10 healthy snacks for babies to take on the go

With your baby rapidly growing, snack time is essential aid in their development and growth.

Snack time also means that your child will get enough calories – since they have small stomachs. It is recommended to eat two to three nutritious snacks each day to have sufficient energy for their growth support.

Here are some healthy baby snacks that you can easily bring on the go, so your child can get some light bites when he/she is feeling peckish.

10 best healthy snacks for your baby

WAKODO My Jelly Drinks

This jelly-like beverage is a delightful snack while it serves as a thirst-quencher too.

It is not only compact and easy to carry around, it also has a large cap so that your baby can drink it easily without any mess.

Available at S$26.75 for a bundle of six on Shopee. Suitable for babies 12 months and above.

WAKODO Noodles for Babies Bundle Of 3

Want your baby to have some udon or macaroni while on the go without the hassle of cooking?

The Wakodo noodles are not only suitable for babies, but delicious and tasty as well! They are short mini noodles that are easy to scoop with a spoon. No added salt, preservatives and artificial flavouring is used.

The preparation method is simple. All you need to do is to pour it into a small bowl and add hot water.

Available at S$23.55 for a bundle of three on Shopee. Suitable for babies seven months and above.

Strawberry Yoghurt Cubes

These strawberry cubes are popular snacks for babies in Korea.

This can be eaten on its own or added to oatmeal or smoothies for flavour enhancement. No chewing is required as it melts in your baby’s mouth!

Available at S$24 for six packets onLazada. Suitable for babies eight months and above.

Holle Organic Crunchy Millet-Mango Snack

Made from organic millet and corn semolina, this snack is also gluten-free and melts in your baby’s mouth!

You can encourage your baby to self-feed as the snacks are small and easy for them to handle.

Available at S$3.85 per packet oin Redmart. Suitable for babies eight months and above.

BeBecook Wise Moms Rice Snacks

Many children hate to eat vegetables when they grow up, one way to acclimatise them to the flavour of vegetables will be through snacks.

This vegetable-flavoured snack is nutritious as it contains ingredients from oat and organic rice. The packaging is resealable, which makes it convenient to let your baby have it anytime.

No artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners added are used.

Available at S$9.80 for two packets on Lazada. Suitable for babies seven months and above. 

Ivenet Bebe – Finger Cheese

Made from natural cheese and yoghurt, these snacks are rich in minerals, vitamins, as well as calcium, which is important for building strong bones and teeth.

Mess-free and fun-sized, these are easy for self-feeding.

Available at S$8 each and S$15 for a bundle of two on Shopee . Suitable for babies six months and above.

Natufoodies Organic Rice Baby Puff

If you are looking for variety so your kids won’t get bored, this is for you! With 13 flavours to choose from, these organic rice puffs are made from white rice & corn.

Use this to encourage your little ones to pick up their own food and self-feed.

Available at S$9.50 each on Shopee. Suitable for babies eight months and above.

Ivenet Sweet Potato Puree

Sweet potato is rich in vitamins, minerals, as well as dietary fibre to aid in digestion!

If you’re looking to feed your baby sweet potato puree while on the go, this no-cooking-needed option is perfect for you. Finely crushed to provide a soft and smooth texture, this also has no added flavouring or colouring.

Available at S$5.30 on Shopee. Suitable for babies six months and above.

Kiwigarden Freeze Dried Baby Snacks Broccoli Cheesy Bites

This cheesy snack is made in New Zealand with dairy products and nutritious vegetables; perfect for growing kids. It is also rich in protein, probiotics, and Omega 3 fish oil to offer further nutrition.

The naturally tasty snack is so good, you may have to resist eating it yourself!

Available at S$21.50 for a bundle of two on Lazada. Suitable for babies eight months and above.

Apple Monkey Baby Organic Rice Cracker

An organic rice cracker, this is a great on-the-go snack.

The puffs are mixed with vegetables and real fruits, which adds more nutrients to the snack. This dissolves easily in your baby’s mouth, making it the perfect snack for self-feeding.

10 flavours available. Retail from S$7.90 on Shopee from S$7.90. Suitable for babies nine months and above.