15 CNY-themed masks that will go perfectly with your visiting outfits

The season of feasting is here upon us. It’s when we gladly give up our diet plans, in exchange for that extra serving of bak kwa, yusheng or love letters.

This year, Chinese New Year celebrations are going to take place with safe distancing measures fully in place, which means our CNY #ootds would require a new accessory that’s necessary – face masks!

If you’re looking for CNY-themed masks that will make for great conversation starters and go with your outfits, here are 15 disposable and reusable ones to choose from.

1. Cartoon Ox mask

Dive straight into the Year of the Ox with these masks that feature cartoon versions of the animal! A perfect conversation starter among your young cousins, nieces or nephews, this is a must-have for CNY visits this year.

Available at S$3.90 for 50 pieces from Shopee.

2. Pineapple mask

Pineapples are seen to be festive fruits, as its name in Hokkien, “ong lai” sounds close to “fortune is coming”. This is probably why Chinese people are so obsessed with pineapple tarts, pineapples, and now, pineapple masks. This pineapple print masks are so cute, they can certainly also be used after the festivities!

Available at S$3.85 from Shopee.

3. Mahjong tiles mask

A large part of CNY gatherings involve some degree of gambling. With this mask decorated with the design of the mahjong tiles, this is another way to break the ice with relatives you only meet once a year to gamble with.

Available from Etsy at S$16.50.

4. Japanese chrysanthemum mask

A simple way to dress up an otherwise understated outfit, or break up any monochromatic looks would be with this beautifully textured mask, peppered with motifs of Japanese Chrysanthemums.

Available from Etsy for S$6.50.

5. Prosperity masks

Nothing says CNY more than praying for prosperity in the upcoming Lunar New Year. With these masks that are imprinted with wishes for a prosperous year, you will be bringing good fortune not just to yourself, but every house you visit.

Available from Shopee at S$5.48 for 10 pieces.

6. Cherry blossoms mask

The significance of the Chinese New Year festivities goes beyond just reuniting families, it also celebrates the return of spring, after gruelling months of winter – which was a lot harder to survive in the olden days without space heaters. Cherry blossoms symbolises the end of winter, and the start of the spring season, which brings a sense of renewed hope.

Available from Shopee at S$6.50.

7. Lucky cats mask

The opposite of how cats are perceived as bad luck in some Western cultures, Asians see cats as an animal that brings about prosperity. It is no surprise to see one of these lucky cats with their bobbing arm accompanying the cashier at some shopfronts. Top off your look with this mask to welcome prosperity your way!

Available from Carousel at S$9.90.

8. Lion dance mask

Lion Dances have a long history in the Chinese culture. It is said that a mythical creature called Nian terrorised villages by destroying crops, killing animals and scaring the villagers. The villagers then dressed up as a lion-like creature, and accompanied with fire crackers and loud music from the cymbals and drums, they successfully chased Nian away. Chase your enemies and bad vibes away with this mask!

Available from Etsy at S$34.60.

9. Pineapples and CNY greetings mask

On top of pineapples, this mask is also designed with the words “發”, “财”, “旺” and ends off with “来”, which simply translates to: Fortune, wealth, prosperity come. The repeated motif on this mask is sure to bring you many “21 points” during Blackjack at the gambling table.

Available from Etsy at S$24.70.

10. Mandarin oranges mask

Greet your relatives with an extra oranges this year with this mask! The orange hue of the fruit is said to be representative of gold, and when you trade in your oranges for a new pair at each place, it is said to help “share the wealth”. This is available in kids’ sizes too!

Available from Le Petit Society at S$10.

11. Koi fish mask

Koi fishes represent wealth and success in Chinese culture, with its bright orange hues that is compared to gold. The word fish in the Chinese language is also a pun for “余” which means abundance and surplus! Wear this mask to bring you a surplus of good vibes.

Available from Carousel at S$13.90 for 50 pieces

12. Panda mask

Bring balance to the Lunar New Year with this panda, which is seen as a symbol of balance and peace because of its black and white colours, representing the “yin” and “yang” in Chinese culture.

Available from Red Bubble at S$10.

13. HCNY Greeting mask

For those who want to let your mask do the talking for you, quite literally, here is a mask with the greeting printed on it.

Available from Red Bubble at S$10.

14. Chinese royalty-inspired mask

Something to remind you of the decor elements featured in Chinese period dramas, here’s one to bring up the “Chinese” factor of any outfit.

Available from Etsy at S$20.80

15. Dragon mask

Even though it’s not the Year of the Dragon yet, the intricacies of how dragons are designed definitely bring about this sense of luxury. In the Chinese culture, the dragon is also a symbol of power, strength, and good luck – and hence often used to decorate the robes of Emperors in the past. Feel like royalty with your very own dragon mask!

Available from Etsy at $16.64.