Trendy, bold watch straps are the next fashion statement we’re totally on board with

We kinda agree that watches aren’t really just for telling time anymore. Kids these days can’t even tell time with an analog clock, and most of the time, we just use our phones or digital devices to tell the time instead. Watches have become a luxury, an accessory – and most importantly, a fashion statement.

Fashion brands have long realised that watches are now ‘usable’ luxury, a fashion luxury that you can wear daily. They’ve been working giving their line of watches more intricate details, to add a touch of personality and identity to the wearer.

Luxury timepiece brands are all about the straps

And one of the ways brands are making sure your timepiece reflect your personality and make a fashion statement? It’s all about the watch straps.


Gucci dropped their signature coloured stripes for more details in their design. Look at the G-Frame floral-print on leather – the floral prints makes it an unique and feminine piece.

Fendi’s latest Selleria collection for men features a three-hand watch with adjustable velvet strap patterned in brown and black, featuring the signature Fendi logo and material that adds an interesting texture.


Versace went with gold 3D Medusa logos on their straps on the black strap. Characterising it with the embellishments, it’s iconic and screams Versace.

Pick your own watch strap without breaking the bank

These watches and their straps are stunning but they can be a little pricey and less versatile because you can only pair them with certain outfits. If investing in one bold watch that cost over USD1,000 doesn’t sound like the best option to you, consider investing in watch straps that you can easily fix to your existing collection of timepieces instead.

You can get customised leather watch straps at 47Ronin. Each watch strap at 47Ronin is designed and handcrafted piece by piece by Tong, a Singaporean business consultant turned craftsman, using exotic materials from Japan.

These exquisitely handcrafted leather watch straps are sure to make heads turn with their one-of-a-kind design. Look forward to exquisite materials such as Full grain calf leather, Crocodile skin, Snake skin, Kimono fabric, Tatami, Japanese print fabric, Washi (Japanese paper) , Uniform buttons, Katana parts – materials that are unique to Japan.

Preserving the traditional Japanese craftsmanship, 47Ronin makes sure that each watch strap is made with heart; they make sure that these products exude the sense of intimacy and intricacy that only handcrafted items can have, compared to mass manufactured ones.

They can be customised according to your personal style, but we would recommend investing in a few pieces to match them with different outfits.

Pair them with your favourite watches

Easily fixed with different watches, you get more versatility mixing and matching according to preference and outfits. From your Apple Watches to Fossil ones or even a G-Shock – they can go with everything.

These straps go well with Apple Watches and don’t look out of place at all!

Leather strap with crafted details that go perfectly with Fossil watches.

Pair Breitling watches with one-of-a-kind straps for more character.

Each watch strap design comes in one to five limited quantity, which means the chances of bumping into someone with the same strap is extremely low.

Free name and message engraving available for orders before made in April 2019. There’s lifetime warranty for all straps, and you can customise it according to lug width and wrist measurement. Ready-to-wear straps starts from US200 and customised ones from USD260, they are available online at and shipping is absolutely free.

Drop them an email at [email protected] to customise a watch strap or follow them on Instagram for inspiration if you still can’t decide on a favourite design.