inner pocket, adjustable strap, and of course a matching character charm. P.S. There’s also an adorable name tag for you to add on and emboss your name!

L – R: The Sophia Label Hello Kitty Crossbody Bag, The Sophia Label Gudetama Crossbody Bag, The Sophia Label My Melody Crossbody Bag, all $98 | The Sophia Label Gudetama Bucket Bag, The Sophia Label My Melody Bucket Bag, The Sophia Label Hello Kitty Bucket Bag, all $108, available at

Each characters’ products come in their respective hues – black for Hello Kitty, pink for My Melody, and yellow for Gudetama. The mini bundles which include a set for mum and daughter are a real steal, but they’re selling quick, so fastest fingers first!

The Sophia Label and these adorable bags are available at NomadX.