17 best dive watches and 4 quick and easy tips to choose your first piece

Even if you are not a scuba diver, a dive watch will still make a snazzy accessory to jazz up your look effortlessly and will serve you in more ways than one.

(By the way, if you’ve been thinking of getting a diver’s license, here are diving schools and courses you can check out.)

However, for a hefty price tag, it is prudent that you pick your companion wisely. After all, it can serve as a long-term and worthy investment. Not only will a dive watch be able to tell you the time, but it will also tell you how long you’ve been in the water, which could help you gauge how long you have left before running out of oxygen. For an ornamental and yet, practical dive watch, read on for a quick guide to choosing one.


4 things to look out for when choosing your dive watch

Water Resistance

First things first, water resistance is tantamount. If you are a diver, the bigger the value of the resistance level, the better! The bigger the resistance level, the more useful your dive watch will be when you are swimming in deep waters. Look out for watches that have resistance levels of more than 200 metres, to be on the safe side. On the other hand, if the watch is just an accessory, pay less heed to the water resistance aspect.



The build of the dive watch matters as some metals respond less to water than others. For deep waters, titanium and sapphire are light and less reactive to water. So you would not need to worry about the dive watch being a burden. With titanium, the dive watch would be able to withstand harsh conditions. Also, you’ll need to consider if you prefer rubber or metal straps.


This is useful especially for divers who swim at night or love exploring obscure corners in the ocean. Thus, it is prudent that your dive watch has a clear and unobstructed face to tell you the time. It could be dangerous if you can’t tell the time while in isolated corners of the ocean.



Last but not least, the bezel of the dive watch has to be rotatable in a one-way direction. This would help you calculate the amount of time you’ve been underwater and also ensure that the strong currents do not affect the dial. As a preventive measure for potentially hazardous circumstances, the function of the bezel is crucial in choosing a dive watch.

Feeling inspired yet? Read on for the 17 best dive watches on the market below!

17 best dive watches we love

Water sports and diving aren’t for everyone, so we’ve come up with a list of the best watches for day-to-day wear, as well as best gear for divers.

For a timeless classic

1.  Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Chronograph

This Swiss piece will bring out your inner James Bond. Classic but handy (pun intended), this watch will add that extra sophistication with a hint of swag. It is made of scratch-resistant sapphire, which means that it is perfect for on-the-go wearers – since you won’t need to worry about accidentally scratching your watch throughout the day.

Alternatively, if you get a last-minute diving date, this watch is useful too! It is resistant to 600 m of water – which is miles above the minimum water resistance level for diving.

2. Orient Men’s ‘Mako II’ Japanese Automatic Stainless Steel Diving Watch

This Japanese Dive Watch excels in its simplicity. Classy and chic, the dial is made of mineral crystal and has a 40-hour power reserve. The case and straps are made of stainless steel, too! Moreover, the hands are thick and stand out against the navy blue face, so there is extra clarity when telling the time.

This watch is resistant to 200 m of water and also has a unidirectional rotator. You’ll still look sophisticated if you ever decide to go diving with it.

3. Timex T2N958 Depth Gauge Review

Manufactured in America, this watch is water-resistant to 200m. Specially designed for men, this watch is a must-have accessory that will go well especially with any sporting attire. Even better, the watch also weighs light. So it would be easy to manoeuvre without feeling burdened.

4. Geckota D1

Manufactured in the United Kingdom, this dive watch is resistant to 300m of water, and is a fashionable timepiece that will never go out of style and matches any outfit. The bezel on the dial is made of stainless steel and is powered by 24 jewels. With three different dials and straps to choose from, you can customise your dive watch to suit your own liking. On days you’re not diving, go for the Geckota leather strap for a vintage gentleman look.

5. Tudor Submariner 94010 Snowflake

Even though this dive watch is named Snowflake, it is suitable to use in any climatic condition and temperature. Elegant and sophisticated, the dive watch is the second generation of Submariner dive watches from Tudor. However, the square hour hand is a feature unique to the Tudor Submariner 94010 Snowflake.

The Tudor Submariner 94010 Snowflake has a water-resistant oyster case that can withstand water up to 100 m but also looks perfect for day-to-day wear.

6. Heuer Monnin 844

Unlike the aforementioned dive watches in this category, this dive watch has a more rustic look and looks charming on any wearer. Made in France, this dive watch has a huge dial, so clarity would not be an issue!

This watch is water-resistant to 200 m of water, making it perfect for diving and water sports. You can also choose between stainless steel and leather straps depending on your style and needs.

7. Christopher Ward C60 Trident Pro 600

Christopher Ward calls this timepiece the “King of the Sea”. It not only looks like a million bucks, it is also able to withstand harsh weather conditions and choppy water. Light-weight and handy, this watch has a sophisticated look that will glam you up effortlessly.

A classy but very functional option, this dive watch watch is resistant to 600 m of water and has a 38-hour power reserve. We love how it would look stylish, whether you’re wearing a tuxedo and a diving suit.

8. Rolex Submariner Automatic Black Dial

This Swiss-made dive watch is another favourite amongst watch collectors. It is durable and stylish without being too flashy and attention-seeking. Moreover, it is reliable and made of the best quality – after all Rolex has more than a century worth of experience in the timepiece business.

This watch is water resistant to 300 m of water and has a 48-hour power reserve. If you’re looking for a classic timepiece to invest in, this could be the dive watch for you.

9. LeCoultre Memovox Tribute to Deep Sea Black Dial Black Leather Men’s Watch

You could ever go wrong with a black watch, could you? This black leather watch from Lecoultre is a must-have for anyone who are looking for an understated but stylish wrist accessory. Pair this watch with a basic tee and jeans for a relaxed weekend look.

However, note that this watch is only resistant to 100 m of water, so if you’re a serious diver, it may work better as a day-to-day accessory that reflects your love for the sea.

For an adventurous companion

10. Seiko SKX007

Great for all water activities, this is an affordable watch that does not run on batteries, but automatic movement. Furthermore, it is made of stainless steel which means that it will not corrode or tarnish with regular use.

It is also water resistant to 200 m. You can choose between rubber and stainless steel straps; both work well underwater.

11. G-Shock GFW-1000-1 ‘Frogman’

G-Shock dive watches are popular, and is loved by athletes like Nigel Sylvester. The G-Shock GFW-1000-1 ‘Frogman’ in particular, is made especially for divers and rigorous water sport athletes. It is shock-resistant and is equipped with a world clock as well as a tide graph.

This dive watch is resistant to 200 m of water and G-Shock calls it their “most powerful” dive watch.

12. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore

Sporty and iconic, this timepiece has a large dial (42mm in diameter) and is built with Audemars Piguet’s unique eight-screw style for an iconic look and added durability. This watch is water resistant at 300 m.

13. Superocean Héritage 46

This design may be based on the brand’s classic 1950s’ model, but this dive watch still look stylish today and is very functional. Many users love its steel mesh strap, which gives it a unique look.

This dive watch has a resistance level of 200 m,  a 40-hour power reserve, and is paired with 25 jewels.

14. Bell And Ross BR03-92 DIVER

Bell and Ross has taken the dangers and cautions of deep-sea diving into consideration when they created this dive watch as a means of facilitating safer underwater activities. The dial is held together by sapphire with anti-reflective coating for added clarity.

This watch is resistant to 300 m of water and has a unidirectional rotator. It checks off all key functions of a utilitarian dive watch!

15. CITIZEN Promaster 1000M Professional Diver

This watch has orange and silver hands that stand out on the black face of the dial so you can read the time better. Built with sapphire crystals, this dive watch from CITIZEN is scratch-resistant. The straps are made of rubber and are suitable in water.

Best of all, this watch is water resistant at 1000 m. For all its functions, it is significantly light-weight and easy to wear.

16. Gucci Dive Mother of Pearl Dial Stainless Steel

Have you seen a better looking watch? This ornamental watch is a favourite among female diver and water sports enthusiasts. Decorated with diamonds, this watch certainly perform well as both a dress and diving watch.

Apart from being super chic, this watch is resistant to 200 m of water and has a unidirectional rotating bezel.

17. Fortis Diver Automatic Black Dial

With a strap made from performance leather that repels water, this dive watch is suitable for water sports and diving while retaining a classic look for everyday wear. The Swiss-made is water-resistant at 200m and is built with scratch-resistant sapphire for extra durability.

(By the way, if you’ve been thinking of getting a diver’s license, here are diving schools and courses you can check out.)