15 best places to buy Hari Raya outfits, including adorable matching ones for your kids!

The festive season is coming and we absolutely can’t wait! After two long years of celebrating Hari Raya with restrictions imposed, we can finally enjoy the celebrations in bigger crowds, just like the days before the pandemic occurred.

We’re just slightly less than three weeks away from Hari Raya, and we’re pretty sure you’re all already planning your family gatherings and the feasts you’re going to have.

While you’re busy deciding those, don’t forget to also pick up some gorgeous outfits!

We’ve gone ahead and done the work for you of researching where to buy the best outfits for Hari Raya, including matching ones for your kids. So read on and shop away!

Where to buy Hari Raya outfits

1. Zalora

Credit: Zalora

When it comes to shopping for Hari Raya outfits, we definitely can’t miss out on Singapore’s top retailer, Zalora. This year, the retailer is back with its annual ZALORAYA and it’s bigger and even better than before! Here, you’ll be able to find a huge range of baju kurung, kebaya, jubah, batik, and kaftan from various brands such as PBR by RAEESA, MASLEA, TAS by Tom Abang Saufi, MIMPI KITA, Naelofar, LUBNA, and ZALIA. Some of the items are also available for men, so you can wear matching styles with your partner!

Enjoy hassle-free shopping when you shop with Zalora because all you have to do is just pick out some styles on the website or the mobile app, checkout, and you’ll be able to receive your goods in three days – perfect for those who are busy running around making preparations for the festivities.

In celebration of the season, Zalora is also giving an additional 35% off sustainable modest wear! Simply apply the code APRSALE35 at checkout to enjoy.

Shop the Hari Raya range at Zalora now.

2. Whimsigirl

Credit: Whimsigirl

Feel good by looking good with Malaysian label Whimsigirl this Hari Raya. Those who prefer a more comfortable fit would love what Whimsigirl has to offer, as its style is mainly two-piece outfits in unique yet flattering silhouettes.

Many reviewers have said that they were initially skeptical when ordering clothes online from Whimsigirl, but later found themselves head over heels for the items they bought because they were just so comfortable and airy to wear. The pieces by Whimsigirl are ethically made with cotton and linen which are breathable, so you can be assured that you’ll still feel good despite the hot weather that we have in Singapore!

Since Whimsigirl is based in Malaysia, you might want to order slightly earlier to factor in the lead time required for the items to arrive at your doorstep.

Shop the Hari Raya collection at Whimsigirl now.

3. Deepduzt

Credit: Deepduzt

We all know the struggles of purchasing a special outfit just for an occasion, only to leave it in the closet right after for months or even years because we can’t find any other occasion to wear it. Thankfully, this won’t happen with the outfits by Deepduzt. The pieces come in soft, beautiful muted colours with minimal designs that will look good for Hari Raya and everyday wear.

They are also made from satin, so it will keep you cool even in Singapore’s heat, especially when you’re spending the entire day visiting your family and friends!

Shop the Hari Raya collection at Deepduzt now.

4. Happy Vibes

Credit: Happy Vibes

Just as its name suggests, the outfits offered by Happy Vibes exude a sense of positivity that will make you feel good. The pieces here are designed to be modest yet modern, making them perfect for special occasions and daily wear. And the best part is: it doesn’t cost an arm or a leg just to look fashionably chic when you shop here.

Since Happy Vibes is a very popular brand, many of their items sell out very quickly, so we’d recommend ordering your outfits early to avoid any disappointment.

Shop the Hari Raya collection at Happy Vibes now.

5. Ayu Apparels

Credit: Ayu Apparels

Go all out with bold prints when you shop at Ayu Apparels, one of the largest Muslimah shops in Singapore. We’re talking about patterns in vibrant colours that are certainly unique. The good thing about Ayu Apparels is that it introduces new arrivals every week, so even if you don’t see something you like this week, or if the item you want has already been sold out, you can just wait a couple of days for new items!

It also occasionally has sales, making their already affordable outfits even more pocket-friendly.

Shop at Ayu Apparels now.

6. Baju by Oniatta

Credit: Baju by Oniatta

Baju by Oniatta is founded by designer Oniatta Effendi in her bid to revive batik through putting her own modern twist to the designs.

One of her all-time favourite designs is the Baju Kurong Telok Blangah, a classic silhouette featuring a loose tunic that hangs just below the knee. This has been a crowd-favourite because of how modest it is and how it would also be ideal if you’re looking to be eating a feast during Hari Raya thanks to its loose fit!

Shop at Baju by Oniatta now.

7. Katt & Co

Credit: Katt & Co

Homegrown label Katt & Co has been a favourite amongst many because of its feminine silhouettes that exude luxe and elegance. Catering to both the minimalists and the bolder crowd, Katt & Co offers outfits in soft, pastel tones and floral prints.

This year, its Hari Raya collection’s theme is Perennial, and this certainly rings true when you take a look at the pieces in the collection. All of them are in modern silhouettes that will not go out of style, which means that you can keep wearing them for a long time. Talk about value-for-money, right?

Shop the Hari Raya collection at Katt & Co now.

8. Samiha Apparels

Credit: Samiha Apparels

Prefer something in a more unique silhouette for Hari Raya this year? How about opting for kaftans? Samiha Apparels has mastered the art of making kaftans that are not only comfortable but also form-fitting, which means you won’t look like you’re being swallowed by fabric. Samiha Apparels does this by designing the kaftans to be cinched at the waist with a luxurious floral or pearl sash.

Coupled with the premium rayon used to make them, the kaftans by Samiha Apparels look elevated and more put-together for a special occasion.

Shop the Hari Raya collection at Samiha Apparels now.

9. Anaabu

Credit: Anaabu

Anaabu is another brand you can look to when you’re shopping for Hari Raya outfits. Known for its genderless designs, Anaabu is the perfect place to shop for minimalistic outfits in muted tones.

Since this is a very popular brand, many of the pieces from its Hari Raya collection have already been sold out. But not to worry, there are still some available! To make things easier for its shoppers, Anaabu has specifically created a category that shows all available items. Hurry and shop now before the ones that are available are sold out too!

Shop the Hari Raya collection at Anaabu.

10. Claude

Credit: Claude

To celebrate the special occasion, Claude, an Indonesian fashion brand, has collaborated with two Indonesian fashion figures, Ayla Dimitri and Alika Islamadina, to launch a brand new 26-piece modest wear collection.

The collection incorporates designs that pay homage to the beauty of Indonesia’s nature, so you’ll notice that a lot of the pieces have exotic floral elements on them. For those who prefer a simple aesthetic, you can also opt for the solid muted colour pieces that are perfect for everyday wear. The pleated design adds a touch of playfulness, but it remains timeless.

Shop the Hari Raya collection at Claude.

Where to buy matching Hari Raya outfits with your little ones

11. Adrianna Yariqa

Credit: Adrianna Yariqa

One of the best places to shop for Hari Raya outfits for the whole family is Adrianna Yariqa, a homegrown label that specialises in gorgeous pastel pieces with abstract patterns. In its bid to ensure quality and sustainability, some of its Hari Raya collection this year will be on a pre-order basis. Don’t worry though, the pieces will be produced just in time for Hari Raya. Of course, if you’re afraid that they won’t arrive on time, it’s best that you place an order early!

Turn heads with Adrianna Yariqa’s stunning range of pastel satin outfits that are not only fashionable, but also comfortable to wear.

Shop the Hari Raya collection at Adrianna Yariqa now.

12. Poplook

Credit: Poplook

Malaysian label Poplook is certainly not to be missed when it comes to shopping for Hari Raya outfits, especially when you’re looking to shop for mother-daughter outfits. Poplook has a huge range of looks available, from simple solid-colour pieces to outfits in bold prints. Pair the outfits with any of its versatile headscarfs and stylish heels for a complete look.

Shop the Hari Raya collection at Poplook now.

13. Batique

Credit: Batique

Embrace your love for batik when you shop at Batique, a store dedicated to incorporating batik into modern fashion and streetwear. Check out the various styles that you can dress your entire family in! The designs are all unique, and we believe this would certainly stand out from the usual designs that others may purchase for the occasion.

Batique has made it easier for its shoppers by categorising its Hari Raya collection into men, women, boys, girls, and family. With the family category, you’ll be able to see available styles at just one glance!

Shop the Hari Raya collection at Batique now.


Credit: POKOKS

POKOKS is a famous Malaysian brand that offers both simple designs in solid colours and abstract patterns for that extra pop of colour to your outfit. Mix and match the pieces to create looks that showcase your family’s personalities!

As the designs are quite modern, you can always wear them again for other occasions even after Hari Raya. That’s right, you won’t have to worry about having to chuck these in your closet to gather dust because we’re sure you’ll be able to wear them very soon again, either for a family day out or to celebrate a birthday.

Since the items are shipped from Malaysia, we’d recommend ordering early to make sure you get your items in time for Hari Raya.

Shop the Hari Raya collection at POKOKS now. 

15. Thea Kids

Credit: Thea Kids

A store solely dedicated to designing quality clothes for children, Thea Kids is a good place to shop when you’re looking to buy Hari Raya outfits for your little ones. The pieces are made from carefully sourced cotton and linen fabrics to ensure that kids do not feel uncomfortable when they wear these clothes.

The outfits offered by Thea Kids are mostly in basic colours, making them versatile enough to match with your own Hari Raya outfits!

Want to get some accessories to spruce up your little one’s outfits? Thea Kids also has a selection of accessories sourced from trusted brands that are environmentally-friendly, so when you purchase something from Thea Kids, you are also showing your support for sustainability. Talk about a win-win situation, right?

Shop the Hari Raya collection at Thea Kids now.