What to throw out of your wardrobe before 2019 starts: the ultimate guide to refreshing your style before the new year

With all the massive Christmas and holiday sales, it’s entirely normal for your wardrobe to be feeling a little… stuffed, at the moment.

And while that may be well and good, it’s probably not the best idea to keep it that way when the new year starts. After all, you’ll probably want to add some new pieces when in the January collections start flooding into stores, and you can’t exactly do that when your wardrobe is fit to burst at any second.

The solution? Spring cleaning it before the new year starts, of course!

If you have no idea where to start, refer to this handy little piece of what to throw out of your wardrobe before the start of the new year. We guarantee that it will be a lot less painful than you think!

1. Throw out clothes that are faded, torn, or stained

The only exception is if you’re wearing your stained, faded, and torn tees for home wear only. Other than that? Toss it!

There’s no point keeping around items that are wrecked beyond rescue anyway, and we can guarantee that people will notice if you walk out of the door with said glaring imperfections on your clothes. Especially in a professional context! If an item is near and dear to you, you can consider sending it for dry cleaning or working at it with a bleach pen (if the item is white).

If not, it goes strictly into the toss pile. Trust us, your newly spacious wardrobe will thank us for it.

2. Throw out clothes that are too small


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We know the excuses running through your heads as we say this: but what if I slim down enough to wear it? Or, it serves as motivation for my diet!

While that might work for some folk, it mostly just takes up unnecessary space when it comes to a large majority. A good way to evaluate if you should treasure or toss it is by looking at how long the piece has been in your wardrobe already.

If it’s been there for more than year, maybe it’s time to accept that it is not meant for you. Several months? Well, hmm, there might just be hope yet.

3. Throw out clothes that make you feel less than confident

You know, those pieces — the ones you impulsively bought but you later notice makes your thighs look less than flattering, or makes your shoulders look broader than they appear to be. Chances are, if they didn’t flatter you then, we highly doubt that they’re going to flatter you now.

And besides, what’s the likelihood of you wearing said pieces frequently if they don’t make you feel 100% good? Toss them out or donate those pieces, if possible. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, right?

4. Throw out shoes that make your feet hurt

If you’re holding onto those expensive heels with the blind hope that they’ll just… miraculously stop hurting one day, then boy, do we have bad news for you. The likelihood of that happening is close to nilch, really, so we recommend that you cut your losses quick and dump them into the trash.

This especially applies if you find that no amount of plasters or blister tape works. If they’re non-salvageable in this aspect, put them wear they belong— at your nearest donation box or dustbin. Thank you, next!

5. Throw out clothes you’ve never worn (and never will)

Yes, we’re talking about that fringed metallic jacket you shoved at the back of your closet, or that jumper your mum gave you that you would prefer to pretend doesn’t exist. If the likelihood of you wearing said new item is exceedingly low, clear it out.

Whether it was an impulse buy or a regretful one, a good way to gauge is to see how long it has been in your closet. If it’s been collecting dust in there for more than six months, you just know that it’s not going to work out. Steel yourself, and dump it into your toss pile, too.

6. Throw out old underwear


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Have more than your fair share of frayed, stained, or torn underwear? Ball it up and toss it! While we understand that comfort is key here, it really doesn’t mean wearing something that looks like it might fall apart at any minute.

Invest in new pairs — considering how they are everyday items, we’d say they deserve to be splurged on.

7. Throw out odd socks and or socks with holes in them


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Wearing mismatched socks may have been cute in the early 2000s, but it’s definitely not a look you’d want to sport now. If you still can’t seem to locate the other sock after extensive searching, it may be time to bid adieu to it.

Socks with too big holes are a no-no as well — especially if you lack the sewing skills to fix them. Besides, if anything, you can always pick up sock packs for cheap at high street stores such as Uniqlo and H&M, which sell them at less than SGD20. Yup, this means several socks at a pretty affordable price. We’d say it’s a good deal!

8. Throw out unnecessary doubles

Buying multiples of the exact same tee may have seemed like a good idea when you’re at the checkout line, but not so much when you’re dealing with a overflowing wardrobe at home. If you more than two of the exact same shirt or dress hiding out in your closet, we highly recommend you throw them out.

Unless it’s something you can foresee yourself wearing every day (Steve Jobs style), said doubles are just going to be taking up space and adding to the clutter. And especially if you have more than a pair! Consider donating them if they’re in particularly good condition.

Alright, you convinced me. What are some places I can donate my clothes to in Singapore?

We’re glad you asked. Clear out unwanted items from your wardrobe at any of these places. Psst, note that they should be in a good condition, so we’re not referring to your stained underwear or socks with holes:

1. New2U Thrift Shop


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Run by the Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations (SCWO), New2U Thrift Shop has been selling pre-loved clothing, accessories, household items and books since the year 2000. Proceeds go to Star Shelter, a temporary refuge for women and children who are victims of domestic violence as well as other SCWO initiatives.

Ensure that your clothes are clean and in not too bad of a condition before donating, though!

New2U Thrift Store: 

Address: 96 Waterloo St, Singapore 187967

Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 10.30am-2.30pm

Contact: 6837 0611

2. The Salvation Army


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An organisation that reaches out to several disadvantaged groups in Singapore, there’s no doubt that your clothes will be put to good use over at The Salvation Army.

You can simply drop off your clothes at any of their booths located island-wide, or request for a door-to-door collection. Bear in mind that there is an optional contribution of SGD60 should you decide to go for this option.

The Salvation Army: 

Address: Click here to view a full list of centres.

Opening hours: Click here for a full list of opening hours.

Contact: Click here for a full list of contacts.

3. MINDS Shop


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A social enterprise initiative that provides intellectually disabled clients with training in both retail and customer service skills, MINDS Shop is another great option to consider when it comes to donating your clothes. They accept donations for clothes, accessories, bags, books, and even toys, provided they are all in usable condition.

MINDS Shop: 

Address: Click here to view a full list of centres.

Opening hours: Click here for a full list of opening hours.

Contact: Click here for a full list of contacts.