How to make an adult mask fit a child – tips to make mask smaller so a child can wear it

If you thought that trying to buy a surgical mask during this period of time is tough, many parents will have you know that buying masks for their kids is an impossible task.

Making an adult mask fit a child

Typical surgical masks are designed to fit most adults’ faces. However, kids (especially babies) have much smaller face sizes, and hence require a smaller mask that can fit snugly over their nose and mouth to prevent any risk of contamination.

Source: Bloom Diary

In times of need, some parents have started getting creative and come up with ingenious ways to solve the critical shortage of surgical masks – one example is this Taiwanese mum who has found a simple hack to create a surgical mask for kids, using only two materials and six easy steps!

DIY child surgical mask instructions

Materials you’ll need: Adult surgical mask, double-sided tape

Note: this tutorial will require you to have at least one adult surgical mask. You may use the one that has been distributed by the government.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Nail down an appropriate mask size. You may do this by comparing an existing child surgical mask to the typical adult mask, or by comparing it against your child’s face.
  2. Fold the excess cloth to create a visible crease.
  3. Paste double-sided tape on the crease. Some people have suggested using a stapler, but doing so may be less hygienic and may affect the mask’s protective abilities after piercing a hole through it.
  4. Peel off the film release liner and stick the excess cloth inside.
  5. Stick another strip of double-sided tape on the excess cloth that has been folded in. Take the left corner of the excess cloth, and then do a half fold. This allows the mask’s ear loop to face outwards so that your child can wear it.
  6. Tie knots in the ear loops so that it can fit your child’s smaller ears.

You may also refer to the photos below for easier reference:

Image credits
Image credits

That being said, it is definitely better to buy surgical masks that are specifically for children. You can browse through e-commerce sites such as Shopee and Lazada as well as local producers like Independent Market, which is selling a set of four kids masks for S$39, or Bloom Diary, which is selling kid-sized mask for S$14.90.

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