35 cutest CNY outfits for your little tigers to usher in the Year of the Tiger

Chinese New Year is coming and we all know what that means. It’s time to buy new clothes to signify a fresh new start. And while most of us love shopping and buying clothes for ourselves, nothing beats buying clothes for your kids and watching them get dressed in the most adorable outfits ever.

If you’re still on the lookout for cute CNY outfits, look no further. Our round-up of the cutest cheongsams and mandarin collars for your little ones is here to help you!

Age 0 to 1

Options under S$20

1. Baby Cheongsam Dress

This Baby Cheongsam Dress is in a bright peach colour that is perfect for the festive season. It features small little white flowers all around with a little tutu around the waist to add a little cuteness to the dress.

Credit: Shopee

You can purchase this on Shopee for S$9.79.

2. HUAT ONG Baby Romper

There’s no better way to welcome prosperity and good fortune in the new year than with this jumpsuit that has the words ‘HUAT’ or ‘ONG’ on it.

Credit: Shopee

They’ve got the jumpsuit in various colours, and even one with camo prints!

Credit: Shopee

Purchase this auspicious jumpsuit for just S$2.85 on Shopee.

3. Baby Cheongsam Romper

This baby cheongsam romper is probably one of the sweetest outfits you can get for your daughter.

Credit: Pocketpig Diary

The intricate floral detailing makes the piece even more exquisite and lovely. We can already predict the number of compliments your daughter will get once you bring her out!

You can purchase it for S$18.90 at Pocket Pig Diary.

4. Baby Kungfu Romper

Transform your little one into a kungfu fighter with this blue kungfu romper. Pair it with a pair of black shoes just like what those kungfu masters in Hong Kong movies tend to wear, and watch your son jump around for joy when he’s in this outfit.

Credit: Pocketpig Diary

Not a fan of blue? Don’t worry, this also comes in other colours, like red, yellow, and pink.

This retails for S$9.90 and can be purchased at Pocket Pig Diary.

5. Baby Cheongsam Dress

For parents looking to make your baby daughter look as red as a red packet, go for this Baby Cheongsam Dress.

Credit: Shopee

Add on a matching pair of red hairpins that come in the shape of a flower with a tassel attached to it to go with the red dress for the best way to bring in good luck for your family!

Credit: Shopee

You can get the dress for S$8.90 and the hairpin for S$2.45. Get them on Shopee now!

6. Baby Cheongsam Dress/Romper

If you’re looking for a more muted colour, perhaps you can go with this blue and yellow dress instead. This comes with ruffles at the bottom, adding a bit of flair to the outfit.

Credit: Shopee

Not a fan of dresses? Go for the romper variation instead!

Credit: Shopee

Both outfits come with a matching ribbon headband in the same pattern. Let your baby look effortlessly chic in this coordinated outfit.

These two outfits are available on Shopee for S$15.99 each.

Options above S$20

7. Ministar Boy’s Cheongsam Style CNY Romper – Lion Dance

Dress your boy up in this adorable little red romper that features a little boy in a lion costume performing lion dance with fireworks in the background.

Credit: Kiddy Palace

This vibrant piece is bound to get claps from your relatives for how cute he will look. Pair this romper with a matching pair of red shoes and you’ll be good to go!

This romper retails for S$33.90 and is available at Kiddy Palace.

8. Ministar Boy’s Cheongsam Style CNY Romper – Dragon

For something a little more traditional looking, you might want to go with this red and white romper that features a dragon on the front. This is perfect especially if your husband is intending to wear something similar with an embroidered dragon. This way, both father and son can be in matching outfits.

Credit: Kiddy Palace

This romper retails for S$33.90 and you can buy it at Kiddy Palace.

9. Ministar Girl’s Cheongsam Style CNY Romper – Blossom

This red romper for your baby girl will make her look absolutely adorable when you bring her visiting during CNY. The pink flowers and the pink button details add a little bit of contrast to the otherwise full red outfit, making the entire ensemble look even more festive and vibrant.

Credit: Kiddy Palace

You can purchase this at Kiddy Palace for S$33.90.

10. Elena Cheongsam – Red Sakura

Put this Red Sakura Cheongsam on your daughter and watch her waddle around the house! This dress is sure to make all your relatives squeal in delight because of how precious she looks.

Credit: The Elly Store

Get the Elena Cheongsam – Red Sakura for S$59 at The Elly Store.

11. Ministar Girl’s Cheongsam Style CNY Romper with Skirt

This dress is in such a sweet shade of pink that it will enhance your daughter’s cuteness when she puts this on. We’re pretty sure she will also be brimming with joy knowing that she’s going to make all of her relatives fawn over her.

Credit: Kiddy Palace

This dress is available for S$36.90 at Kiddy Palace.

12. Polo Romper – Colourful Tigers

Let your little one channel their inner tiger as they wear this polo romper with multi-coloured tigers peppered all around.

Credit: The Elly Store

Since it is the Year of the Tiger, this outfit will be apt for your toddler to wear throughout the entire year.

Just look at how cute this baby is, and imagine how adorable your baby will look in this outfit!

Get this for S$45 at The Elly Store.

13. Overall with Tiger Front Pocket

If you’re looking for an outfit that can easily be worn throughout the year and not just during this festive period, you can consider this Overall with Tiger Front Pocket from Minene, a contemporary lifestyle baby brand that hails from Israel!

Credit: Minene

The outfit is in a neutral light brown, making it muted and suitable for everyday wear. Of course, since it is CNY, you’d probably still want a slight festive design, and that’s where the cute little tiger pocket on the front comes into play.

It is made from a soft, stretchy, breathable, and comfortable material, so it’s perfect for your baby to wear without feeling warm.

You can purchase this overall for S$42.99 at Minene’s flagship store located at 163 Tanglin Road, #02-111/112, Tanglin Mall, Singapore 247933.

Age 1 to 3

Options under S$20

14. Blossoms Flowers Cheongsam Dress

This is the season to wear all-things floral, because based on the popular Chinese saying, ‘花开富贵’, which translates to blossom flowers bring wealth, flower blossoms are believed to bring in good fortune.

Credit: Shopee

This store has a variety of cheongsam designs and you can take your pick.

Credit: Shopee

You can choose one in beige, or take the design in striking red.

Credit: Shopee

Get the Blossoms Flowers Cheongsam Dress on Shopee for S$19.90.

15. Cheongsam Tutu Dress

Looking for a modern take to a cheongsam? Look no further because you can get one here! This unique dress features a cheongsam bodice with a white tutu as the skirt.

Credit: Shopee

This very dress could also ignite your daughter’s passion for ballet when she starts twirling and dancing in this dress.

Credit: Shopee

Buy this modern cheongsam on Shopee! The price of this ranges from S$7.99 to S$12.46.

16. Children’s Hanfu Suit

There’s nothing more adorable than siblings wearing matching outfits. It creates a good photo opportunity, and plus, let’s face it, you’re never going to be able to convince siblings to wear coordinated outfits when they’re much older, so seize the opportunity when you can!

Credit: Shopee

This is a hanfu suit that features a pink top and grey bottoms. Pair this outfit with a pair of white sneakers and the siblings will look so put together!

Credit: Shopee

Each set is S$15 and you can purchase them on Shopee.

17. Summer Cheongsam Dress

Instead of going for flower patterns this year, how about doing things differently and going for a shiba inu pattern?

Credit: Shopee

This unique cheongsam is sure to get a lot of attention at your relatives’ and friends’ places! The pattern is not common, so you’re probably not going to see many other toddlers in the same outfit.

This store also has a cheongsam dress with rabbits peppered all over against a baby pink backdrop.

Credit: Shopee

These two dresses are S$11.59 each and they are available on Shopee.

Options above S$20

18. Mandarin-Collared Shirt – Sunset Sakura

Let your son look effortlessly smart and adorable with this Mandarin-Collared Shirt in Sunset Sakura. Pair it with a pair of khaki shorts and you would have a complete outfit.

Credit: The Elly Shirt

Ring in the Year of the Tiger with this extra festive shirt!

This is available for purchase at The Elly Store for S$49.

19. Botanic Series – Boys Shirt in Emerald Bird Print

If your boy isn’t a fan of those bright red colours, perhaps this shirt in emerald blue may be slightly better for him.

Credit: Le Petit Society

This is also a plus if he loves nature because this shirt is part of the Botanic Series where the shirt features birds and springtime blooms for a charming and chirpy look.

Add a personal touch to the shirt by opting to embroider your son’s name on the left side of the shirt.

You can purchase this shirt for your son at S$48 on Le Petit Society. You can also send Le Petit Society a direct message on Instagram.

20. Tiger Series – Girls Cheongsam Dress in Light Jade

Let your daughter celebrate the Year of the Tiger with this stunning cheongsam dress adorned with tiger prints!

Credit: Le Petit Society

This dress exudes elegance as it boasts sweet decorate buttons, lace trim details, and an asymmetrical peplum hem to make the dress look more chic.

This little light jade dress might be the perfect one for your little one to wear this CNY.

This cheongsam dress is yours at S$68. Order it at Le Petit Society or send them a direct message on Instagram.

21. Tigerlicious Reversible Classic Cheongsam

Here’s another tiger-themed dress your daughter can wear to celebrate the Lunar New Year. However, there’s a twist to this dress.

It’s actually reversible! It’s red on one side with the signature scallop print along with a beautiful embroidery of the Heroic Mr Tiger in light orange, black stripes, and rosy cheeks.

Credit: Maison Q

Flip it inside out and you’ll spot CNY motifs like firecrackers, lanterns, and mandarin oranges against a navy base backdrop along with lush greenery.

Credit: Maison Q

With this, you’ll definitely get a huge bang for your buck!

Purchase this reversible dress for S$85 from Maison Q.

Age 3 to 5

Options under S$20

22. Hanfu Set

Here’s a hanfu set for your son to look like the handsome chap that he is.

Credit: Shopee

If you have two sons, you can even purchase this set in different colours so that they are wearing matching outfits. This outfit features a deer looking out at the sun and the mountains. Since deers are a symbolism of longevity and prosperity, this is perfect for CNY.

Credit: Shopee

Purchase this from Shopee for S$13.90 each.

23. Tang Suit

Prefer to dress your son up in a more traditional outfit? Pick this tang suit instead!

Credit: Shopee

This is made of cotton silk, so it’s going to feel really comfortable and cooling despite the heat in Singapore. Choose between a dragon design or a plain design with the word ‘福’, which stands for fortune in English, on the front.

Credit: Shopee

Get this on Shopee for S$10.50.

24. Princess Dress

This baby pink cheongsam is called a Princess Dress, and looking at the intricacy and how delicate the details are, we can see why.

Credit: Shopee

The dress features little eyelets with pink leaves, a mandarin collar, and princess sleeves for the royal look. Let your daughter wear two top buns and she’ll be ready to go.

Credit: Shopee

The quality of this is also pretty good for its price, and when your daughter wears it out, no one would be able to guess that you actually got this for under S$10!

Get this on Shopee for S$9.90!

25. Sleeveless Cheongsam

This red sleeveless cheongsam is great if you’re going to be out visiting all day. When we visit our relatives’ houses, it can sometimes be quite hot for your kids because they will be running around and playing with their cousins.

As such, you can keep them cool by letting them wear this sleeveless cheongsam. It’s pretty yet not too stuffy for them.

Credit: Pocketpig Diary

This dress is available for S$16.90 from Pocketpig Diary.

Options above S$20

26. Twirly Cheongsam – Red Lion Flowers

This twirly dress is meant for your daughter to dance around in, perfect for you if you have a very active daughter who likes to run around when she sees her cousins.

This is a good alternative to the usual shirt and pants because the dress isn’t restrictive. Plus, with the CNY motifs on her dress, she’ll be looking cute the entire day.

Credit: The Elly Store

You can purchase this dress for S$69 from The Elly Store.

27. Boy Cheongsam Set Top & Shorts Lunar New Year Outfit (Maroon)

Instead of shopping for just a normal red T-shirt for your son this CNY to wear with jeans, opt for this set that comes with a maroon cheongsam-style top with a pair of white shorts that has the word ‘福’ (fortune) on it.

Credit: Kiddy Palace

This is clearly a very festive outfit and with the word ‘fortune’ on the shorts, you might be bringing in some luck for your family as well!

This set retails for S$39.90 and it is available at Kiddy Palace.

28. Elliot S/S Shirt – Blue Florals

An alternative to a reddish outfit would be this muted blue floral shirt that might appeal to your son more. Pair this with a pair of jeans or a pair of shorts and he’ll be ready to charm everyone at the family gathering.

Credit: Luna and Moon

Purchase this for S$32.50 from Luna and Moon.

Age 5 to 7

Options under S$20

29. Tiger T-shirt

Afraid that a mandarin collar would irritate your child’s skin and cause chaffing due to how high it is? Not to worry, because you can always opt for other options that are just as festive without sacrificing comfort. This Tiger T-shirt is possibly one of the cutest T-shirts you can find for CNY.

Credit: Shopee

Each design comes with a tiger on the front, which is apt since we are entering into the Year of the Tiger.

Credit: Shopee

The T-shirt is available on Shopee for S$4.16.

30. Retro Floral Cheongsam Dress

While modern cheongsam pieces are beautiful, there’s something about retro designs that make them just as fashionable.

Take a look at these two floral pieces and you’ll know what we mean.

Credit: Shopee

While the floral details are retro, they are not old-fashioned.

The outfits also come with a matching crossbody bag in the same pattern, so now your daughter has a bag to keep all of the red packets that she will receive from relatives and your friends.

If you prefer something a little simpler, you can go for the off-white cheongsam instead which comes with dainty floral patterns.

Credit: Shopee

These two dresses can be purchased from Shopee for S$16.50 each.

31. Matching Hanfu Sets

Your kids will look like they’ve just come out of a historical Chinese drama when they wear these matching hanfu sets.

Credit: Shopee

The red tops are vibrant in colour and the colourful dragon and flowers embroidered on the tops symbolise good luck, strength, and wealth. The tops are fitted with butterfly button knots that extend from the collar to the end of the hem, giving off a more sophisticated look.

For guys, they’ll wear a black pair of pants, while for girls, they’ll wear a dark blue maxi skirt.

Each set ranges from S$18.06 to S$19.02 and you can purchase them from Shopee.

32. Princess Cheongsam Dress

This cheongsam dress is one that you cannot miss out on. It has an A-line silhouette, so it won’t be uncomfortably tight for your daughter to the point where she is restricted in her movements.

Credit: Shopee

The material is soft and it has poufy princess sleeves so your daughter will feel like royalty in this. Pair the outfit with her favourite bag and sandals and she’s ready to knock on your relatives’ doors to celebrate CNY.

Purchase this from Shopee for just S$14.70.

Options above S$20

33. Mandarin Orange Cheongsam

For your kids who are slightly older, you might want to go for something that is a little more subtle in terms of cuteness, a little more stylish.

Take for example this Mandarin Orange Cheongsam. This white dress is patterned with mandarin oranges, a symbolism of wealth and fortune, but since the mandarin oranges are small, it makes the dress look fashionable.

Credit: Pocketpig Diary

This can be worn even after CNY since the design is quite subtle, making this a versatile dress.

If you like the design, it is also available in a shirt so you can purchase it for your son and let your son and daughter wear matching outfits for CNY.

Credit: Pocketpig Diary

If you want, they also have these in adult sizes so you can wear the same outfit as a whole family.

The dress costs S$36 and can be bought from Pocketpig Diary. If you would like to purchase the shirt for your son, you can also purchase it from Pocketpig Diary for S$32.

34. Wrap Cheongsam – Pink Peonies

For the girls who love twirling around in their dresses, you should definitely get them this Wrap Cheongsam with pink peonies.

Credit: The Elly Store

When your daughter is standing straight, the dress looks just like any other dress. However, once she twirls or sits down, she can spread the dress out until it looks like a circle.

Credit: The Elly Store

This makes for a good opportunity for you to snap some photos as well.

You can purchase this for S$79 from The Elly Store.

35. Lil’ Man Lush Tropics Shirt

For something a little different, let your lil’ man at home try this Lush Tropics Shirt this CNY. This soft linen shirt is decorated with various plants and trees, making it perfect for the nature-lovers.

Credit: The Missing Piece

Despite it being different from the usual red tops with dragons on them, this offers a refreshing take on the festive season.

This also comes in an adult’s size so that your partner can wear a matching shirt with your son.

This shirt is available at The Missing Piece for S$55.