Princess Peach joins LEGO Super Mario universe – we asked a kid to review the new sets

It’s been two years since a partnership between LEGO and Nintendo took Mario and Luigi into the LEGO Super Mario universe, and fans will be pleased to know that the LEGO Group has added Princess Peach to the action in August!

One of the highlights of this announcement is probably the introduction of the LEGO Super Mario Adventures with Peach Starter Course (S$84.90), which allows players to have even more fun options with the iconic princess.

LEGO Super Mario Adventures with Peach Starter Course review

71403 LEGO® Adventures with Peach Starter Course
71403 LEGO® Adventures with Peach Starter Course

My three-year-old son, though not a fan of the Super Mario series, was still excited about Princess Peach – thanks to stories he had read about princesses and knights, dragons, and castles.

lego princess peach review 5
He assembled the Peach figure, including putting her earrings and crown on her.

As we unboxed the Peach Starter Course, he was elated to find the LEGO Peach figure, which he has to assemble by fixing the figure to the base and putting her earrings and crown on for her.

“This looks like Mama!” he said excitedly. Not really, but I agreed since that made him more enthusiastic about completing the set. But he didn’t have to think he’s playing with a figure that looked like Mama to get excited about this LEGO set – there were just too many features that delighted him.

lego princess peach review 6

Instead of an instruction booklet, like the other sets in the Super Mario series, instructions are viewed digitally through an app. This is my son’s first time using a digital app to put his LEGO set together, and it was a fun experience for him as he got to turn the 3D figures around or expand them to get a closer look.

LEGO® Super Mario - lemmy

Following the instructions closely, he built obstacles and additional characters such as Lemmy and a Yellow Toad. These individual parts can then be put together into an obstacle course that he can fully customise, based on his own creativity.

Once he was done, he put the LEGO Peach figure to go through it. Just like the Mario and Luigi figures, Peach is also interactive and it has the princess’ recognisable voice and sound effects.

lego princess peach review 2

As he went through the course, he got to earn digital coins, see the princess’ reactions when she performed different actions such as riding the swing set, opening gifts, defeating Lemmy and a Lava Bubble, and befriending the Yellow Toad.

Peach figure giddy

My son was particularly amused when Peach got onto the swing and complained about feeling giddy when he swung her round and round too many times and too quickly.

lego princess peach review 3
Princess Peach says “I’m sleepy” and proceeds to fall asleep, with a light snore!

Lay the princess down flat, and she’ll even say she’s sleepy and eventually fall asleep!

The simple yet quirky reactions made my son laugh and repeated actions just to see the figure react again. I must say I’ve never seen him had as much fun after the building stage with any of the LEGO sets that he owned.

LEGO® Super Mario - princess peach and mario

Besides these, the LEGO Peach, LEGO Mario, and LEGO Luigi figures can even connect with one another via Bluetooth (two at a time), so that they can greet each other, celebrate and team up to defeat enemies, earning bonus digital coins when they work together.

This makes it more fun for him to play together with me as we each hold a different figure, and I’d imagine when his one-year-old brother grows old enough to appreciate LEGO, they may be able to have fun with these figures again a few years later. Any mother would appreciate toys that have more longevity.

For those who already owned previous Super Mario LEGO sets, you’ll be happy to know that with the August release, the interactive figures will also be able to trigger positive reactions by eating fruits found across the new sets or gifting fruits to other characters – these new features add more fun to the adventures in the LEGO Super Mario universe.

LEGO Super Mario Peach’s Castle Expansion Set review

71408 LEGO® Peach’s Castle Expansion Set
71408 LEGO® Peach’s Castle Expansion Set

Besides the Peach Starter Course, the highly anticipated LEGO Super Mario Peach’s Castle Expansion Set (S$219) has also been launched.

This is also the set that my son is most looking forward to build – I mean, which child can resist building a castle?

What’s more the castle boasts a range of fun challenges, including knocking Ludwig off the cloud, fixing the broken bridge, and greeting Toadette. It also features a buildable throne room that can spin around to reveal Bowser!

There are other fun surprises you can discover in the castle, including a Bob-omb painting with a secret Action Tag and a cake with a Goomba hiding inside.

This has 1,216 pieces, so you can imagine that it will take a while to put everything together. Thankfully, the instructions were easy to follow so my three-year-old was still able to play on his own.

He hadn’t completed the entire set yet at the time of writing, but I could tell that the challenge of building a more complex set and the anticipation of what it would finally look had been very motivating for him.

Other launches to look forward to

71406 LEGO® Yoshi’s Gift House Expansion Set
71406 LEGO® Yoshi’s Gift House Expansion Set

LEGO Super Mario Yoshi’s Gift House Expansion Set (S$49.90) is also launched along these two sets. Fans can now say hello to Yoshi, go for a spin on the Treat Carousel and eat yummy fruits to trigger happy reactions and earn coins.

Other sets that are also launched include the Goomba’s Shoe Expansion Set (S$14.90), Fuzzy Flippers Expansion Set (S$39.90), Cat Peach Suit and Frozen Tower Expansion Set (S$119.90), and Big Spike’s Cloudtop Challenge Expansion Set (S$99.90).

These sets are available at all LEGO Certified Stores, LEGO Official Store on Lazada, Shopee, Amazon, as well as major retailers and department stores in Singapore.