15 statement tees that make you stand out from the boring crowd

They say fashion is a form of self-expression, and what easier way to get your point across than to spell it out straight on your clothes?

Wear your heart on your sleeve with these 15 statement tees: there’s definitely something for every mood and personality!

For the patriotic Singaporeans

1. Danger – Keep Out

Most of us are familiar with the danger signs plastered outside construction sites, but who would have thought of putting it on a tee? This iconic shirt is definitely perfect for all those days you wish people would leave you alone.

While this gentle warning will probably earn you many curious stares, we think it’s a small price to pay for a little more personal space.

You can get this statement tee at SGD30 from Naiise.

2. Hungry Liao

Show your love of local food and hawker fare with a shirt that has all your favourite dishes printed on it. At first glance, people may think it’s the American Apparel’s famous Cities Print, but you will know if they manage to figure it out when you hear their stomachs growling.

You can get this statement tee at SGD30 from Naiise.

3. Mai Tu Liao

We all have that friend who is always super slow and super indecisive. Get them to hurry up by constantly telling them to mai tu liao (“don’t wait anymore”). We also love that cute phonetic pun in Chinese, which literally translates to “sell paint”!

You can get this statement tee at SGD30 from Naiise.

For the grammar nerds

4. Theyre They’re Their

Does it strike a nerve every time someone on the Internet misspells “they’re”? You’re definitely not the only one! Show the world how it should be spelt with a T-shirt that does the job.

You can get this statement tee at SGD33.51 from Etsy.

5. Let’s Eat Grandma Commas Save Lives

Emphasise the importance of using punctuation marks with a shirt that says it all. With a statement like that on your shirt, no one will dare to send you grammatically incorrect text messages anymore.

You can get this statement tee at USD26.95 from Cafepress.

For those who like graphics

6. I Need More Space

Sometimes just saying it with words is not enough. You will love how this shirt gets its point across in such a cute and colourful way.

You can get this statement tee at SGD24.95 from Zalora.

7. Stay Awake

BTS fans, you have to get your hands on this one. Not only does it remind us to, well, stop falling asleep, it also comes with an illustration of KOYA, one of the cute animated characters (BT21) created by K-pop band BTS in collaboration with LINE FRIENDS.

You can get this statement tee at SGD10.95 from Shopee.

For those who need motivation

8. Hustle Baby

If anyone asks why you are always so busy and never have time to join them for all kinds of gatherings, all you have to do is point at your tee. It is also a good pick-me-up every time you head to the toilet for a break from all the work: just look in the mirror, and remember to keep hustling.

You can get this statement tee at SGD29 from Zalora.

9. Courage Above All Things

There are many things in life we can be afraid of, but always remember that you should be a warrior, not a worrier. Don this statement shirt on the days you need a little more courage and faith, and a reminder that you are braver than you think.

You can get this statement tee at SGD19.90 from Praise.

10. Progress Not Perfection

Do you believe that achieving progress is more important than perfection? If you do, you will relate to this shirt that aligns perfectly with your beliefs.

You can get this statement tee at SGD17.20 from Zalora.

For the sassy ones

11. I’m A Limited Luxury Edition Of Myself

Never forget to prioritise self-care, because you are a limited luxury edition – of yourself. This totally justifies all the pampering facials and endless shopping sprees that you go on.

You can get this statement tee at SGD14.90 from Zara.

12. What Boyfriend?

Before your nosy relatives ask you if you have a boyfriend at the next family gathering, stop them in their tracks with this shirt that declares your stance – and in an auspicious colour, no less!

You can get this statement tee at €9.00 from Forever 21.

13. Trouble Maker

You are always breaking the status quo, and the most common nickname you’ve heard others call you is ‘trouble maker’. Be proud of the fact that you are unique, unconventional, and courageous enough to carve your own path with a shirt that celebrates your rebellious tendencies.

You can get this statement tee at €9.00 from Forever 21.

14. Goddess

You are the Beyonce that you believe yourself to be, and no one should let you think otherwise. All it takes for everyone to know that they should revere and respect you, is a shirt that clearly tells them you are a powerful goddess.

You can get this statement tee at €6.00 from Boohoo.

15. Born Annoyed

For the one who is always complaining about everything and everyone, be it offline or online, you will be so happy to find a tee that actually gets you. Your friends will nod their head in understanding as you go about your daily rant, because they now know that you are just born this way.

You can get this statement tee at SGD29.64 from ASOS.