Handmade beaded jewellery from our childhoods are back in trend – here’s where to get yours

Chances are, you still have the colourful friendship bracelets from the past stored away somewhere. Good news, you can now put it to good use and sport the newest Korean fashion trend!

Spotted on popular Korean celebrities like Taeyeon, multiple members of girl group IZ*ONE, singer and actresses Sandara Park and IU, these add just a tad bit of colour to your outfits to spice it up without looking too OTT. Since they’re so dainty, you can even don multiple ones  with different colours at once, à la Taeyeon!

Although these go with everything, try pairing them with a matching shade and even similar looking nails for a trendier look.

Fun, budget-friendly, and easy to make, take some time out of your weekends and try making your own! We’ve gathered the prettiest looking ones below for your inspiration.

Try alternating rainbow coloured beads with pearls for a bright and lively look.

Or, for a chicer look, use similar coloured large and small beads so they go with any clothes you wear.

Don’t forget you can incorporate your favourite shapes into yours too! Copy IU and get some flower ones for a sweeter look.

Make them yourself with these adorable bead choices

Candy coloured beads

Experiment with these multicoloured beads first, their soft colours make them look like literal arm candy!

SGD2.31 on Shopee.

Frosted beads

Take it a notch up with these pearl-like beads. In pastel shades of mint, coral, blue, pink, purple, and more, they compliment each other perfectly. Just don’t be surprised when friends start asking you where you get your jewellery!

SGD3.30 on Shopee.

Crochet beads

Why limit yourself to plastic? Try these knitted beads for a cooler, textured look!

SGD4.82 on Shopee.

Glow-in-the-dark beads

Have trouble finding your belongings? You’ll have no trouble finding your bracelets and necklaces when you make them with these. Thread these ones into a bracelet and bring them to your next music festival for an eye-catching look!

SGD2.84 on Shopee.

Flower shaped beads

Try emulating IU’s pieces with these pastel coloured beads in flower shapes for a more unique look.

SGD2.48 on Shopee.

18k gold plated lantern beads

Not a fan of colour? These chic gold beads won’t take away the polish from your outfits! You can even add them as accent beads along with other coloured ones in your jewellery to make them look more stylish.

SGD3 on Shopee.

Elastic string

Thread your beads together with elastic string for that clasp-free, nostalgic feel of your childhood jewellery.

SGD3.74 on Shopee.

Ready-made jewellery

For the hippie

In all your favourite colours like a soft peach, feminine purple, and vibrant red, these have an added pearl to prevent it from looking too child-like. Since it’s easy on the wallet too, get multiple and stack ’em for a statement!

SGD1.54 on Shopee.

For the romantic

These ones have pastel coloured glass beads in hues like pink, mint, and purple, as well as a silver dreamcatcher charm for all the dreamers and romantics out there.

SGD2.50 on Shopee.

For the minimalist

Minimalists should have fun with colour too! A more low-key style with tiny beads in your favourite shades, jazz up your signature neutral outfits with these.

SGD13 on Shopee.

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