Moving to Hong Kong? Tutor Time’s innovative bilingual education can help brighten your child’s future

Finding the perfect kindergarten is not an easy task, especially if you’re moving to a new city like Hong Kong. The unfamiliarity with the local education landscape, different curriculum options, and the need to find a nurturing environment can make it overwhelming.


However, fret not! Tutor Time, a renowned kindergarten in Hong Kong, can be a great option for parents seeking quality early childhood education in Hong Kong.

Founded in Florida in 1988, Tutor Time established the first fully immersive bilingual Mandarin and English school in Hong Kong in 2001. Tutor Time understands that all children are unique and celebrate their individuality. Each child is encouraged to learn, grow, develop their imagination and build self-esteem at their own pace.

The children graduate from Tutor Time as well-rounded individuals equipped with the necessary tools to overcome challenges and achieve success in the future. They gently nurture their students through an innovative curriculum and the effective use of modern technology. Through innovation, creativity, and excellence, they strive to be the leader of early childhood education in Hong Kong.

Provide quality early childhood education

There are various programmes for toddlers and preschoolers offered by Tutor Time International Nursery & Kindergarten. Created in collaboration with Learning Time, nursery students receive comprehensive home-learning materials, including an electronic reading pen, custom storybooks and fun textured flashcards to help them build a solid foundation in bilingual literacy and numeracy skills.

Children aged six months to two years old can start with participating in the WOW Activity Group. It teaches life skills through a range of interactive learning experiences. The bilingual Mandarin and English classes encourage hands-on learning using a variety of materials including those created in collaboration with Learning Time.

The Nursery Programme is aimed at children between two to three years of age. Each child is encouraged to establish healthy routines and learn key foundational skills. Collaborative learning experiences allow them to grow into independent learners who are also capable of working with others.


The Kindergarten Programme encourages kids between three to six years old to explore their unique interests in the LifeSmart programme. The curriculum allows your children to develop critical literacy and numeracy skills and prepare them for their school years by fostering a sense of independence and communication skills. They will be encouraged to learn through storytelling sessions using specifically developed Learning Time books.

The extended programme gives your children extra support, explores their interests and develops their strengths, and are also beneficial for children preparing for primary school interviews.

Your little ones can also enjoy after-school enrichment programmes with their friends. These range from interview prep classes and cooking classes, to Spanish classes and Lego STEM classes.

Enrol your child in Tutor Time


Your children will enjoy bilingual lessons that encourage creative exploration and discovery. They will enjoy school life whilst preparing for their future success.

The schools draw inspiration from the well-practised philosophies of Reggio Emilia, Howard Gardner, Rudolf Steiner, Maria Montessori and Jean Piaget. Teachers celebrate the ideology that children are competent in their own unique ways, encourage their strengths and interests, and develop strong communication skills in English and Mandarin.

Tutor Time has multiple campuses in convenient locations across Hong Kong, including Braemar Hill in North Point, Mid-Levels, Dorset Crescent in Kowloon Tong and YOHO in Yuen Long. No doubt that you will find the right location if you’re moving to Hong Kong.

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