7 tips for men to look great on a date

The first date can quickly become the last if you do not pay due attention to your appearance. It is true that women love with their ears, but before she gets the opportunity to listen to you, she will have to see you. Today we will talk about the things you what to look for and what mistakes should be avoided to make an excellent impression on a girl on a date.


1. Neatness

Well-groomed men are attractive, it is that simple, so make sure your clothes are washed and ironed and your shoes are polished. Particular attention, of course, must be paid to the head and face – unwashed hair and lush, well-groomed facial hair won’t look right. There should be a balance.

2. Smell

The smell of sweat is appropriate only in one case – after training. On a date, you should smell like a man, so do not forget about deodorant and cologne. However, one should not overdo it with perfume – a strong aroma, even a very good one, will only annoy a woman.

There’s yet another smell that can spoil the impression on a woman – a bad breath. I don’t think it’s worth remembering the need to brush your teeth, but for some reason, many people forget about the fact that you should not eat onions, garlic, drink, and smoke before a date. And while there are numerous reasons why you can end up smelling, maybe you were too anxious and sweated before or during a date, it is unlikely that these things will leave a good impression on a girl and that there will be a second date.

3. Simplicity

Modesty adorns a man, both internal modesty and an external one. No need to strive to surprise a girl with your unique style – the desire to stand out is likely to be perceived negatively. Clothing should be simple but of high- quality, and it should be new. As for the first date, there is no reason to “flex” on anyone, no need to show everything that you’ve got – there are individuals who hang thick gold chains on their neck and expensive rings on their fingers, but the abundance of jewelry can attract the wrong person. The only men’s accessory that is always appropriate is a watch, the rest is, most often, worn to show off.

4. Style

In clothes, your style should depend on the place of your date. For example, a suit and tie combination is only suitable if you are going to an opera or an expensive restaurant with a girl; in any other situation, such a pathos outfit will most likely cause a lot of confusion. A classic date set can combine an expensive shirt with a collar and buttons, dark jeans on a belt and good, new footwear, either shoes or sneakers. Of course, for a date in the fresh air, for example, in a park, you can choose a slightly sportier version of clothing – a T-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. But in no case shorts, shorts are too casual, especially if we are talking about your first date.

5. Confidence

The most important thing on a first date is to show your character and best qualities. You will not be able to do this if you are too worried and anxious. Don’t show these emotions, be light, and cheerful, and for this, you need to not take the date too seriously. In the end, we must understand that not all dates end successfully and have a continuation, this is normal. But if you learn to relax and show yourself as you are, then all the dates will end with you going to your place but not alone.

6. Comfort

When we talk about comfort, it means that you should not feel awkward and out of place in your new pair of shoes, in your new pair of jeans, or your brand new suit. Even if that suit is worth more than your smartphone, it won’t do anything good for you if you feel uncomfortable in it. It can be too itchy; it can restrain your movements, there are lots of different things that can go wrong. And while it is preferable to wear something new because it will simply look better, a piece of clothing that wasn’t ever worn before, even once, can potentially cause a lot of discomfort, which will then make you less confident.

7. Your smile is your best friend

The success of the first date does not depend so much on how you dress but on your positive attitude. Go on a date with a good mood. Smile as much as possible because no clothes or shoes can replace a sincere smile. Demonstrate your interest in the interlocutor and be yourself, and then the first date will be successful!