What are online shoppers buying in 2019? These 11 items came up top

Did you snag the best buys in 2019? Find out what online shoppers have been buying and add these best-selling products into your 2020 shopping list, pronto!

It’s the end of another year, and if you’re wondering if you managed to snag the best buys last year, perhaps an insight into what were popular with online shoppers would be useful. We checked with Shopee and found out the most popular products consumers have been loving in 2019.

And the great thing about a new year is that you can always start afresh – by updating your shopping list with these purchases that have been affirmed by other shoppers. We are pretty sure these products are going to help you make your life a whole lot better in 2020.

1. Huawei HONOR Band 5


2019 has been the year of smartwatches, with many brands jumping on the bandwagon to produce their own smartwatches.

Now in its fifth version, the Honor Band is one that we’re well familiar with. With its functional features, improved battery life, added tracking features and competitive price, can we say we are surprised that it made the list? If you’re in the market for an affordable smartwatch, the Honor Band 5 is a great start for you.

Huawei Honor Band 5 retails at SGD49 on Shopee.

2. Dell S2319H Monitor


Next on the list, this Dell Monitor takes a spot in 2019’s top picks for many good reasons — its 23-inch ultra-thin bezel screen promises a full HD resolution for a stunning display that also comes with built-in speakers.

With comfort in mind, the Dell monitor has added in a ComfortView feature that makes it easy on the eyes during long usage periods. Functions aside, its sleek silhouette and the glossy back cover are bound to look good on any work desk.

Dell S2319H Monitor retails at SGD249 but is available at SGD159 on Shopee.

3. Dyson Airwrap


As one of the most innovative and coveted beauty tools of 2019, the Dyson Airwrap needs no further introduction.

Gone are the days when we’re required to fry our hair just to obtain a voluminous head of curls. The new Dyson Airwrap technology reinvents hairstyling methods to give us a mane full of curls, waves, and a smooth shine without damaging the hair. With this set of barrels, we’re ready to combat every bad hair day life throws us.

Plus, get it on Shopee to enjoy the lowest price guaranteed? Yes, please!

Dyson Airwrap Styler retails at SGD665 on Shopee.

4. Philips Slim LED TV


Of course, a TV. The undeniable love for home entertainment has blossomed over the years and has made the TV a staple in every room.

If you’re like most of us and worry about space constraints, well, fret not! This 32-inch flat-screen TV promised to occupy minimal square meters of your enclave while offering crystal clear display for those Netflix and chill nights.

But beyond that, the Philips Slim LED TV sure makes an easy purchase decision when you find out it’s only going at a huge discount. Now, that’s a steal!

Philips Slim LED TV retails at SGD229 but you can get it for SGD169 on Shopee.

5. Champion Classic Logo Tee


We know basics never go out of style and it seems that the Champion Classic Logo Tee was a must-have basic tee to own in 2019.

Beyond its comfortable material and flattering cut, what sells for this tee has got to be the wide range of colours it’s available in.

Ranging from clean white to striking red, Champion provides basic tees in regular shades to throw on for casual days but also louder shades for that perfect pop of colour.

Champion Classic Logo Tee retails at SGD25.90 on Shopee.

6. COMME des GARÇONS Play Little Red/Black Heart tee


Plastered all across social media, the COMME des GARÇONS Play Little Red/Black Heart clearly stole our hearts in 2019.

We’ve seen this statement piece paired with trousers, high-waisted jeans, a skirt or even dungarees; it just seems like you can match it with just about anything and still look effortlessly chic.

Also, it is made of 100% cotton and comfortable enough for you to never want to change out of it. No surprise at why it made the list!

COMME des GARÇONS Play Litte Red/Black Heart tee retails at SGD129 on Shopee.

7. Milo UHT Chocolate Malt Packet Drink


Next up the list is everyone’s favourite childhood drink. In the same green box and available on Shopee at the lowest price guaranteed, the Milo Malt is one nutritious energy beverage you can grab and drink any time of the day for a quick pick-me-up!

Milo UHT Chocolate Malt Packet Drink is available in a bundle of two cartons for SGD31.50, but at a discounted price of SGD22.90 on Shopee.

8. New Moon Bird’s Nest with White Fungus & Rock Sugar


Made from 100% genuine bird’s nest and prepared carefully with traditional methods, the New Moon Bird’s Nest with White Fungus & Rock Sugar makes the perfect gift or food supplement for personal consumption.

Apart from being a supplement, this bottled elixir is also deliciously refreshing; it’s made from a concoction of premium grade bird’s nest, white fungus and a hint of pure rock sugar that brings forth its full flavour with every mouthful. You can choose to have it chilled or warm.

This would also be one Chinese New Year essential that you should definitely stock up on, especially when you come across a sweet deal that offers 8 bottles only at the price of 4!

New Moon Bird’s Nest with White Fungus & Rock Sugar is currently available at SGD19.80 on Shopee.

9. Jinro Flavoured Soju


2019 has seen us through many celebrations and parties paired with soju. The Jinro flavoured soju is a treat to those who can’t get past the strong taste of alcohol. Available in fruity flavours such as strawberry, green grape, grapefruit and plum, there’s definitely something for everyone.

Here’s a tip: pair the soju with Yakult for added sweetness and a drink smooth enough to pass off as a mocktail!

Jinro Flavoured Soju is available in a bundle of eight for SGD64 on Shopee.

10. Aroma Black Summer Truffle Potato Chips


Everyone loves truffle chips. But why Amora Truffle, you ask? Amora Truffle uses the finest black summer truffles that are farmed and harvested from the Italian suburbs, and then skillfully infused and glazed onto the hand-cooked wavy potato chips made with Amora Truffle’s very own house recipe.

With truffle bits so generously coated on, our tummies are already rumbling just by the thought and we are all ready to bag these chips!

Aroma Black Summer Truffle Potato Chips is available in a bundle of five for SGD49.87 on Shopee.

11. Cat & the Fiddle Fickle Feline 2.0 Assorted Cheesecake


Cat & Fiddle serves up assorted cheesecake that would make any cheesecake lovers’ dream come true.

With a wheel full of flavours, the Fickle Feline 2.0 comes in 10 assorted flavours which are all sans alcohol and made suitable for kids. It also includes four of its newest flavours: red velvet, blueberry, apple crumble, and chocolate.

Acclaimed to be one of the best cake shops in Singapore, we suggest saving it all for your own indulgence. And just in case you want seconds, get a repurchase on Shopee for the lowest price guaranteed!

Cat & The Fiddle Fickle Feline 2.0 Assorted Cheesecake retails SGD52.90 on Shopee.