Benjamin Barker new flagship store and café: New summer clothing lines to expect for both men AND women, and what food to expect

If you’re a fan of dapper, well-fitted suits, Benjamin Barker is a name that shouldn’t be a stranger to your ears.

Spanning over two floors in Cineleisure, Benjamin Barker’s new flagship store also doubles as a café below, serving up delicious fusion eats like their specialty laksa pasta and pizzas, coffee, cocktails for after hours, and snazzy suits above.

More reason to check out the new store? The brand has launched a new women’s line – so everyone can do their own shopping in the store!

The lowdown about the suits




So if you’re a suit-lover, or if you’re just getting started on your collection of suits ala Barney Stinson, then get excited for their new launch of summer suits and casual wear for men – which sees summer-themed designs like short-sleeved, yet still immaculate shirts – think Hawaiian-themed, but with a touch of modernity and classiness, polo shirts, as well as thin, long-sleeved shirts that you can wear to the office without feeling absolutely stifled by the suffocating heat.


After that, you can even get your shirts and suits tailored, so every suit you buy is guaranteed to be the perfect fit for you. Plus, you can also add your own personal touch to it by adding your own detailings to the suit – think trimmings, specialty buttons, half-lined vs unlined suits, and customisation galore.

Each shirt goes for approximately SGD69.90 – SGD89.90, so go get ‘em here.

What’s in store for the ladies


But if you’re a lady – this doesn’t mean you should stop reading!

Benjamin Barker may be mostly a men’s wear store, but it has also recently launched its own exclusive women’s line – because hey, suits shouldn’t just be for men, women want in on some snazzy suits too!

Specifically fitted for women in terms of cutting, no need to feel left out any longer when your guy friends or your bae go shopping for some suits – because you too, can look equally (if not more!) dapper.

The ladies’ collection hasn’t been released online yet, but you can get them in retail stores from today onwards!

All about dining


If there’s one thing you should know about Benjamin Barker, is that they’re not only prized on the immaculate quality of their suits, but also their food.

Helmed with experienced baristas, and a chef with fine-dining experience, the food and drinks served, although not (currently) on their regular menu, showed off their expertise and versatility in their craft. For the people in the know-how, the chef is the very same one at its sister store, The Assembly Ground, at Cathay, so if you like the food there, you’ll definitely like the food here, too.

At the media preview, we were given a specially curated six-course canapes along served was firstly: artfully presented, and artisanal, much like their suits, and secondly: oh-so-yummy. And to think these aren’t even prepared on the regular like those on the menu!

Consider yourself a food snob? According to the Design Manager at Benjamin Barker, Shannon Lee, Benjamin Barker changes around a quarter of its menu every three months or so, according to customer’s feedback, so customers can expect to try different eats if they go often.

A pretty good strategy if we say so ourselves, especially in a foodie-saturated market like Singapore!


If you’re interested in trying their cafe food, expect only the best, premium quality coffee from Papa Palheta (which has gotten winning reviews online!), along with an extensive menu from salads, burgers, and food from the soul like their Southern Fried Chicken (SGD18), Truffle Carbonara (SGD18), and Crab Cake Benedict (SGD19).

Benjamin Barker Café
8 Grange Road, #01-01, Cineleisure, Singapore 239695 (Somerset MRT)
Tel: 6732 2123
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm (Sun – Thurs), 10am – 12mn (Fri – Sat)