Looking for proposal ideas? Check out our list of inspiration that will help you pop the question

You have found the one you would like to spend your life with, and after months of searching, designing, and waiting, the engagement ring is finally in your possession. Congratulations!

Now comes the stressful, anxiety-inducing part – the proposal.

If you’ve been with your partner for a couple of years now and the topic of marriage has been brought up, perhaps she has also hinted the type of wedding, ring, and proposal she would prefer. Gather these hints and it’ll be much easier for you to decide on an idea.

Once you’ve got the details down, scroll through our list of top proposal ideas here – we’re certain you’ll find inspiration to plan yours.

What you should consider before planning the proposal

With so many proposal ideas based on the experiences of those before you, it’s difficult to decide which one to choose for your partner.

You might even feel pressured to do something grand so that you can impress not just her, but her family and friends as well.

However, before you make a decision on the proposal idea you would like to use, it’s important to first consider what your partner likes.

If your partner is someone who often tries to keep a low profile and prefers not to be the centre of attention, you would probably want to go with a small and private wedding proposal idea where she would be more at ease. You can either do it at home, or even book a venue where it can just be the both of you.

If your partner is someone who loves celebrating big occasions with many people, you can consider doing the proposal in front of her family and her friends in a slightly more public venue!

10 romantic wedding proposal ideas for every couple

1. Asking at the S.E.A. Aquarium

There’s something about sea aquariums that makes them a tranquil place to be in. Whenever you look at the marine life as they swim around, you can’t help but feel a sense of calm and peace wash over you.

This isn’t only a scenic place, the atmosphere will also help to calm your nerves as you rehearse your speech in your head a thousand times unbeknownst to her.

You can consider popping the question at the S.E.A. Aquarium right in front of the Open Ocean habitat as it will serve as a beautiful backdrop when you go down on one knee.

Your hired photographer will be able to capture the beautiful moment as the marine life celebrates the coming together of the both of you.

Credit: @mikechenphotography/Instagram

If you think this is a bit too public for your liking since there will be families and couples there, you can opt to propose in one of their Ocean Suites instead.

You’ll still be able to propose in front of a floor-to-ceiling aquarium, but in a much more private setting.

Credit: @mikechenphotography/Instagram

You can find out more information about the S.E.A. Aquarium here. If you would like to book an Ocean Suite, click here.

2. Surprising her with a picnic

If you want a simple proposal idea that your girlfriend can still boast about on her IG feed, you can surprise her with a picnic at one of the scenic places like Marina Barrage, Botanic Gardens, Hort Park, or even East Coast Park.

Credit: Dreamscaper

Proposal planning companies like Dreamscaper, Years & Co., and Invited can help you set up a romantic picnic for you complete with balloons, fairy lights, and flowers.

All you have to do is provide your love story and a couple of key points of what your dream proposal idea is, and they’ll cover the rest.

Credit: Invited

You can definitely count on them to bring your proposal idea to fruition.

It’s certainly one of the cutest proposal ideas you can possibly choose if you ask us!

Credit: Invited

All you have to worry about is bringing your partner to the designated location without her finding out!

You can check out Dreamscaper, Years & Co., and Invited for more information.

3. Go down on one knee under the stars at Science Centre’s Observatory

There’s nothing more romantic than proposing to your partner under a sky full of stars, and you can do so at Science Centre’s Observatory.

Imagine your partner looking through the telescope to look at the stars, and when she’s done, she turns around only to see you on one knee with a ring box in your hand.

To give it more oomph, we highly recommend you relate her to the stars in your proposal speech.

Tell her that she’s the star of your life and she brightens up your world every moment since she came into your life – you know the drill.

Credit: Science Centre

She’s going to be so touched at the gesture, and with such a romantic setting, she’ll definitely say yes.

And here’s the best part: admission into the Observatory is freewhich means you get to have more budget for other wedding-related matters. Of course, if you would like to book the venue, you would have to pay for it.

Unfortunately, private event bookings have been suspended for the time being in light of the current situation.

However, you are still welcome to send in an email to the team at Science Centre to see if you guys can work something out, especially if you still have some time before you pop the question.

If you would like more details, click here.

4. Asking on a private yacht

For a private proposal, bring your girl on a private yacht experience! You can rent a private yacht from companies like The Yacht Club and Ximula Sail.

Ximula Sail specialises in wedding proposals, and they actually work with a few partners that can help take the stress off your shoulders by handling all the planning and decorations for you.

They will even help you to cover up the surprise by giving your partner a backstory so that they wouldn’t be suspicious of a sudden private yacht experience.

Credit: Ximula Sail

You can set sail and start by lounging in the deck saloon area. If there’s a television screen in there, you can even play a slideshow that shows all of your favourite moments with your partner. This will give her an idea of what’s about to happen.

Credit: The Yacht Club

After the slideshow ends, you can bring her out onto the front deck, and with the wind in both of your hair, you can go down on one knee and ask the important question!

Credit: Ximula Sail

Alternatively, you can also pop the question before you set sail and have the scenic ONE°15 Marina as your backdrop.

This is also perfect for those who are a little more adventurous because the package with Ximula Sail actually includes docking at Lazarus Island for about two hours where you can explore and take lots of photos at the island, before sailing again. You can even bring along a swimsuit if you would like to take a swim in the sea after proposing.

Remember, it’s a day for the both of you to relax, so make full use of the facilities and do all sorts of activities available after the proposal is done!

The Yacht Club offers a four-hour rental of a private yacht from S$499, while Ximula Sail offers a four-hour rental from S$1,000.

5. Proposing with drones

In October this year, a man proposed to his girlfriend by putting on a drone light show at Bukit Timah. It starts off with a huge ring box in the sky.

Credit: @sloooms/TikTok

The box then opens to reveal a ring inside.

Credit: @sloooms/TikTok

And the ring is revealed at the end of the light show!

Credit: @sloooms/TikTok

If you’re someone who has a drone or if you would also like to treat your girlfriend to a spectacular light show, you can consider doing something similar.

In order to do something like this, you can engage local vendors to help you with planning the light show. Some of them include MIRS Innovate, Sky Magic, and Scarlett Entertainment.

Such a show would require at least eight to ten weeks of planning depending on the company, and it involves checking out the site, the design, programming, and a flight test.

Instead of showing a ring box, you can consider spelling out the words which will be equally as unique!

6. Doing the proposal at a selfie studio

Selfie studios are all the rage these days, and the trend first started in South Korea.

Not everyone is going to hire a professional photographer for a photoshoot on a normal day, so it might be difficult to hide the surprise from your partner.

Booking a selfie studio will make the surprise significantly easier. You can simply tell your partner that you’ve seen lots of couples do this, and you would like to try it as well.

This will also give you guys a reason to dress up and look good for photos without seeming too out of place.

As soon as the both of you get into the private studio, you can bust out the ring and get on one knee.

With the selfie controller also in your hand, you will be able to capture candid moments of her being surprised, touched, and happy.

Credit: Photopia

This is one of the best proposal ideas you can use because it is something very intimate for the both of you to enjoy. Plus, you’ll also have high-quality photos at the end of it if you want to show your friends and family how it went down!

Some of the selfie studios you can consider are Photopia and Dollop Automat Selfie Studio. Their basic packages start from S$30 for 15 minutes of unlimited shooting.

You can also check out our full list of selfie studios if you would like more options.

7. Proposing in a cinema

Here’s another proposal idea that will be interesting, but it will involve quite a bit of preparation.

If you’re a couple who loves taking lots of photos and videos that document your lives, this would be the best timing to collate the memorable ones and place them all in a video.

You can even add romantic words and things you would like to let your partner know as captions for the video.

Imagine heading to the cinema to watch a movie, only to see a video montage of yourself and your boyfriend playing on the big screen with a song that you both love playing in the background, it’s surely going to move your girlfriend to tears.

And at the end of it all, you can ask the long-awaited question.

Credit: @chevellechoo/Instagram

This can be a private proposal with just the both of you, but you can also share the joy and invite your friends and family to watch the whole proposal unfold.

In the dark, your girlfriend wouldn’t even be able to expect that her family will be there until the lights turn on.

Cathay Cineplexes offers a wedding proposal bundle at S$350 and you can check it out here.

8. Popping the question in a restaurant

One of the most classic proposal ideas is to propose in a restaurant. We’ve seen it happen so many times on movies and TV shows, and even till today, it’s a common method that usually won’t go wrong.

If you occasionally have dates in fine dining restaurants, she probably wouldn’t suspect a thing. Instead, she would think that it’s just like any other date.

However, we must stress that it is important you let the restaurant know beforehand so that the waiters do not accidentally interrupt your big speech by asking what you would like to order.

It’s already nerve-wrecking enough to say everything that you want to say just like you’ve rehearsed, and the last thing you need is an additional distraction that could cause you to panic even more and stumble over your words.

We would suggest proposing either before ordering, or while waiting for your food. This way, you’ll be able to thoroughly enjoy your meal without the nerves getting to you.

Besides, you can also open a bottle of wine as you dine to celebrate the milestone you have both just achieved.

However, if you prefer somewhere where you know you won’t be distracted or interrupted, you can opt to dine in an air-conditioned dome at The Summerhouse.

This small and private proposal idea is also perfect for girlfriends who prefer to keep things low key.

Credit: Bride Story

You can decorate the dome with flowers and photos of the both of you, along with fairy lights to give it a cosy and romantic ambience.

This will surely be one of the greatest, if not the greatest, days of your lives!

If you would like to book a dome at The Summerhouse, the prices start from S$380++ per couple. You can find out more information here.

9. Home proposal

Home proposal ideas may not be something that people usually look to when they’re thinking of how to propose, but it’s actually one of the best proposal ideas you can use, especially when your partner is someone who appreciates the little things in life and prefers something homely as opposed to grand gestures.

Bring her out on a date where you can do all the things that she likes to do, such as catching a movie, spending a day at Universal Studios Singapore, or going shopping. The plan is to keep her out of the house for as long as possible.

During the time that you are out, you can get a couple of your close friends and family members to help decorate the living room of either of your houses, whichever is more convenient.

After they are done with decorations, you can bring your partner back home and surprise her with a homely setup.

And with her family and friends all present to witness one of the most important days of her life, she’s going to be moved to tears.

Credit: Hello Joi

If you’re afraid that your friends might run into issues while decorating the house, you can always enlist the help of professionals like Hello Joi and Style It Simply.

Credit: Style It Simply

With years of experience under their belts, you can count on them to get the job done right without any hiccups.

After all, the last thing you would want to do is to have to delay returning home whilst managing your girlfriend’s suspicions because the decorations are not done.

For more information on the services they provide, you can click here to visit Hello Joi’s website, and here to visit Style It Simply’s website.

10. Hotel proposal

We all need a break sometimes from the hectic days at work, so proposing to go on a staycation wouldn’t seem too out of the blue.

But instead of just showing up to an empty hotel room, you can surprise your girlfriend with a room filled with decorations for a wedding proposal. You can even place a speaker that plays a song that you both love as you enter.

Credit: Style It Simply

Any girl would swoon upon seeing this gorgeous set up. It’s so simple, yet so elegant, and you can bet that your girlfriend is going to be talking about the proposal for not just days, but weeks.

Credit: Singapore Brides

If you managed to book a room with a balcony, you can also decorate it with fairy lights, flowers, and balloons that will look amazing once the sun is down.

Need help decorating your hotel room for the proposal? You can take a look at what Style It Simply and Lynx have to offer!