12 best men’s shavers for every need and budget

The search for the best electric shaver is a challenging one. We all want clean, close to the skin shaves that keep us looking good and feeling great. Unfortunately – or perhaps, fortunately – there are so many choices in the market, each with its own set of bells and whistles.

Here’s a guide to help you cut through all that clutter, and zoom in on a set of electric shavers that fit every budget and requirement you might have. From simple shavers that just do the job, to those that go the whole nine yards with attachments and tools, we’ll cover them all.

Let’s start with those that are under S$50.

1. Philips PQ206/18 Electric Shaver


This is the simplest of the lot, but it could be your lifesaver. After all, it’s a shaver that does the job, and doesn’t compromise on quality. At an affordable price of just S$35, this shaver arms facial hair close to the skin, and even follows the contours of your face for a smoother shave. It’s cordless, and great for travel because it runs on 2AA batteries!

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2. Braun Mobile Shave M30 Pocket Shaver


Braun’s mobile version of its popular electric shaver is both battery-operated and waterproof. While it doesn’t have a design that conforms to facial contours, this particular model has a free floating foil that allows the user to press the device closer to his face for a smoother shave. It’s definitely got that classic Braun power in the shave, so there’s very little to worry about when using this device. This retails at S$35.

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3. Panasonic Shaver ES 3831

This nifty beauty boasts the ability to allow you to do wet or dry shaving, but the coolest feature is the ability to switch between corded and cordless operation mode. This is super convenient for when you’re in a rush because you never need to worry about whether it’s got a charge or not. Just plug it in and start shaving! This retails at S$42.

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4. Braun Smart Control 130S

best men's shavers - braun 130s

If you’ve just started out on electric shavers but demand something that has it all, then the Braun Smart Control 130S is ideal for you. With an ergonomic design for a better grip and an extra-wide shaver head, you’ll find your shave with it comfortable and efficient at the same time. This shaver also fulfils all the other basic traits you look for in an electric shaver: it comes with a precision trimmer and is washable under water.

It retails at S$49 but you can get it at a discount here.

If you’re looking at a mid-range one that costs under S$160, here are the ones for you:

5. Sencor SMS4012GR


By Japanese brand Sencor, this is one of the most energy-saving ones around. With an integrated rechargeable battery, this shaver can run for one month when fully charged, even if you use it daily (for approximately 2.5 minutes). It comes with three independent tilting shaving heads that allow you to adjust according to your preference. Offering a smooth shave with minimal friction, the shaver is also designed with an ergonomic shape to ensure a snug hold. For those who hates the sound of shavers’ motors, you’ll be happy to know that its high-speed motor promises to be quiet.

It retails at S$60. Get it here at a discounted price.

6. Remington R95 Rotary Travel Shaver


This lightweight shaver is what you’d want to invest in if you need to regularly travel. It comes with dual track cutters made with precision engineered steel blades to give you a precise and close shave. Designed for travel, it has a protective travel head cover to make it easy to pack without worry of damage and also universal voltage. The only catch is that it is relatively energy-consuming. Eight hours of charge only gives you 30 minutes of shave time. But we’ll still recommend it if you’re a frequent jet-setter who likes to travel light.

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7. Panasonic Er-Gb60

best mens shavers - Panasonic Er-Gb60

Apart from the very sharp design, Panasonic has built in the ability to turn a dial on the shaver in order to set a personalised trim length. The stainless steel blades within the shaver are uniquely angled at a 45-degree angle for a solid trim. For our bearded bros out there, there’s even beard/mustache and hair comb attachments to keep you looking sharp. We like how they catered this product to more than just the guys that want to get rid of all their facial hair. It’s thoughtful, and we can get behind that.

8. Philips S5070 AquaTouch Wet and Dry Electric Shaver

best mens shavers - Philips S5070

This shaver looks like it came out of a Sci-fi movie! Philips says that the shape of the head is meant to protect your skin, and we think that’s awesome because you don’t want to have any electric shaver burn from running this across your face. It also has a trimmer attachment that you can snap on that’s perfect for beard trimming. The cordless features are pretty standard, and it takes about an hour to get it to full charge. This retails at S$98.

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9. Braun Series 3 Shave & Style 3010BT 3-in-1 Electric Shaver / Razor with Precision Beard – Wet & Dry

best men's shavers - Braun Series 3 Shave & Style 3010BT

You know Braun is serious about shaving when they include five combs of varying lengths to give you a perfect “three-day beard” look. They’ve even thrown in an exchangeable trimmer that makes shaping your beard a breeze. It looks like Braun knows its market well, offering precision trimming and control over the shaving process. This retails at S$159.

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Finally, here are the ones that will make you want to splurge.

10. Panasonic ES-LV81-K Arc5 Men’s Electric Razor

best mens shavers - Panasonic ES-LV81-K

Panasonic has stuffed some top-of-the-line technology in this very compact and powerful frame. It calls the motor installed in it a “Hyper Performance” one, designed to deliver 14,000 cuts a minute on one blade. Here’s the kicker: This thing has five blades working together, so that’s about 70,000 cuts a minute!

Other than the pop-up trimmer, the shaver also gives battery reading, cleaning reminders and charge status on an LED screen. As with most shavers at this price point (at S$518), it is packaged with a docking station that both cleans and charges the device.

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11. Philips Series9000 S9511/41

Philips boasts that the Series9000 cuts up to 20% more hair in a single pass. It has what it called “V-Track” Precision blades to cut hair perfectly. This is augmented by three distinct razor heads that move in different directions to catch more facial hair at one go. We like its ability to change power settings so that it can go from a gentle shave to a more powerful, fast shaving mode. It also has a snap on beard styler attachment that has five length settings.

It usually retails at S$599, but you can get it here for a 20% discount.

12. Braun Series 9 9290cc Shaver

best men's shavers - Braun Series 9 9290cc

Besides the fact that this looks more like an elegantly designed weapon than a shaver, the Braun 9290 is a beast of a shaver, with titanium coating that makes it last longer, and intuitive facial contour adaptation. For guys with thicker beards, the shaver has the ability to detect and adapt to your beard. It does so by using sound to read for denser parts of your beard, then pushes more power to the shaver so it can cut through effortlessly. The only thing you need to take note of is that it’s Clean & Charge docking system depends on alcohol-based cartridges to clean the shaver head. The benefit to that, of course, is waking up to a completely germ-free shaver every single morning.

It retails at S$599. Get it here at a discount.