13 great gifts that will make your little ones scream for joy this Christmas

If you’re having trouble thinking about what to buy for a kid, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

This is a common challenge parents face, which is why we have rounded up 13 foolproof gift ideas that kids will definitely love so that we can take the headache of thinking about what to get off your hands.

1. Lego

Lego sets make a good gift as they give kids the chance to let their creativity run wild and build whatever they want. This is good for their brain development as it stimulates their brain to think and innovate. But of course, Lego Classic sets can be quite expensive, so if you’re thinking of letting your child try out Lego to see if they like it, we would suggest purchasing specific gift sets of certain shows, games, or architecture depending on what your kid likes first before committing to buying something more expensive.

If they like cars, you can get the Jeep Wrangler or the Chevrolet Corvette C8.R. These sets often come with an instruction manual that is easy to follow, so they can build the items and subsequently play with them or keep them as a display.

Credit: Bricks World

Kids who like to play with doll houses can also purchase the Lego Friends collection, which has a series of houses, theme parks, and cafes to build.

Credit: Bricks World

Have a nice little Christmas activity with your kids by purchasing the Christmas Wreath 2-in-1, which comes in 500 pieces. After you are done, you can showcase the masterpiece by hanging it on the wall or using it as a table decoration. This will definitely be a conversation-starter as well when your guests come over, and you can tell them all about your kid’s hard work.

Credit: Bricks World

2. National Geographic education sets

Let your kid be a geologist for a day and get them the National Geographic Rocks & Minerals Education Set. This comes with 15 rocks, gemstones, and crystals, making it a great starter kit for anyone interested in geology.

Credit: Amazon SG

Kids get to learn more about the different rocks and minerals through the information booklet, and the magnifying glass provided allows kids to look at the rocks and minerals in greater detail.

Alternatively, get them the National Geographic Mega Fossil Dig Kit. This kit allows them to be an adventurer for a day and excavate real fossils using a chisel, brush, and a magnifying glass. This will definitely be an interesting and hands-on experience that they will not get anywhere else.

Credit: Amazon SG

The National Geographic series is meant to ignite the passion for science in kids through an immersive and experiential journey. The National Geographic Rocks & Minerals Education Set can be purchased for S$49.50 from Amazon while the National Geographic Mega Fossil Dig Kit can be purchased for S$60.21 from Amazon.

3. Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids

Here’s a little something that is suitable for kids between the ages of three and seven. Instead of buying a tablet that is used by adults these days and potentially expose your kids to the dangers of the internet, consider buying the Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition so that it is more kid-friendly with parental control. This allows you to manage and monitor the type of content that your child is exposed to, and ensures that they have the same amount of fun with a significantly less amount of danger.

Credit: Lazada

Furthermore, with the kids edition of the tablet and Amazon Kids, your child will be exposed to lots of premium content including books, audiobooks, educational series, and games specially curated by kid experts for them to develop their minds from a young age. You can limit the screen time, set parental controls, and set educational goals for up to four children per tablet.

The protective bumper around it helps ensure that the tablet doesn’t break easily, and the grooves on the case make it easy for the tablet to fit in your kid’s hands. If an unexpected situation occurs and the tablet breaks during your two-year warranty period, you can send it back and they will replace it for you free of charge.

You can purchase the Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids on Lazada for S$146.

4. Gifts from Mori Official

Mori Official is a social enterprise that specialises in creating functional and beautiful lifestyle products that are perfect for yourself or as a gift. The products are one-of-a-kind and are handmade by mothers in their homes, and this is definitely a go-to brand if you’re looking for something cute yet practical for your child.

If you’re looking to cut down on screen time but have not much of an idea of what to give them to past time when you’re travelling from one place to another, consider getting the Dinosaur Kids Portable Doodle Bag.

Credit: Mori Official

This bag comes with two refillable notebooks and a built-in pencil case for your kid to store all of their stationery needed to doodle. Whenever you’re on the go, they can simply take the notebooks out and start drawing instead of spending their time on mindless games or videos on mobile devices.

Credit: Mori Official

Plus, the bag feature cute dinosaurs, making it a hot favourite amongst the young ones. Of course, if your kid is not a fan of dinosaurs, there are other designs available featuring cars, ponies, sea creatures, mermaids, space, and winter wonderland.

Credit: Mori Official

The Kids Activity Set Box is another gift by Mori Official you can consider. It features an activity book with 12 activities such as learning colours, shapes, counting, colouring, and sensory play. Kids can follow the storyline and complete all 12 activities to discover the meaning of Christmas.

Credit: Mori Official
Credit: Mori Official

As Mori Official is a social enterprise, you get to contribute back to society as well when you purchase something sustainable for your child. If you’re interested, check out the entire kids collection here.

5. Play-Doh

Play-Doh is another great gift because it enables kids to carry out arts and craft projects by moulding the Play-Doh into whatever they want.

Get them the Kitchen Creation sets that come with all the tools required to make different types of food. For example, the Kitchen Creations Noodle Makin’ Mania lets kids create different types of noodle dishes simply by changing the disc of the machine. With one change, kids can make ramen or pasta.The set even includes a ravioli book mould and a lasagna cutter so that they can add replica ravioli and pretend lasagna into their pasta.

Credit: Toys”R”Us

Another Kitchen Creation set is the one where kids can ‘toast’ bread and make sandwiches. They can even squeeze out the sauces they would like to add to their sandwich using the tools provided.

Play-Doh sets are available from Toys”R”Us and NTUC FairPrice.

6. Dolls

Another great gift is getting your kids dolls. One good brand to buy from is Baby Alive, because it allows kids to have a feel of what it’s like to take care of another baby.

Baby Alive dolls will cry for food when they’re hungry, just like a real baby.

The Baby Alive Magical Mixer Baby Strawberry comes with a working toy blender as well as powdered food so that your kid can feed the baby doll once she cries for food. The set also comes with a spoon for feeding and a comb for kids to comb her pretty blonde hair.

Credit: Toys”R”Us

This baby is so real that it even ‘poops’ and gives kids the experience of changing another’s diaper.

There are also other editions available that you can take a look at here.

7. Books

Books are a classic gift both for kids and adults. For the younger ones, you can get them story books that are interesting, and you can even have a little storytelling session when you pass them the gift. This will not only let them go on an imaginary adventure with new character friends, it will also be educational as these books usually have a moral lesson to be learned at the end.

Credit: Book Depository

Some of the books also have pop-up artwork or finger puppets embedded in the pages to make storytelling a lot more immersive for the child. This will help to grab their attention as they will feel like they are a part of the story.

Credit: Book Depository
Credit: Book Depository

Such books can be purchased online on Book Depository.

8. Kitchen set-ups

To encourage pretend play, consider getting your children a kitchen setup, so they can “cook” all the types of food that they like and serve them to their soft toy customers.

If you pair this with a set of Play-Doh Kitchen Creations, it will be an even more immersive experience for the kids because they will actually get to make the food instead of just playing with plastic moulds of them!

Credit: IKEA

One of the best places to get a kitchen setup is IKEA. Of course, you can also purchase something similar from Toys”R”Us. Toys”R”Us also sells utensils and food sets to go along with the kitchen setup to make it more fun for kids.

9. Powered vehicles

Let your kids drive around on powered vehicles and feel the thrill of being able to drive a mini car or ride a mini motorbike by themselves. This is a great way for them to get active and drive around the park as you stroll behind them. This will also train their coordination skills as they navigate their way around the paths and avoid knocking into obstacles or people.

You can purchase a police motorbike and let your kids experience being a police officer!

Credit: Toys”R”Us

But if you’re afraid that your kid might not be at the right age to control a moving vehicle, you can consider getting the Range Rover 2-in-1 B/O 6V Ride On Car. This vehicle is battery powered, but it can also work as a ride-on car. This will allow you to ensure the safety of your child at all times, and you can activate the battery when they’re a little older. This makes the gift very worthwhile and long-lasting.

Credit: Toys”R”Us

You can purchase such toys right here from S$129.99.

10. Bicycles

Other than buying them a powered vehicle, why not buy them a bicycle or tricycle so that they can have fun and pick up a life skill at the same time?

Credit: Toys”R”Us

Use this chance to teach your child how to ride a bike, so that you can go on family trips and enjoy a sunny day riding around the park. If you feel that a two-wheel bicycle is way too dangerous at this current moment, go for the ones with training wheels attached, or go for a tricycle instead for more stability.

Credit: Toys”R”Us
Credit: Toys”R”Us

This will also be a good way for them to stay active and play more in the outdoors instead of being cooped up at home and staring at a screen all-day.

Bicycles and protective gear are available at Toys “R” Us and Decathlon.

11. Ball house

Who doesn’t love diving into ball pits? There’s just something very fun and exciting about them that kids go crazy over. Unfortunately, due to the current situation, you might not feel very safe letting your kids play in a public ball pit.

So the best solution to this problem is to simply purchase your own ball house for your little one to play in within the safety of your own home.

Credit: Kiddy Palace

A basic ball house will cost about S$42.90 from Kiddy Palace. If you’re looking to purchase the plastic balls, you can get them in a pack of 50 for S$11.90. If you think a regular ball house is too boring and that your kid might get bored of it fairly quickly, there are other designs that incorporate other elements into the ball house to make it slightly more engaging. For example, take a look at this ball house with a basketball hoop at the top! This allows kids to try their hand at shooting hoops and sitting in the ball house when they get tired.

Credit: Kiddy Palace

There’s also another ball house which features a long tube for your kid to climb through before they get to the ball house, making it more exciting whenever they want to play.

Credit: Kiddy Palace

You can purchase these items from Kiddy Palace

12. Baby walker

This one is for all the parents looking to buy something for their baby. This baby walker is not like any other baby walkers. This particular one comes fitted with tons of toys and activities so that your baby can be entertained by them as they learn how to walk around the house.

Credit: Kiddy Palace

The activity pane can also be removed easily so that it can be placed on the floor for your baby to access it easily.

Here’s another baby walker you can consider if your baby is still not able to walk by themselves. This car-themed baby walker can also be used as a rocker in the initial stages. Once they’re slightly older and starting to learn how to walk, they can pretend they’re in a car and zoom around. The activities on the tray will also keep them occupied as they explore the things around the house.

Credit: Kiddy Palace

If you would like to shop for more baby walkers, simply click here.

13. Learning tools

It’s never too early to introduce your kids to toys that will aid in their learning.

For example, choose this brightly coloured role play toy to introduce vehicles, colours, shapes and the sounds that vehicles make to your toddler. They can turn the wheel to move the dog and switch between the different activities.

Credit: Kiddy Palace

If they’re more interested in cute animals, get them the VTech Shake and Move Puppy. There are three huge buttons on the puppy, and pressing on them will let the puppy teach your kid all about shapes, colours, and first words. Lights will also flash along with the sounds, so this would be good for their training in visual awareness.

Credit: Kiddy Palace

If they’re not a fan of puppies, you can opt to get the VTech Catch Me Kitty, which is a little kitty that will scoot around the floor for your toddler to crawl after it. It has motion sensors on its back, so when it senses your toddler near it, it will react with sounds and motion, promoting interactive play.

Credit: Kiddy Palace

Visit Kiddy Place for more of such learning tools for your kid.