12 stunning bags Lily Collins carried in ‘Emily in Paris’ that we want in our collection

The hit Netflix show, Emily in Paris, has certainly had its fair share of mixed reviews from audiences. One thing about the show that most can agree however, is how stunning the outfits and accessories are.

Set in what is regarded as the “world fashion capital”, the show’s characters are always decked out from head to toe in fabulous outfits that have caught the eye of fans.

Credit: Femestella

Apart from the bedazzling outfits, another thing that has caught the attention of fans of the show are gorgeous designer’s handbags that Emily (played by Lily Collins), the star of the show, is seen carrying.

From luxury brands such as Chanel, Prada, and Christian Louboutin to cult Parisian brands, there is certainly no shortage of stunning bags to match every outfit Emily dons as she wanders the streets of Paris.

Some of these bags are limited-edition, so you may not be able to get them for yourself, but take a look at recommended alternatives if you’re absolutely dying to get your hands on something similar.

1. Chanel Evening by the Sea Clutch

Credit: purseblog.com

We were surprised that one of the most eye-catching bags carried by Emily in the show isn’t from the newest season; this Chanel Evening by the Sea Clutch in a rich sapphire blue was from Chanel’s 2019 Cruise Collection. Past season item or not, we think it is an elegant addition to Emily’s outfit.

As this is from an older collection, you may want to check with Chanel sales assistants whether you can still get your hands on it.

2. Christian Louboutin Caracaba Mini Bag

Credit: teenvogue.com

Emily loves to match her bags with her outfits, and pairs a fashionable dress and hat with the Christian Louboutin Caracaba Mini Bag (S$2,710) for a full look.

Credit: Christian Louboutin

The urban style bag combines checkered fabrics with floral and multi-coloured striped patterns to make for a statement piece.

3. Roger Vivier Mini Bag

Credit: popsugar.com

Emily in Season 2 loves her Roger Vivier bag. Signature pieces from the brand has been seen several times in the series.

Credit: Roger Vivier

One of our favourites is this crossbody Mini Bag (S$1,682.63). It was seen when Emily was having a private moment hiding from the rain with the one and only Chef Gabriel, and is certainly a gorgeous bag to add to your collection.

4. Dolce & Gabana 3.5 Dg Logo Clutch



Credit: popsugar.com

Emily isn’t afraid to show off her bold style, and this Dolce & Gabana 3.5 Dg Logo Clutch is right up her alley. Chic and classy while showing off an eye-catching element of style, this bag has it all.

Credit: Dolce & Gabbana

You may not be able to get the exact bag from the show but the DG Girls mini bag in smooth calfskin (S$2,600) has a similar shape and design, and only differs in terms of the colour.

5. Prada Cleo Brushed Leather Shoulder Bag

Credit: popsugar.com

Shoulder bags are all the rage now, and this Prada Cleo Brushed Leather Shoulder Bag (S$3,450) is perfect if you want to jump on the trend.

Credit: Prada

The bright yellow colour gives the bag its own personality, and definitely makes a statement.

6. Aldo Handful Top Handle Bag

Who knew – Emily does affordable chic too. Emily sported the Aldo Handful Top Handle bag (S$87.48) on her first day at work, and it won’t break your bank.

Credit: tomandlorenzo.com

The roomy bag is professional while still being a subtle, chic accessory. Unfortunately, this bag is not available on Aldo.sg at the moment.

7. Marc Jacobs The Jelly Snapshot Camera Bag

Credit: Modes

It’s hard to go wrong with Marc Jacobs, which is exactly why Emily chose her fashionable Marc Jacobs The Jelly Snapshot Camera Bag to her second meeting with designer Pierre Cadault.

Credit: refinery29.com

The bright pink bag is an adorable addition to her stylish outfit, and is certainly one we’d like to add to our wardrobe. The bag is currently sold out on Farfetch and Modes, but you can shop the Snapshot Collection on the Marc Jacobs official website.

8. Chanel Round as Earth

Credit: purseblog.com

Another Chanel beauty, the Round as Earth bag makes for a cute accessory and fashion piece. The bag is available in four colours, and Emily sported the patent teal shade as a crossbody bag. The gold chain pairs perfectly with the bag, and makes it an easy bag to carry around for a casual day out.

Credit: Lyst

This bag is pretty much sold out everywhere so hurry if you want to get your hands on it!

You may not be able to get this exact bag as it is a limited-edition, but you can shop the Chanel 2020 cc diamond-quilted round mini bag (S$4,956) on Ferfetch for a similar alternative.

9. Staud Mini Bissett Leather Bucket Bag

Credit: vogue.sg

Looking to add a new favourite fashionable bag to your collection? Check out this Staud Mini Bissett Leather Bucket Bag that Emily brought to an influencer’s event for a beauty brand.

Credit: thecorner.com

The round bag perfectly matched her green coat and green bucket hat outfit. We also love that it is spacious enough to hold all your belongings. Unfortunately, this bag is so popular it is already sold out on Selfridges.

10. Patricia Field The City of Light Bag

Credit: Patricia Field

Designed by Emily in Paris costume designer Patricia Field for the show, this one-of-a-kind bag was hand-painted for a truly unique look.

Credit: society19.com

The bright yellow colour of the City of Light Bag (S$1,210.14) is certainly eye-catching and makes for a statement piece.

11. Christian Louboutin Elisa Top Handle M Bag

Credit: herworld.com

Perfect for an evening out, the Christian Louboutin Elisa Top Handle M bag (S$3,400) will add a touch of elegance and charm to your outfit for the night.

Credit: Christian Louboutin

Although you can no longer get the exact design of the little black bag Emily brought out, you can get the original design as a classy alternative.

12. Kate Spade Nicola Faux Fur Twistlock Small Convertible Chain Shoulder Bag

Credit: herworld.com

We’re glad to see another affordable piece in the line-up; this Kate Spade Nicola Faux Fur Twistlock Small Convertible Chain Shoulder bag (S$494.81) is truly a unique and gorgeous bag.

Credit: Kate Spade

The interlocking hearts make for a lovely detail and the winter pink colour is a very sweet touch to the already beautiful bag.

Get your hands on these stunning bags before they sell out like some already have! Check out Emily in Paris Season 2 on Netflix if you want to see not only gorgeous handbags, but also get inspired by Emily’s amazing fashion taste.

Featured image credit: teenvogue.com (left), Kate Spade (right).