These new LEGO Friends sets help me discuss about environmental issues with my child in an engaging way

In January, The LEGO Group introduced a refreshed LEGO Friends universe. Now, they have unveiled a collection of new LEGO Friends sets that open up a world of possibilities for builders to immerse themselves in friendship-themed adventures and explore their interests. These sets feature characters like Aliya, Autumn, Leo, Liann, Nova, Olly, Paisley, and Zac, providing children with the opportunity to navigate diverse friendships and pursue their passions.

This new range of sets encourages builders to embark on imaginative journeys, allowing them to craft their unique storytelling universes. Moreover, as they construct and play, children can gain valuable insights into environmental issues, including animal conservation and ocean cleanups, reinforcing the importance of these topics in an engaging and educational manner.

What’s more, kids can enjoy an easy and intuitive building adventure with these sets using the LEGO Builder app. Here they can zoom in and rotate models in 3D, save sets and track their progress.

New LEGO Friends sets to check out

LEGO Friends Sea Rescue Boat 41734

LEGO Friends Sea Rescue Boat 41734

Kids who care about the natural world can learn about ocean life with this detailed LEGO Friends Sea Rescue Boat toy building set for ages 7 and up.

The set comes with a buildable catamaran that doubles up as a laboratory, plus a small submarine toy. Kids can act out sea rescue stories as they roll the boat over the trash to capture it in the boat’s nets, ready for recycling, along with Nova and Aliya who are on this shared mission.

This set can be combined with LEGO Friends sets 41736 and 41752 (sold separately) for even more ocean rescue adventures.

Available at S$139.90.

LEGO Friends Newsroom Van 41749

LEGO Friends Newsroom Van 41749

Discover the LEGO Friends Newsroom Van 41749, a fantastic playset designed for kids aged 6 and up, perfect for those who enjoy imaginative role-play and have a passion for wildlife. Meet Aliya, an industrious reporter dedicated to bringing the latest news to the community centre.

Inside the van, Aliya finds everything she needs to craft and share compelling news stories, from screens, lights, cameras, and microphones to a trusty notebook and pen. Children can engage in storytelling as they document the arrival of a logger ready to cut down a tree.

After capturing the story on film, kids can transition Aliya to the van’s control room, where she can edit and broadcast the news.

Available at S$47.90.

LEGO Friends Sea Rescue Center 41736

LEGO Friends Sea Rescue Center 41736

Kids can embark on a heartwarming adventure of caring for otters and other adorable creatures with this set.

Meet Autumn, a devoted animal-lover who has invited her adventurous friend Leo to join her at the Sea Rescue Center. Together, they are on a mission to nurture and heal injured otters. Glide to the dock in the water scooter, then step inside to clean, X-ray, and feed the otters with love and care. After their rehabilitation, gently guide the otters back to the ocean, where they can thrive once more.

Designed for kids aged 7 and up who share a deep affection for animals, this LEGO set includes three mini-dolls, two charming sea otters, a seahorse, and a sea turtle, along with a treasure trove of accessories to fuel imaginative play. Children can utilise the water scooter to approach the dock, then dive into the heartwarming world of otter rescue. Accessories such as a life vest, brush, feeding bottle, walkie-talkie, treasure chest, camera, microscope, syringe, and an X-ray machine enhance the storytelling experience.

Available at S$84.90.

Review: LEGO Friends Newsroom Van

LEGO Friends Newsroom Van review 1

My nearly 5-year-old son couldn’t contain his excitement when he laid eyes on the LEGO Friends Newsroom Van set. He’s already enjoyed playing with other sets from this series, captivated by the adventures of the characters and the stories he can craft once the sets are assembled.

With the Newsroom Van set, I seized the opportunity to introduce him to the media industry, where I work, and engage in discussions about conservation and activism.

LEGO Friends Newsroom Van review 2
There’s intricate details inside the van.

He eagerly delved into the assembly process and managed to complete it in under two hours, a testament to his enthusiasm. It wasn’t surprising given the set’s attractive features: a vehicle, an adorable animal (an owl!), and an engaging narrative. The van’s intricate details made the building process even more enjoyable.

LEGO Friends Newsroom Van review 3

As we constructed the set together, we discussed the impact of tree cutting on the environment and the admirable efforts of activists. Our conversation naturally segued into the role of the media and the responsibilities of news reporters. I appreciated the numerous thought-provoking discussions this set enabled, and he had a blast engaging in imaginative play with the characters – from assisting Aliya in filming the news bulletin to helping her operate the van.

LEGO Friends Newsroom Van review 4

My son declared this as one of his current favourite LEGO sets without a doubt.