15 earrings for CNY that are festive, not tacky, and can be worn throughout the year

Lunar New Year isn’t far away and we know that virtual reunion dinners with our extended families aren’t going to stop us from making sure we look on point. Have you gotten your CNY outfit ready, and are now wondering how to spice it up with the perfect pair of earrings?

We know how a pretty pair of earrings can elevate any outfit, so we’ve found 15 pairs that are festive – but not tacky – that will look good beyond just the celebrations.

CNY earrings under S$20

Gold Chinese Knot Tassel Earrings

If you’re looking for a chic option that won’t break the bank and complement pretty much any apparel and accessories you have, these earrings are here to save the day. These offer a perfect balance of traditionalism and a timeless silhouette that will make you look radiant in any outfit.

These earrings are available at S$2.35 on Shopee.

Mini Lantern Earrings

Want something small yet festive enough to give you a celebratory mood boost? These lovely red earrings in the shape of traditional Chinese lanterns will complement your festive cheongsam perfectly, promising you a prosperous Lunar New Year!

These earrings are available at S$5.31 on Shopee.

Blooming Petal Stud Earrings

We know these are the perfect earrings to help you blossom into your best self in a stunning, auspicious shade of red that will please the elders. With these on, we know you’ll be blooming and thriving all year long.

These earrings are available at S$14 on Pomelo.

Scarlet Petal Earrings

Nobody can doubt your festive spirit when you have these gorgeous scarlet petal earrings on. They’re here to channel your liveliness and joy this Chinese New Year, and we know they’ll continue to do so every time you put them on in future.

These earrings are available at S$14.25 on Lazada.

Five Tassel Statement Drop Earrings

Red isn’t really your colour? Don’t worry about it! Your getup will still look CNY-appropriate with these berry-toned tassel earrings. Vibrant and eye-catching, these earrings might become your favourite pair, even after the festive season is over.

These earrings are available at S$19.90 on Zalora.

Floral Fan Earrings

Dainty and sweet – the pretty pink florals on top of a traditional folding fan will add an exquisite feminine touch to your outfit. We promise you’ll look as pretty as a flower with these on, blossoming all through the new year.

These earrings are available at S$23.57 on Etsy.

Oriental Wooden Earrings

Your Chinese New Year ensemble will be unmatched when you put these on in time for dinner. Painted in a stylish shade of red, these wooden earrings, complete with a matching red teardrop crystal in the middle, are definitely a statement piece to remember.

These earrings are available at $26.34 on Etsy.

CNY earrings between S$30 and S$100

Pearl Koi Fish Earrings

Embrace a new year filled with abundance and good fortune while wearing these classy gold Koi fish earrings. This gorgeous pearl and gold combination, adding a subtle traditional touch to your outfit, will make sure that your year will be the most prosperous one yet.

These earrings are available at S$33.23 on Etsy.

Selby Stud Earrings

You will be the star of your family’s reunion dinner this year in this vibrant pair of earrings. Made with real dried flowers in an auspicious shade of red that complements its 14k gold filled wire frame, this pair will turn heads all day.

These earrings are available at S$46 on Zalora.

Abstract Tassel Statement Drop Earrings


Show off some subtle traditionalism with these tassel earrings in a rich shade of red, reminiscent of Chinese lanterns. Designed to bring texture and eye-catching movement to your look, this elegant pair will be one for the books this Chinese New Year, and many dinners after that!

These earrings are available at S$54.39 on Nordstrom.

Teardrop Alaskan Jade Earrings

If you’re looking for something more elegant, timeless and ornate, these teardrop earrings will be perfect for you. You can definitely look forward to compliments from friends and family with this beautiful handmade pair of earrings, plated on sterling silver.

These earrings are available at S$94.29 on Etsy.

CNY earrings above S$200

 Jade Chinese Knot Earrings

This pair of Jade Chinese Knot Tassel Earrings is simple, sophisticated and the perfect accessory for any outfit on Chinese New Year. The jade’s deep green shade will turn heads and make sure you usher in an auspicious year of the ox.

These earrings are available at S$277.30 on Etsy.

Silver Tone and Leather Hoop Earrings

If your goal this Chinese New Year is to be the best dressed family member, we think that this is exactly what will tip the scales in your favor. Chunky, bold and unapologetic, these earrings will definitely make you stand out.

These Bottega Veneta earrings are available at S$840 on Net-A-Porter.

Suzanne Kalan Ruby Diamond Hoop Earrings

Most of us aren’t descended from royalty, but wearing these earrings will definitely make you feel like you are. Luxurious, maximalist and opulent, these 18-karat rose gold hoops will make this Chinese New Year a celebration to remember forever.

These Suzanne Kalan earrings are available at S$1,566 on Net-A-Porter.

Chopard Happy Hearts 18 Karat Rose Gold and Red Stone Earrings

Perfect your Chinese New Year outfit photos with a pair of simple yet timeless earrings that will also be perfect for any and all occasions. These precious pair of hearts made from 18 karat rose gold will usher in a year full of love for you and yours.

These Chopard earrings are available at S$2,786 on Net-A-Porter.

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