Free limited edition cooler bag with purchase of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream

ben & jerry's sundae range

Ben & Jerry’s has launched its brand-new Sundae Series. Flavours include Hazel-nuttin’ But Chocolate, Cookie Vermont-ster, and Berry Revolutionary, now available in Singapore!

Experience the ultimate indulgence with our most decadent and chunkiest flavors, generously topped with a never-before-seen creamy whipped topping.

It’s like having a perfect sundae in a pint, offering something for everyone’s enjoyment. From the irresistible richness of Hazel-nuttin’ But Chocolate for chocolate enthusiasts, to the Cookie Vermont-ster that will delight cookie fanatics, and even a non-dairy option of the Berry Revolutionary that brings a burst of chunky goodness!

The new Ben & Jerry’s Sundae range is now available at leading supermarkets, convenience stores, and online for S$15.04. Plus, receive a free limited edition cooler bag with a minimum spend of S$25 at select supermarkets*.

*Offer available at specific stores while stocks last!