Here are 11 best shops to get customisable jewellery at – for both men and women

If you’re a millennial, you might identify largely with individuality and self-expression – be it your outfit ensembles, mobile choices, or even your drink order at Starbucks. You may overlook your accessories and jewellery pieces, but they say a lot about you too.

The right piece of jewellery can be a deeply personal item, and you don’t need to simply buy what everyone else is wearing when there’s customisable jewellery.

More popular than ever, it’s now so much easier to make your diamond ring more intimate than a plain, average one or to rock a bracelet, engraved with your favourite mantra. This fashion statement is not just for women, with options for men too!

So if you’ve decided to tell your story through your bling, here are 11 places you can start with:


Who says customised jewellery needs to be expensive? It’s easy to create an affordable piece here, because it all depends on your selection of gemstones, material used, and final design! Gemstones can start from as low as SGD250, and for a simple band, the design fee is even included in the gemstone pricing!

Interested, but unsure if customised jewellery will be too pricey for you? At, you can request for a quick price quote if you provide details such as the type of stone, type of metal and a simple description of the design you are considering – no commitments needed!

Email: [email protected]
Address: 501 Orchard Road, #02-14 Wheelock Place, Singapore 238880
Contact Number: +65 80425031
Price Range: Majority of silver pieces range from SGD350 onwards. Price varies.
Time Period: 1.5-2 months on average from designing to creating the piece.

2. Choo Yilin

If you’re looking for a heir-loom worthy piece of jewellery then this bespoke label is the place for you. Choo Yilin works with traditionally Asian materials such as jade with diamonds, and other precious gemstones to reinvent traditional charms into sophisticated and wearable jewellery. Opt for a free consultation to craft your customised jewellery from scratch.

Email: [email protected]
Address:  Mandarin Gallery #02-23, 333A Orchard Road, Singapore 238897
Contact Number: +65 6733 1131
Time Period: Each piece will take a minimum of 16 weeks so go in advance!

3. Citystate Beads


Listen up, guys – you don’t only have to read this list to purchase customisable jewellery for the women in your life because it’s time to level up your accessory game too. Men’s beaded bracelets are extremely trendy now, and here, you can customise your own statement bracelets – whichever bead or charm combinations you fancy.

Materials are primarily semi-precious stones, metal charms, and elastic cords which are meticulously sourced from different parts of the world. Handmade in Singapore, your bracelet is sure to look and feel good too!

Email: [email protected]
Address: 230 Compassvale Walk, Singapore 540230 (For self-collection, by appointment only)
Contact Number: +65 9171 1407


4. Madly

You’ll be madly in love with your piece from Homegrown bespoke jeweller MADLY (Gems). Specialising in creating beautiful custom jewellery for all kinds of occasions, each piece is handcrafted in 18-carat gold by a team of craftsmen. Remember, gem-quality coloured stones are often rarer than white diamonds – and no two gemstones are the same! Discuss your bespoke project at the plush showroom and the MADLY team is sure to create something you love!

Email: [email protected]
Address:  72 Seng Poh Rd, #01-63, Singapore 160072
Contact Number: +65 6650 1544
Time Period: Crafting takes 8-12 weeks, but the MADLY team advises that you allow at least two to three months from the first meeting.

5. Mien Label

If you’re after a large selection of affordable jewellery to choose from, Mien Label is the place for you. Scrolling down their personalised jewellery page can be endless with options of customised bracelets and necklaces in multiple designs. Especially if you’re into a more chill jewellery vibe and not the traditional type, Mien Label’s offers of horizontal necklaces and leather bracelets might attract you.

Did we mention most items here sit at a comfortable price range of less than SGD50? No need to bust your savings!

Email: [email protected]
Price Range: Majority of customised pieces retail below SGD55

6. Pearl Falco

If you love pearls, you’ll love Pearl Falco. Founded in 1985 in Japan, they opened a branch in Singapore in 2015. Offering over 4,000 pearl jewellery collections, their natural pearls are valued for their brilliant lustre and rich colours, and are a symbol of timeless beauty that can be passed down for generations. From selecting the right pearls for someone special, to the actual handcrafting of your design, the team is experienced in bespoke creations including necklaces, rings and brooches.

Address: Singapore Gallery, 33 Mohamed Sultan Road #02-03 Singapore 238977
Contact Number: +65 91551887

7. Monica Vinader

It’s all about engraving at Monica Vinader – rings, bracelets, pendants – all sporting the brand’s chic and minimalist style. This British jewellery brand allows you to personalise their intricate jewellery, perfect for every day wear for both men and women – at no added cost at all! Add a name, motif, or even a hand-drawn doodle for a truly meaningful jewellery piece.

How’s that for customised jewellery, ladies and gentlemen?

Address: ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn, #B1-09, Singapore 238801 | Takashimaya, Level 1, 391A Orchard Road, Singapore 238873 | Westgate, 3 Gateway Drive, #01-16A, Singapore 608532.
Contact Number: +65 6509 6568

8. Niessing – Now Tattoo

Niessing – Now Tattoo doesn’t mess around when it comes to customisation.

After choosing the type (pendant, ring, or bracelet) and size (for e.g bracelet in S-XL thickness), you can pick the colour of the metal, and even the finish – glossy, textured, or matte. Then comes the fun bit – Niessing has various stock tattoo designs that you can choose from. If rustic designs are not your type of thing, you can upload your own design too! From a handwritten love note to even a picture of your pet, it will be immortalised into your jewellery.

Lastly, view your design in a crafted 360 degree image online to be 100% sure it’s just what you want!

Address: Scotts Square, 6 Scotts Rd, #01-10, Singapore 228209
Contact Number: +65 6443 2871

9. Facets Singapore

If you’re looking to customise your jewellery for your big day, then try this diamond wholesaler. Whether you want to breathe new life into your existing heirloom collection or create your dream engagement ring, the family-run business has 40 years of experience armed with a wide diamond inventory to help with that. Their GIA-trained professionals will guide you through the process of creating the ideal diamond for your special occasion.

Address: 545 Orchard Road, Far East Shopping Centre #11-05, Singapore 238882
Contact Number: +65 6235 1724

10. Les Georgettes by Altesse

This innovative brand from France offers a super fast and convenient jewelry customisation service without compromising on the quality. Create your own bracelets, rings, necklaces and even earrings by selecting your favourite metallic band design, followed by the brand’s signature feature – choose from their two-way interchangeable and reversible leather or fluid-perspex insert in a variety of colour pairings.

If you’re bored of one colour, simply remove the insert, flip it over, and slot it back into the jewellery – instant customisation. No more lugging around two different sets of jewellery for day and night occasions when you can switch up your accessories this simply!

Address: Takashimaya Department Store, 391A Orchard Road, Singapore 238873
Contact Number: +65 6738 1111

11. Les Precieux

Classic pieces which are a beautiful marriage of vintage and classic designs, are abound here.

Made to last for generations, each custom creation features natural and untreated precious gemstones like sapphires, tourmalines, and garnets which undergo a dynamic process involving direct mine-sourcing, quality checks and more. Every single gem is accompanied by gemological certification from reputable laboratories as well so you know it’s definitely worth the price.

Address: 360 Orchard Road, International Building, #11-04, Singapore 238869
Contact Number: +65 9647 2673