Kiztopia opens first duplex indoor playground at Punggol – we check it out ahead of its opening

Kiztopia opens up its first duplex and second theme-based indoor playground at Punggol Town Square today (22 July).

The new safari-themed Kiztopia Club is suited for children aged 12 months and above and offers 12 play concepts.

kidztopia driving

As you enter the indoor playground, you’ll first be greeted by a colourful giant ball pit, and behind it, a series of slides, tunnels, mazes, and even a trampoline.

kidztopia ar game

Don’t miss out on the AR games at the same spot where your child can throw balls at different targets in order to score.

Move along to another part of the playground and your child will find himself at a sandpit where tiny carts, shovels, and moulds are provided.

kidztopia supermarket

kidztopia kitchne

And if you’re intending to get lots of photos for the ‘gram, a “supermarket-and-kitchen” area where fun pretend play takes place will be it.

kidztopia fireman

There is also a driving zone and a fire-fighting zone where your child can dress up as a firefighter, and play an AR game to put out a fire using real water.

Don’t worry if you need a little break. You can either walk to the nearby Waterway Point or stay on at Kiztopia’s in-house restaurant for some refreshments.

When I brought my 2.5-year-old there for the media preview, he instantly squealed when he saw the ball pit that looked super welcoming. He took off his shoes excitedly and jumped right into it. I could tell he was slightly overwhelmed by the stimulating sights and sounds, as well as older kids, but he was nonetheless delighted.

kidztopia ball pit

If your child, like mine, tends to take a little more time to warm up, don’t worry – as you’ll be able to enter the play area to help ease him in. My son was able to settle into the swing of things quickly.

kidztopia sandpit

He spent a surprisingly long time at the sandpit, scooping the “sand” into the cart, and taking occasional time off to go down the slide in the pit. He told us this was his favourite spot.

kidztopia fire fighting game

But he said the most memorable was still the firefighting AR game. He is fascinated by fire engines and firefighters (which boy isn’t!), so he was really excited to dress up as one and even “put out fire and save people”, in his words, through the game.

kidztopia punggol

After spending close to two hours at Kiztopia, we left and as we buckle him up in his car seat, he exclaimed spontaneously “I had so much fun!” and asked if we could bring him there again. This was a sure sign that he really had a whale of a time. As a bonus, he also knocked out during bedtime and had a good night’s rest.

We’re quite sure we’ll be back!

Kiztopia Club @ Punggol Town Square is located at 85 Punggol Central, #01-01/02/03/04, Singapore 828726. Kiztopia also has outlets at Marina Square and Jurong Point. Admission fees begin at S$28 for an hour for each child. Entry tickets must be pre-booked online prior to your visit.