22 modern cheongsam shops to snag the perfect CNY outfit in 2022

Fretting over what to wear for Chinese New Year or worrying whether your outfit will be parent-approved? One thing’s for sure, you can never go wrong with a classic cheongsam.

We’ve rounded up 10 places where you can get modern cheongsam for CNY (and any other occasions in the future). We have also picked out our favourite pieces that feature traditional cuts with a modern spin that you’ll absolutely adore. Best part? There are many under S$50 options so you won’t have to break the bank to celebrate CNY in style.

1. Pomelo

cheongsam cny pomelo
Left: Short Puffed Sleeve Dress (S$54.90) | Right: Floral Sleeveless Mandarin Collar Dress (S$54.90)

Pomelo has released its Chinese New Year 2022 collection.

Look forward to an auspicious colour palette in shades of bright red, pink, and yellow, and designs include cheongsam-inspired items, bold floral prints, and vibrant pieces that are wearable even after CNY is over.

You’ll be able to find many modern cheongsam renditions – including long and short dresses, as well as tops – in this collection.

The Chinese New Year 2022 collection will be available at Pomelo.

2. Love, Bonito

modern cheongsam love bonito
Bevelyn Lace Mandarin Collar Midi Dress (left), and Mearyn Ruched Cheongsam Midi Dress (right)

Homegrown label Love, Bonito is often known for their casual wear and staple pieces, and during the festive season, they also release many CNY-appropriate pieces that includes modern cheongsams that you can wear throughout the year.

Check out the gorgeous Bevelyn Lace Mandarin Collar Midi Dress (S$53.90), available in a forest green and magenta shade. This dress features a traditional mandarin collar with a contrast lace overlay that’s guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd!

If something simple is more up your alley, there’s the Mearyn Ruched Cheongsam Midi Dress (S$49.90), and Mearyn Ruched Cheongsam Midi Jumpsuit (S$53.90) where traditional accents meet a modern silhouette. As these pieces are selling fast, do keep a look out for when they’re restocked again.

Shop the full range now at lovebonito.com.

3. Lechic

If you’re looking for affordable cheongsams, you can head over to Lechic, one of Singapore’s blogshops, to purchase them. Lechic has just dropped its latest CNY 2022 collection and it includes many different styles of cheongsams. 

Say goodbye to tight-fitting midi and maxi cheongsams that require you to walk with small steps. Unlike the traditional cheongsam, Lechic’s cheongsam is a modern take to the dress that ends around the mid-thigh area, allowing for more room to move around in. The dress flares out a little at the end, giving it a playful touch.

Take a look at the Sorbet Coloured Skies Rainbow Cheongsam Dress in pink or blue.

Credit: Lechic

If the pastel colour isn’t your style, opt for something a little more mature-looking like the Grand Scheme of Laces Cheongsam Dress in burgundy red or navy blue.

Credit: Lechic

Feel more comfortable in pants but still want to experience wearing a cheongsam? Fret not because Lechic has got you covered. Simply purchase their cheongsam top and you can wear whatever bottoms you want. It comes in a flattering paddlepop print in two colours: blue and pink.

Credit: Lechic

Alternatively, get their cheongsam romper instead!

Credit: Lechic

The cheongsams offered by Lechic start from S$33.90 and you can take a look at the full CNY 2022 collection here.

4. MGP Label

MGP Label has also just dropped its CNY collection, and we have to warn you, stocks are running low because everyone is rushing to buy these beautiful cheongsams. 

The Ying Swiss Dot Cheongsam features an A-line silhouette with puff sleeves and a high mandarin collar. Instead of intricate embroidery, this cheongsam is patterned with Swiss dots, making it a cute and modern piece. This comes in three colours, cream, wine, and powder blue.

Credit: MGP Label

Worried that it will be hot since you will be out visiting all-day? Opt for a sleeveless cheongsam instead. Without all that extra fabric around your arms, you’ll definitely feel a lot cooler.

Credit: MGP Label

Go for a figure-hugging floral cheongsam or a ruffled lace one.

Credit: MGP Label

For something a little more special, you can also consider getting a two-piece set. This set features a short cheongsam top with a keyhole cut-out and an embroidered phoenix on the left chest. Pair it with a matching skirt and you’re good to go!

Credit: MGP Label

MGP Label’s cheongsams are priced from S$34.50. View the full collection here.

5. Dear Lyla

While Dear Lyla doesn’t offer cheongsam dresses, it does offer a unique twist to the cheongsams that we already know. Most cheongsams are made from satin or silk, but the ones that Dear Lyla has are made from tweed fabric.

Take a look at their cheongsam-inspired sleeveless top which features a mandarin collar with pearl buttons.

Credit: Dear Lyla

The front hoop buttons are functional, but there is a concealed back zip for easy wearing.

Rest assured that the top won’t be scratchy since it is made from premium tweed fabric. The top is also lined on the inside so your skin won’t come into contact with the tweed fabric. This top is available in black and blue.

Credit: Dear Lyla

Purchase the Milly Halter Cheongsam Tweed Top for S$36.90 here.

6. Fash Mob

Fash Mob has an entire section on their webpage dedicated to cheongsams, and if you’re looking to purchase one, you can’t miss out on their site.

This Willow Lace Peplum top with a mandarin collar is very versatile because you can dress it up for when you visit your relatives and friends during CNY, and you can also dress it down with a pair of jeans for when you head back to work in February.

Credit: Fash Mob

A lot of times, we tend to only wear cheongsams once and chuck it in the closet until the new year comes around. With this top, you can wear it any time of the year and no one will bat an eye.

Credit: Fash Mob

The Vittore Lace Dress may seem very simple from the front, but once you turn around, you’ll show off a cut-out back with a functional button at the top. This is the best way to show people that you’re all business on the front, and party in the back!

Credit: Fash Mob

Fash Mob’s cheongsam collection starts from S$28 and you can browse the full collection here.

7. Job and Shop

Job and Shop is a fashion label that was established back in 2009 and they are most famous for their modern workwear and cheongsams. The clothes that they offer are affordable without compromising quality, making them a popular place to look to when shopping for clothes.

This maroon cheongsam will make you exude elegance and luxe due to its intricacy and design. The dress will hug you in the right places and accentuate all of your curves.

Credit: Job and Shop

Alternatively, go for this grey cheongsam with illusion sleeves. This is a very feminine piece that will be flattering, making it the perfect dress for the ‘gram.

Credit: Job and Shop

The cheongsams at Job and Shop start from prices as low as S$12.21. Check out the collection Job and Shop has here.

8. The Cheongsam Shoppe

If you’re looking for a cheongsam with such great quality that it will last you at least a couple of years, you can purchase one from The Cheongsam Shoppe. It might be pricier than the other cheongsams listed on this round-up, but the quality is well worth it.

Take a look at the Serene Jadeite Chantilly Lace Cheongsam Dress. This classic and timeless design is accented by sweet pink and green handmade butterfly buttons and trimmings with two enticing side slits.

Credit: The Cheongsam Shoppe

The Cyan Harmony Cheongsam Dress is effortlessly stylish and it’s made from a feel-good cotton with matching butterfly buttons.

Credit: The Cheongsam Shoppe

The prices of the pieces offered by The Cheongsam Shoppe start from S$69.90 and you can view them here.

9. Topazette

Topazette is another shop you can go to if you’re looking for cheongsams that are not just pretty, but also modern.

Instead of wearing red this year, go for a navy blue cheongsam that is just as eye-catching. This cheongsam features an exquisite floral lace detailing that extends to the illusion sleeves.

Credit: Topazette

There’s nothing cuter than wearing matching cheongsams with your daughter, and with Topazette, you can do that!

Check out their Huixin Cheongsam that comes in sizes for both you and your daughter. The mini-me version is perfect for your daughter aged between six months and five years old.

Credit: Topazette

Topazette’s pieces start from S$36.90 and you can take a look at them here.

10. Zalora

Known as the retailer to go to if one is looking for variety, Zalora is a good place to start to search for cheongsams. After all, it does feature quite a number of brands. Here are some of our top picks if you’re looking to purchase on the platform.

This Zalora Occasion Printed Keyhole Cheongsam Dress boasts an A-line silhouette with puff sleeves and a keyhole detailing. The dress is in vibrant floral prints, perfect in welcoming the Lunar New Year.

Credit: Zalora

Instead of going for lace detailing or floral prints, you can also consider going for something different like this Zalora Occasion Colourblock Fit and Flare Cheongsam Dress. This is a regular fitting dress with the skirt flaring out from the waist. You won’t have to worry about people staring at your food baby after the countless feasts you will be having during this period.

Credit: Zalora

Plus, you won’t have to feel uncomfortable and self-conscious and suck in your tummy all the time just like you might if you were wearing a body-hugging dress.

Check out the other cheongsams that Zalora has to offer here.

11. Shanghai Tang

Shanghai Tang is a known luxury brand that is famous for its mandarin collar fashion apparel, so you can definitely trust them when it comes to extravagant cheongsams. 

This Metallic Peony Jacquard Mini Qipao boasts a sophisticated aesthetic, with cap sleeves, leather frog buttons, piping and dart details. Despite a high mandarin collar, the neckline is buttonless, offering wearers the chance to still accessorise with a necklace.

Credit: Shanghai Tang

If you’ve always wanted to try on a full-length cheongsam, here’s your chance. The modern full-length Stretch Long Qipao with Embroidered Tape and Satin Button showcases a Peony Garden floral embroidery tape along the front leg slit all the way down to the floor.

Credit: Shanghai Tang

The cheongsams offered by Shanghai Tang are priced from S$945. You can view more here.

12. Dreamscape

While this isn’t a local company, Dreamscape does ship to Singapore for a flat rate of RM30 (~S$9.71). And even though it might be a little more inconvenient to purchase from overseas, you’ll think it’s worthwhile once you take a look at the designs that Dreamscape offers.

Dreamscape has launched their latest collection called QIPAO 2022, and we’re in love with the traditional cheongsam silhouette with a modern touch to the design.

The Gingko Desire Midi Qipao is in a sweet pink with a brown contrasted trim on the knot buttoned design. It has two slits down both sides which will give you the illusion of longer legs.

Credit: Dreamscape

This Spring in Winter Qipao is a mini-length cheongsam in sky blue with a pink contrasted trim. Unlike the midi-length cheongsam, this piece only has one slit running down one side. Despite this, it will still give you the illusion of longer legs.

Credit: Dreamscape

If you’re intending to purchase your cheongsams from Dreamscape, do allow some extra lead time since they are shipping from Malaysia instead. Many of the items are also pretty popular, so you might want to order early to avoid disappointment.

The cheongsams from Dreamscape range from RM102 (~S$33.01) to RM189 (~S$61.17). View the entire collection here.

13. Laurel Blooms

Laurel Blooms is a homegrown label that specialises in unique pieces that cannot be found anywhere else in Singapore thanks to the team’s efforts in handpicking them from overseas. The team is also dedicated to ensuring that the items fit you well, so they go the extra mile to provide additional measurements like height and weight to give you a better gauge of whether the size you picked will be suitable.

Instead of going for a floral print, opt for a butterfly one with the Butterfly Effect Lace Cheongsam. This navy blue cheongsam may seem like any other piece, but on closer inspection, you’ll notice that the lace detailing actually depicts figures of butterflies.

Credit: Laurel Blooms

We’ve seen sleeveless cheongsams, cheongsams with cap sleeves and illusion sleeves. But have you seen one with an off-shoulder design? Take a look at the Joon Mini Modern Cheongsam with shoulder cut-outs to mimic the design of an off-shoulder dress.

Credit: Laurel Blooms

Since this is a mini-length cheongsam, the team at Laurel Blooms recommends this for people under 164cm because it may be too short for those who are much taller.

Their dresses are priced from S$39.90 and you can view the full range here.

14. The Missing Piece

Aptly named The Missing Piece, this retailer could be the answer to your cheongsam woes this year. Take a look at their cheongsam collection which boasts pieces in vibrant colours and various modern designs such as cut-outs and flutter sleeves.

The Jardin Halter Maxi Cheongsam features a maxi-length halter-neck cheongsam with a vintage floral print. This romantic piece is sure to turn heads no matter where you go.

Credit: The Missing Piece

With its tiered skirt, this piece offers you the chance at the perfect candid shot for your Instagram.

Credit: The Missing Piece

Need something with a little more versatility? This Raven Convertible Jumpsuit transforms from a jumpsuit with a mandarin collar to a toga once you remove the the neckline. This makes it so much easier to wear throughout the year, and you won’t feel like it’s a waste to purchase this.

Credit: The Missing Piece
Credit: The Missing Piece

Pieces by The Missing Piece start from S$100 and you can purchase them here.

15. YeoMama Batik

YeoMama Batik is a mother-daughter establishment that places batik on cheongsams. Nobody would have thought that this would work, but it actually does, and all the pieces look pretty great!

This classic piece has a mandarin collar with phoenixes, peacocks and cranes peppered all over it, possibly making it the most CNY-piece of all since the animals signify beauty, longevity, and luck.

Credit: YeoMama Batik

Go for this stunning maxi-length piece instead with an all-too-familiar design.

Credit: YeoMama Batik

That’s right, that’s the design of Chinese porcelain reimagined on traditional textiles. Who would have thought this design would be so charming?

YeoMama Batik also offers matching designs that you can purchase for your entire family! Shop the full range of cheongsams here.

16. Joli Pretty

Joli Pretty is another local brand that you can consider when you are purchasing cheongsams. They strive to provide pieces that are not only high quality, but also sustainable as part of their mission.

The Asha Wild Flower Dress has a mandarin collar with a fit and flare silhouette that will be easy to walk around in for the entire day. And here’s the best part: the dress comes with pockets!

Credit: Joli Pretty

Don’t we all love huge pockets on dresses? This makes carrying your phone around so much easier.

The Olive Green Lace Dress will make you look like a peacock with the olive green lace and the cyan fabric underneath, in a good way. This features a scallop hem, making it different from the other cheongsams that you’ll see.

Credit: Joli Pretty

The dresses at Joli Pretty range from S$69 to S$299. Check out the full collection here!

17. OliveAnkara

OliveAnkara is presenting their newest 17-piece cheongsam collection called The Reunion Affair, and it is inspired by the connections rekindled or born from the get-togethers. The pieces are in vivid colours and bold styles, perfect for those who are more adventurous in fashion.

Check out this jumpsuit with a mandarin collar and two primary patterns that run all over. This signifies the different cultures and people coming together during festive seasons like CNY and blending.

Credit: OliveAnkara

This jumpsuit comes with a flare-out bottom so that you’ll remain cool even when you visit someone’s house.

For a more relaxed fit, go for this sleeveless shift dress. You’ll be comfortable no matter how much you eat, and you won’t feel restricted by the tight waistband even when you’re sitting down.

Credit: OliveAnkara

The cheongsams at OliveAnkara range from S$320 to S$455 and if you’re interested to see more designs, click here.

18. The Closet Lover

cheongsam the closest lover

Yet another Singaporean apparel brand, The Closet Lover’s collections usually feature drapey, loose silhouettes and bright, funky patterns, and the same goes for their modern cheongsam pieces too!

Consider the Fen Dress (S$46.90), which is found in its CNY collection this year. This features mandarin collar and oriental buttons for a cheongsam-inspired look. We love how the dress is light and casual, making it comfortable to wear as you go around for your house visits.

Check out other designs at theclosetlover.com.

19. Fayth

Born out of an apartment in 2014, Fayth has now grown from its humble beginnings to an inclusive fashion label with an e-commerce platform and retail stores.

They’ve got versatile and timeless everyday essentials with hand-drawn prints, comfortable soft fabrics, and a myriad of colours with a distinct Fayth aesthetic, and their modern cheongsams are quite drop-dead gorgeous.

cheongsam cny fayth

The bold and outstanding Harmony Jacquard Cheongsam (right, S$48.90) is definitely a head-turner with its burgundy base, floral prints and interesting skirt detailing, while the Chine Jacquard Cheongsam (S$52.90) will have you looking dainty!

Shop the full range at fayth.com.

20. Love and Bravery

Living up to their mission of creating statement pieces and everyday wear for the modern woman, Love and Bravery’s extensive range of modern cheongsams are absolutely stunning.

cheongsam cny love bravery

Many of them are already sold out – gasp! – but we’ve managed to find a few that are still available at the time of writing, such as the super gorgeous Michelle Lace Dropwaist Cheongsam (left, S$48) and Sabrina Eyelet Cheongsam Dress (right, S$48).

Shop the full range at loveandbravery.com.

21. Faire Belle

Glow with happiness and feel empowered when you wear a piece by Faire Belle. Their cheongsams for this year’s collection are all inspired by flowers, so you’ll see many pieces with intricate floral designs.

Take for example the Premium Edition The Greatest Moment Crochet Cheongsam Dress (S$55.90). This modern piece features a high mandarin collar adorned with pearl buttons, a floral lace design that extends beyond the hem of the dress, and flutter sleeves that will flow ever so slightly as you move around.

Credit: Faire Belle

Of course, Faire Belle also has something for you ladies who prefer a slightly simpler design. The Visions of Wonder Eyelet Cheongsam Dress (S$45.90) will still turn heads despite its simplicity. The

Credit: Faire Belle

This dress has a detachable collar, and slits on both sides with functional faux pearl buttons. This makes the dress very versatile because you can wear it even for work. Plus, the buttons on the slits allow you to decide how much skin you’re comfortable with showing, which really ties in with what the company stands for – to empower women.

You can shop the entire 2022 collection here.


Can’t find anything that suits you from our local stores? Try looking across the border and shopping at our neighbour’s shops! Summer Veil is a very popular Malaysian blogshop that sells lots of fashionable pieces for every occasion.

Despite releasing their CNY collection just three days ago, many of their pieces are already on backorder.

Don’t worry, we’ve managed to find a few that are still in stock, so you’d better hurry if you would like to get your hands on these pieces before CNY.

Check out the Claire Lace Cheongsam (~S$25.50) for an all-white ensemble with an illusion neckline and delicate lace design. This midi dress also has a slit on the right side to show off a bit of leg, which will make you look taller.


The Xin Violet Cheongsam (~S$23.24) is another midi dress that has a high mandarin collar with a diamond-shape cutout in the centre. Unlike the previous piece, this cheongsam features violet flowers on a white backdrop, making the entire dress look that much more feminine and soft.

There are also slits on both sides that will help to give the illusion that your legs are longer.

View the entire collection by SUMMERVEIL here!

Additional reporting by Sabrina Chua.