This new indoor children’s playground features three levels of fun with a ball pit, trampoline, and more

If you’ve recently been guilty of letting your little ones stare at iPad screens for a little longer than they should, here’s something you can treat your child to that will reward them with a much-needed fun day out.

City Square Mall is home to AIRZONE, an indoor atrium net playground that had everyone of all ages busy flocking down to experience it a few years back, and they’ve recently launched yet another indoor playground within the mall!

Spanning 1,500 square feet with three levels of fun within the play area, Kidodo Singapore is fully equipped with a variety of facilities for kids (up to age 10) to enjoy such as a spiral slide, a ball pit, and even an interactive game.

Read on to discover the fun stations within the playground that kids can look forward to spending time at.


The biggest highlight of the new indoor playground has got to be this pastel purple and beige spiral slide that runs from level three all the way to level one, which would certainly leave the kids screaming in excitement as they make their way down.

spaceship themed wall

For those who take great interest in anything space and science-related, this spaceship wall that features scientific structures would be the first to catch their attention.

uphill obstacle

narrow course

From uphill obstacles to narrow courses, these activities will leave the adventurous kids occupied.

chill area

table area

Tired from all the running and climbing? Head to the large sitting area for a little rest or the table area to solve some puzzles before exploring more activities within the playground!

sandcastle building area

If your kid has always found joy in playing in the sand, you can now allow them to do so safely in this sandcastle building area that is filled with pine blocks instead – unlike sand, pine blocks are huge enough to not unpleasantly end up in their mouths.

interactive activity

And last but not least, you’ll also find a screen projection area for kids to participate in an interactive game session.

Find Kidodo Singapore at 180 Kitchener Road, City Square Mall, #02-19A, Singapore 208539. Opens from 11am to 8pm (Mon to Thu), 11am and 9pm (Fri), and 10am to 9pm (Sat, Sun & PH).

Pricing and booking details

Planning to bring your bundle of joy to Kidodo Singapore already? Here’s everything you need to know about the cost, including an opening promotion that’s running for a limited time only.

Single passes

Weekday price list:

  • One hour pass (S$12) – one-time entry for one hour of playtime, admits one child and one adult
  • One session pass (S$22) – one-time entry for two hours of playtime, admits one child and one adult

Weekend price list:

  • One hour pass (S$15) – one-time entry for one hour of playtime, admits one child and one adult
  • One session pass (S$26) – one-time entry for two hours of playtime, admits one child and one adult

Value passes

If you plan on visiting frequently, we recommend you purchase the Value Pass instead which doesn’t come with an expiry date.

  • 10 hours bundle (S$100) – Admits one child and one adult
  • 20 hours bundle (S$189) – Admits one child and one adult

Special opening promotion

  • Get a complimentary mystery gift when you visit for the first time
  • Get an exclusive 22-hour Value Pass for just S$199 

Book your session online here.

Safe distancing measures

As part of Kidodo’s efforts to ensure that the playground doesn’t get overcrowded, each session strictly admits only one child and an accompanying parent unless the crowd on that particular day allows for another parent to join the session. Admission for an extra adult to enter is priced at S$6.

All images are courtesy of Kidodo Singapore.