This app assigns me a home cleaner in 30 minutes – and saved my sanity

We just welcomed a new baby in the family – my second child.

I’ve been told by many parents-of-two that the workload doesn’t double proportionately. In a way that doesn’t make sense mathematically, I found myself working at least three times harder than before.

I have resisted hiring a domestic helper unlike many of my friends with two and more children. Thankfully, because my husband and I both chip in and we could put up with occasional mess, we’ve been getting by okay.

That’s until the children started falling sick and we had to take time off to care for them that I started feeling the heat: kids take top priority, work is next, which means household chores took a major back-seat.

Even if I could deal with a dirty house, it probably won’t do the children – who were already sick – any good. What’s more, un-ironed clothes were piling up, and at the rate it was going, I was pretty sure I’d have nothing to wear for work soon.

Trying out the Urban Company app

I then remembered I was introduced to Urban Company by its representatives some time ago and decided it could well be a solution for me at this point.


Urban Company calls itself Asia’s largest online home services platform. Using its app, you’ll be able to book services at your house, including appliance repair, home cleaning, pest control, and even beauty treatments and massages.

According to the Urban Company team, home-cleaning and mani-pedi are among some of its most popular services.

I decided to download the app and book a home-cleaning service.

urban company service description
Clear descriptions of each service is given.

The app was easy to navigate and clear descriptions were given for each service so I know exactly which to book. Very quickly I zeroed in on its four-hour home cleaning service and made a booking for it.

I chose my preferred date and time.


The booking was accepted immediately.


A cleaning professional was assigned in around 30 minutes and I got an alert with her photo, name, vaccination status, and reviews – pretty much like what you see when you book a private car ride.

A service provider was assigned very quickly.

This process was completed with just a few taps – it was very simple.

The cleaning professional assigned came on the day I booked punctually. She knew exactly what to do and after asking me some questions about what I’d like her to start with, she set some expectations and quickly got to work.


Within the four hours I booked, she was able to iron all of my clothes, vacuum and mop my entire house, and wash the toilets. If I didn’t have so many pieces of clothes to iron, she would have been able to help clean he kitchen and even the windows, she said.

Note that you could book “ironing” as a service if that’s the area you need the most help in.

Throughout her service, she maintained professionalism and worked swiftly and quietly. While she got worked, I spent time reading to and playing with my children.


She left me with a clean house and less chores to worry about and I felt so glad that I would have less to do as I prepare for Chinese New Year celebrations (note: her visit was in January).

All in all, I’m happy with the ease of use on the Urban Company app and how quickly it was able to assign a service professional to me. I’d certainly consider its home-cleaning service as my go-to SOS.

Another item on my list? Maybe a facial or massage service at home? I could really do with some me-time without wasting precious time commuting.

Find out more about Urban Company here.

Photos: Screenshots taken from app and Pexels.