15 cutest toddler shoes to get for your little fashionistas

Have you reached that moment in your parenting life when you witnessed your little one muster all his or her energy to take the first step? If you have, then welcome to a new terrain that involves lots of playing cat and mouse! Apart from a more “active” lifestyle, having a little runner in the house would also mean that it’s time to get some new shoes to replace the baby socks that are now too small.

From wobbles and totters to steady steps, we have gotten the cutest and super chic shoes that you can get for your toddler as he or she walks into a whole new adventure of independence and freedom!

1. Cute Bow Ballet Shoes


If you are a fan of ballet dancing and can’t wait to send your baby off to dance classes, then this pair of cute bow ballet shoes will be the perfect stand-in! With these shoes (and a glittery tutu), you can get ready to bring out the inner ballerina in your child.

Available in three shades at Shopee for S$5.

2. Puma Bao 3

Get all athletic with Puma’s cutest addition, the Puma Bao 3! It has a new and improved outsole, which helps to enhance traction and prevent slipping. Super comfortable and ergonomic, this is the ideal pair of shoes for your child’s well-being.

Available at Puma for S$39 (discounted at the time of writing).

3. Cute Animal Canvas Shoes

Let your baby boy run freely in this adorable pair of canvas shoes with animal prints. Made with soft canvas material, it is definitely a call for comfort for all young feet.

Available at Shopee for S$4.90 (discounted at the time of writing).

4. Superman Toddler Shoes


Get ready for some superhero action when your kid steps into this pair of wonder kicks! Printed with a Superman logo and accompanied with his mighty cape (albeit baby-sized), your baby boy will be all set to seize the day! If you are a fan of DC, this is definitely the perfect pair of shoes that speaks levels of trendiness and aesthetic appeal.

Available at Shopee for S$4.38 – S$4.51 (depending on size, discounted at the time of writing).

5. Mini Melissa Ultragirl Flower II

If you thought Melissa shoes are only for the working ladies, think again! Melissa Shoes, known for its Ultragirl ballet flat collection, has its very own mini versions as well. Super elegant and pretty, you will be sure to ignite the inner princess in your baby girl with these flats with delicate flower appliques.

Available at Melissa for S$76.50 (discounted at the time of writing).

6. Pink Bunny Baby Trainers


These bunny trainers will get your preschooler hopping around in her new adorable shoes. Designed with comfort as a priority, these shoes are lightweight with slightly padded insoles, giving your child the much needed ease to run about freely. These bunny trainers are a definite crowd-pleaser!

Available at Mothercare and Lazada for S$21.90.

7. EMU Parrot Sneakers

All the way from Australia, these parrot sneakers will illuminate the shine of your little one with its sparkly material. Coupled with the accent features to accentuate the vibrant character of the bird, the Parrot sneaker is surely a pair of quirky and fun shoes to own.

Available at Mothercare for S$29 (discounted at the time of writing).

8. Native Porous Sandals

In several colours, these shoes from popular shoe brand Native come with holes to ensure that Junior’s little feet can be kept cool. Comfortable, light, and well-made, these come in a huge size range to cater to children aged three all the way to 14.

Available at Lazada for S$67.

9. Denim Sneakers with Animal Print

Dress your baby in style with this super cute pair of sneakers in denim! A cute animal overlays the head of the shoe and adds an adorable and boyish vibe to the outfit. Complete the look with a checkered button down shirt and jeans!

Available at Amazon for S$19.50.

10. Froddo Leather Sandals in Cognac

Originated from Germany, the Froddo leather sandals is a soft and naturally comfortable pair of footwear for your young ones. With a velcro closure, this makes it easy for parents to help their child wear and take off the shoes. Also, this design gives your child a more mature look!

Available at Pupsik Studio for S$89.

11. Summer Pineapple Shoes

Bring on the summer season with these super cute pineapple shoes that are perfect for beach days and outdoor trips! It is easy to wear and lightweight so it’s totally fuss-free when you’re having some fun in the sun with your tots.

Available at Shopee for S$9.04 – S$10.54 (discounted at the time of writing).

12. Flyknit Athletic Shoes

These sock shoes are extremely à la mode. Easy to wear with slip on application, these are the shoes that will have your child beaming with smiles, thanks to their comfortable insoles and elastic material.

Available at PatPat for S$10.92 (discounted at the time of writing).

13. Butterfly Track Shoes with LED Light

Score big on fashion with these bad-ass kicks, with butterfly prints and light up LED soles. Let your child feel the excitement as their shoes light up their paths!

Available at PatPat for S$19.12 (discounted at the time of writing).

14. Adidas Rapidaflex Mickey

Featuring Mickey Mouse prints, this disney-inspired pair of shoes is not only intolerably cute but the sporty design also adds some ruggedness. With an adjustable velcro fastening belt, this is made for pure comfort and for the athletic littles one who wants the cute in cool.

Available at Adidas for S$65.

15. LC Waikiki Car Silhouette Sandals

Add some speed to your walks and run with this really cute pair of slingback sandals that is designed to the shape of a car. Super lightweight, your kid will feel like he or she is walking on air! But a fair warning to all parents, you’d better keep up!

Available at Zalora for S$12.90.