The internet is going crazy over this uber cute baby crawling mat – you will love it, too!

Gone are the days where baby products only had to be functional. As more and more parents are showing photos of their babies on social media, anything the babies use has to be cute and Instagram-worthy enough to double as a photo prop.

The internet has been going crazy over this baby crawling mat in the shape of a crepe, from Japanese online store Creema. If you are someone who squeals over cute baby photos, check out these crawling mats that turn the baby into a human crepe filling!

The crawling mat is made from a soft, non-scratchy material that doesn’t irritate the baby’s sensitive skin, and it can also double as a blanket to keep the baby warm. They, of course, also make for the most adorable photo props if you ever feel like snapping a couple of shots for your Instagram.

Like real crepes, these blankets are available in sweet and savoury versions depending on whether you feel like wrapping your baby in fruits or slices of ham and cheese. The fruits also serve as small pillows for your baby to rest their head against.

These blankets are available from Creema online store, prices ranging from ¥16,500 to ¥23,980, approximately SGD216 to SGD314.

Unfortunately, these crawling mats are not available outside of Japan. However, if you’re on the hunt for cute baby mats, here are other options that are just as cute:

Clock with cat face

This mat is perfect if you want to document growth progress of your baby as the clock on the mat can be used to mark the baby’s age.

Get this mat for SGD25.75 here.

Monochrome sheep

Monochrome mats can be just as cute as colourful ones!

Get this mat for SGD19 here.

Leaf-shaped mat

Add an element of nature to your baby’s room with this leaf-shaped mat. For the most adorable nature-themed photos, dress your baby up in flower or plant costumes.

Get this mat for SGD17.77 here.

Plush crawling mat

Available in a variety of animal shapes, these mats have added cushion to ensure comfort and safety for your baby.

Get this mat at SGD24.40 here.

Pink unicorn

Get this mat for SGD31.86 here.

White rabbit face


Get this mat for SGD10.06 here.

Sleeping lion

Get this mat for SGD21.53 here.

Football field

Does your baby love to play ball games? If so, this will be the perfect mat to get your future Ballon d’Or winner!

Get this mat from SGD28.98 here.