Cat & the Fiddle is now offering a 25% discount off its National Day special – Kopi-O Cheesecake

kopi-o cheesecake

With National Day fast approaching, it’s no surprise that we see more and more food deals, as well as limited-edition local flavours.

And the latest one to look forward to is Cat & the Fiddle’s latest addition to its cake menu – the Singaporean Breakfast Kopi-O Cheesecake that pays homage to our love for coffee.

kopi-o cheesecake whole

With just a simple black and white design, this good-looker features two distinct cake layers – a soft and fluffy vanilla cake base topped with velvety smooth cream cheese that’s infused with locally sourced Nanyang coffee powder, giving the cake an extremely rich taste and a pleasant aroma.

From now till 9 August, you can get your hands on a whole Singapore Breakfast Kopi-O Cheesecake for only S$52.90, 25% off its original price!

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kopi-o cheesecake slices

Alternatively, you can opt for the KopiCat six-piece bundle, which includes three pieces of Singaporean Breakfast Kopi-O Cheesecake and three slices of Paws of Fury (Yuan Yang Coffee and Tea), for just S$27.90.

The Paws of Fury cake is made with 30% Arabica coffee and 70% Hong Kong-style milk tea, so you can expect to dig into a caffeine-laced sweet treat that’s absolutely robust in flavour.

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