Confinement centres in Singapore and JB that offer the best care for mum and baby

The “confinement period” is an important time of motherhood. It’s the first month after you’ve given birth to your bundle of joy so you’re suddenly responsible for a vulnerable new life, while you have also gone through a major blow to your body that requires recuperation.

There are a few options you can seek out to help you transition to the role of being a mother and one of which is confinement centres.

Why go to a confinement centre?

While many mums, especially first-time mums, may opt for hiring a stay-in nanny to help take care of them and their babies, some families may find it troublesome to set up a sleeping area for the helper or feel that her presence compromises their privacy.

Also, for those who are staying with a huge family, they may find that it’s inconvenient to do their confinement in their own house.

Confinement centres, on the other hand, allow mums to get ample rest in a dedicated facility. They are also well-staffed so both mums and babies can be well taken care of.

Here are the best confinement centres you can find in Singapore and Johor Bahru, providing maximum comfort and care.

Best confinement centres in Singapore


One of the most luxurious confinement centres in Singapore, KAI SUITES has 18 private suites, each beautifully furnished so you’ll feel like you’re checking in for a staycation instead of confinement.

The confinement centre also has abundant facilities, including a spa, an aesthetic clinic, and a salon, so you can start your post-natal treatments from day one, and also give yourself a pampering treat whenever you need it.

At its Private Mother’s Lounge, you’ll get to share your parenting concerns with the mummy community within a safe space. This is designed to help reduce the risk of postnatal depression.

A father mentioned that his twin girls gained weight under the care of Kai’s nursing team, and his wife recovered well with the daily nourishing meals.

A 28-day stay in a deluxe suite is priced at S$25,000. There is also an option for a 14-day stay, followed by 14-day nursing care at home for S$20,800. All meals are catered for.

Address: 26 Dunearn Road, Singapore 309423

The Clover Suites

The Clover Suites is the first confinement centre with a boutique hotel concept, catering to mothers with new babies.

Clover Suite features nine luxury rooms, a boutique spa, massages, and even a hair and beauty salon.

A contented mother reviewed that the baby care team was patient, attentive to details and professional. They also taught her techniques on caring for a newborn and she was assured that her baby was in good hands.

They are running a promotion at the time of writing. A 28-day package starts from S$13,888.

Address: 697 East Coast Road, #02-01, Singapore 459060


Singjoy provides mothers full care – from prenatal to postnatal.

Besides the usual confinement services, Singjoy also offers postnatal yoga, slimming services, and consultation, to mothers get their bodies back in shape.

Reviewers commended the friendly staff and how they are taken care of. One reviewer felt “pampered” with good food and massages.

A 28-day stay is priced at S$23,800.

Address: 2 Kew Heights, Singapore 466339

Newlife Confinement Services

NewLife Confinement Centre is situated away from the bustling city, making it more peaceful and private. They have ample room facilities including a gym, outdoor jacuzzi, and a tennis court.

Each room is assigned one professional nanny to attend to your needs at any time. As your mental health is priority, they also offer postnatal depression guidance.

A reviewer said that the confinement nannies are highly attentive, professional and patient. They were also accommodating and changed the meal plans specially for one of the reviewers when she didn’t have any appetite.

Prices start from S$17,888. 

NewLife confinement is located at an apartment in Bukit Timah Hill. 

Best confinement centres in Johor Bahru

LYC SOG Mother & Child Centre

Johor Bahru also has top-notch confinement centres, one of which is LYC SOG Mother & Child Centre. They provide good care to your child and use efficient monitoring systems to ensure your child’s safety and health.

Besides tracking your newborn’s vital signs and jaundice level, weekly visits are also made by doctors.

That’s not all. They provide one-to-one baby care classes, to help you become an expert in no time!

One reviewer stated that the nursery team is not only professional, they are also very patient in guiding new parents. Reviewers also praised the customer service team for their friendliness and helpfulness.

Their prices start from RM18,000 (S$6,000) for 28 days. You can view their suites here

Address: Level 2, M-suites Hotel, 16, Jalan Bertingkat Skudai, Straits View, 80200 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

Aunty Ling’s Confinement Centre

Aunty Ling’s Confinement Centre is registered with Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia, to provide nursing services. Her centre follows the traditional approach to confinement, so don’t expect any additional amenities.

What Aunty Ling’s Confinement Centre is known for is the nanny’s ability to take care of the mother and child, as well as being mindful of the mother’s diet.

Aunty Ling Confinement centre is highly recommended by first-time parents and a reviewer said that the centre felt like home.

A 30-day package is priced at RM9,999 (S$3,333). Note that most confinement period ends after 28 days, but Aunty Ling extends two additional days to her package as she believes it makes a difference to the well-being of mothers. 

Address: Kampung Sungai Danga, 81200 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Opening hours: 8am – 11pm (Mon to Sun)

Ladies Paradise Confinement Centre

Ladies Paradise is indeed the confinement centre to go to if you want a safe and comfortable haven for both you and your child.

Classical music is played at the nursery to enhance baby’s brain development, while the nursing rooms for mums are comfortable and spacious. Your husband is allowed to stay in with you as well!

You’ll be happy to know that each suite has a pager for you to directly contact the nannies if you require assistance.

Meals at Ladies Paradise are designed to help promote postpartum milk secretion and body repair.

A satisfied reviewer said that a nurse will help the mothers to check and wash the wounds, and measure the blood pressure. They will also help the baby to measure the body temperature and yellow index.

Their confinement services start from RM12,000 (S$4,000). Early booking may be required due to a high volume of customers.

Address: 4, Jalan Bakawali 21, Johor Jaya, 81100, Johor Bahru, Malaysia