16 most fun playgrounds in Punggol you have to bring your kids to right now – here’s their chance to become ‘pirates’, ‘adventurers’ and more!

Playgrounds are the definition of our childhood. Those were the days where we played with our neighbours without a care in the world. Playtime was made up of sliding down slides, running around playing hide-and-seek, and taking turns on swings, unlike today where many kids prefer playing games on smart phones.

If you’re looking to rekindle that innocent spark in your child, how about taking them to the most fun playgrounds in Punggol? Take them to one of these and they might just start crying for playgrounds instead of your phone the next time!

1. Music-themed playground

This music-themed playground is vibrantly coloured and it features a number of slides at varying heights, perfect for those who have a fear of heights and those who are thrill seekers.

Credit: Tim仔&Mama 新加坡日记/XiaoHongShu

Other than the slides, there is also a steering wheel where your little ones can ‘drive a car’ and rocking horses where they can feel the thrill of riding a horse back and forth.

This playground is located at 271D Punggol Walk, Singapore 824271.

2. Educational playground

The main purpose of playgrounds is to let kids let loose and have fun. But this particular playground takes it a step further and uses the play space as a platform for kids to learn new things that will benefit them as well!

Credit: Tim仔&Mama 新加坡日记/XiaoHongShu

While this playground is small, it includes a lot of components that offer teachable moments.

For example, there is a clock with adjustable hour and minute hands that you can use to teach your child how to tell time. Many kids tend not to know how to tell time on an analog clock because they are too used to telling time from their digital watch.

There is also a world map and a depiction of the different weathers we experience in Singapore. Use this chance to teach them about it and expand their vocabulary from a young age!

This educational playground can be found at 210A Punggol Crest, Singapore 823210.

3. Tropical-themed playground

This tropical-themed playground has palm tree structures and slides in bright green and yellow colours that are reminiscent of tropical islands.

Credit: Tim仔&Mama 新加坡日记/XiaoHongShu

There is also an aeroplane where your little one can be the pilot and fly to the country of his dreams! They can also learn about the alphabets and numbers at one of the corners.

This playground is located at 209C Punggol Wave, Singapore 822209.

4. A different playground

Hop on the individual steps shaped like leaves and look through the telescope and play ‘I Spy’ with your child at this playground. There are also four swings here so even if it’s crowded, your child doesn’t have to wait that long before it’s their turn to play.

Credit: Tim仔&Mama 新加坡日记/XiaoHongShu

There’s even a little maze drawing that your child can trace to see if they can find their way to the centre. This playground definitely offers an experience that is different from others.

This playground can be found at 211A Punggol Ripples, Singapore 821211.

5. Waterway Brooks

This playground has a unique design unlike any other because it blends with the natural terrain of Punggol Waterway. It comes with a slope structure with rock climbing jugs so that kids can attempt rock climbing at an angle for a less scary experience.

Credit: Christian Chen/Google Reviews

There are also railings at the top of the slope with ropes attached to them so that kids can rappel down quickly.

And of course, other than this play structure, kids can also slide down the slope using two slides before beginning their next round of climbing.

This playground is located at 678C Punggol Drive, Singapore 823678.

6. Wooden playground

This playground incorporates wooden structures to create a more challenging course for kids to play in. One of the wooden structures are oddly shaped, and is equipped with netting on one side, and rock climbing jugs on the other side. As such, kids will have two ways to climb to the top of the structure.

Credit: Zero In/Google Reviews

Kids can also train their balancing skills as they cross this rope net bridge by either walking or crawling across.

Credit: Zero In/Google Reviews

This wooden playground can be found at 673C Edgefield Plains, Singapore 823673.

7. Unique pentagonal prism playground

Here’s another playground with a unique structure. This features five pentagonal prisms attached to one another with rock climbing jugs on them. This structure is so big, you can’t miss it.

Credit: Zero In/Google Reviews

If the kids are bored from rock climbing, they can train their balancing skills on the rope net bridge. Unlike others, the holes on this bridge are much larger, so their balancing skills will be put to the test to ensure that they do not fall. After getting to the other side, they will be rewarded with a little slide down the hill!

Credit: Zero In/Google Reviews

This playground is located at 671A Edgefield Plains, Singapore 821671.

8. Pirate ship-themed playground

If your child is a huge fan of pirate ships, you’re in luck! There are a couple of pirate ship-themed playgrounds in the Punggol area, and here’s one of them. This blue and yellow pirate ship-themed playground features the usual slides and climbing components.

Credit: Tianle Weng/Google Reviews

But there’s something special about this. Kids can role play as pirates and sailors and even ‘walk the plank’, giving them an immersive experience!

And here’s a bonus: there is another smaller pirate ship-themed playground that’s just a stone’s throw away. Sail the seven seas and look for the hidden treasure using the map provided.

Credit: Zero In/Google Reviews

These two playgrounds are located at 670 Edgefield Plains, Singapore 820670.

9. Jungle-themed playground

When it comes to adventures at playgrounds, you can’t miss out on a jungle-themed one, especially since jungles are the epitome of adventures!

Credit: Tim仔&Mama 新加坡日记/XiaoHongShu

Climb up the bark of a tree using the wooden ladder steps to get to the top of the treehouse and slide down the long slide! There are also tree stumps strategically positioned so that you can hop on them to get onto the main part of the play area.

This playground is located at 226A Sumang Lane, Singapore 821226.

10. Treehouse playground

This playground is deliberately designed like a treehouse, and it has possibly one of the longest slides in the Punggol area. The slides can be accessed by either climbing up the stairs, climbing up a spiral ladder, or climbing up the suspended wooden ladder.

Credit: Zero In/Google Reviews

Play hide-and-seek with your child and peep at them through the tyre, or converse with them through the little window before they run off to go play on the slides.

Credit: Zero In/Google Reviews

This playground can be found at 231A Sumang Lane, Singapore 821231.

11. Playhouse playground

This playground has a playhouse theme, and you can see it from how two elevated playhouses are the main components of the playground.

Credit: Zero In/Google Reviews

The playhouses are connected via a horizontal rope net bridge and a vertical one that kids can attempt to cross with much caution. If they prefer not to put their balance skills to the test, they can also access the individual playhouses by climbing the stairs or spiral ladders.

Credit: Zero In/Google Reviews

Swings are also available nearby in case they get bored from climbing.

This playground is located at 224A Matilda Edge, Singapore 821224.

12. Common Green

The highlight of this playground is the jungle gym smacked in the middle that is shaped like a giant ball. The little ones will definitely have a great time climbing around and navigating through the little obstacle course.

Credit: Zero In/Google Reviews

Since it’s rounded at the top, it also offers a slightly easier and gentler climb making it suitable even for the younger ones!

You can find this playground near 270C Punggol Field, Singapore 823270.

13. Car-themed playground

This playground is similar to Common Green as its highlight is also the sphere-shaped jungle gym. However, this jungle gym is much smaller, and could be more suitable for younger toddlers.

Credit: Zero In/Google Reviews

After they’re tired from climbing and navigating through the obstacle course, they can end the session with a few slides down the car-themed playground that is located right next to the jungle gym.

Credit: Zero In/Google Reviews

This playground is located at 266A Punggol Way, Singapore 821266.

14. Wallholla

Did you know that Punggol has a three-storey vertical playground? It’s encased in a metal grid cage and consists of multiple orange layers that your children can climb onto.

Credit: Christian Chen/Google Reviews

This huge playground can hold 30 children at once, and it’s recommended for those aged between five and 12.

Since this entire playground is only made up of layers and a few nets here and there, it encourages imagination from the kids on how to have the most fun at this playground. They can swing around using the rope handles, crawl, run, jump, slide, rock climb, and even lie down for a quick break!

Credit: Nik/Google Reviews

But that’s not all there is to this playground. There is also a trampoline right in front of the metal cage that bulges out from the ground for kids to jump to their hearts’ content as well as a green hill similar to the one found in Teletubbies. This hill is fitted with a huge spiderweb-like net, a couple of tunnels for your kids to crawl through, and a slide.

Credit: Zero In/Google Reviews

This playground is located at 673A Edgefield Plains, Singapore 821673.

15. Casuarina Exploratory Playground

This playground is another unique one that you probably can’t find anywhere else. Instead of being constructed with metal or plastic just like the other playgrounds in Singapore, this particular playground is constructed using recycled wood from uprooted Casuarina trees.

Credit: Google Street Maps

And if you thought you would be seeing slides and swingsets made from these trees, think again. This playground is designed to be like an obstacle course, with lots of space to run around, which allows kids to let their imagination run wild and create games with their friends to play here.

Credit: Google Street Maps

The opportunities to play here is endless, and kids are not bounded by any constraints!

This playground is located at Punggol Promenade Nature Walk, Coney Island, West Entrance, Singapore 829325.

16. Splash@Kidz Amaze

This is one of Singapore’s largest indoor playgrounds, and if you’re heading here, both your child and you are in for a whole lot of fun!

This playground is specially designed with visually stunning interactive play elements that will engage your child’s sense of direction, motion, and coordination, so your child isn’t just going to have fun, they’re also going to be learning at the same time.

Credit: Klook

There are tons of slides of varying heights that will definitely thrill the adventurous ones, but do note that for the safety of every child, there are some height restrictions for the taller slides.

Credit: Klook

Facilitators will also be around in the area to keep an eye on your children and guide them if they need any help.

There is also a dedicated play area for toddlers who are much younger so that they can have just as much fun.

Credit: Klook

The ticket price for a child under the age of 13 is S$16, and the ticket for an accompanying adult is S$4. There is currently a promotion where you can get a Multiple Visit Pass (six sessions) for one adult and one child for just S$20.05. You can purchase a ticket from Klook.

Splash@Kidz Amaze is located at 9 Sentul Crescent, SAFRA Punggol, Singapore 828654.