15 Valentine’s Day gifts that will delight that special woman in your life

Now that February and the season of love is fast approaching, it’s time to wrack our brains yet again for gifts to give to our loved ones.

If you’re planning to surprise your special someone with something she’ll love this Valentine’s Day, but don’t know where to start, no worries. We’ve rounded up 15 gift ideas including fashion, gadgets, wellness and beauty gifts that you won’t be needing to make a return or exchange for.


1. Noel Gifts Valentine’s Day 2021 Collection

valentine's day gifts noel gifts

A leading local flowers and gifts company in Southeast Asia, Noel Gifts is a go-to for creative, quality flowers and gifts for every season and occasion, including bouquets for your special someone on Valentine’s Day.

From sweet pink blooms to red roses, there’s no better way to celebrate your unique romance and meaningful moments than with Noel Gifts’ Romantic Palette collection. You’ll have no trouble finding gorgeous floral arrangements in beautiful shades and eye-catching gradients within this range.

If you plan on delivering classic red roses to your significant other, you’re in luck. Red roses are an undisputed and universal symbol of love. So go ahead and pick up the Devotion bouquet (pictured above), which has 12 or 21 stunning roses that pledge your love and deepest devotion.

Noel Gifts Devotion bouquet retails for S$100 (excluding GST) for 12 roses, and S$160 (excluding GST) for 21 roses.

Noel Gifts Valentine’s Day 2021 Collection retails from S$80 (excluding GST). Call 6299 1155 or visit Noel Gifts’ website to place an order.

2. Humming Flowers & Gifts Valentine’s Day 2021 Collection

valentine's day gifts humming

Offering exquisite flowers and gifts for any occasion, Humming Flowers & Gifts has adorable gifts and special bouquets from their Valentine’s Day 2021 collection.

Surprise your sweetheart with plush, cosy teddy bear-themed gifts from the range. Some of the offerings even come with gorgeous blooms! For a truly unique gift, pick up the Dearest Bunny Hand Bouquet (pictured above), an everlasting bouquet that comprises 15 cotton flowers and baby’s breath.

Cotton flowers are a promise of wealth and wellness, while baby’s breath symbolises everlasting love and emotions – the perfect medley of exceptional blooms. Among the flowers, you’ll also spot two soft little bunnies tucked within, which you can remove and display anywhere you like.

Humming Flowers & Gifts Dearest Bunny Hand Bouquet retails for S$80 (excluding GST).

Humming Flowers & Gifts Valentine’s Day 2021 Collection retails from S$60 – S$150 (excluding GST). Call 6844 2222 or visit Hummings’ website to place an order.

3. BTW.sg Flower Collection

valentine's day gifts btw.sg

With handcrafted surprises that look oh-so aesthetic for the ‘gram, BTW.sg offers minimalist collections of fresh flowers and fruits that are perfect for any occasion. Of course, that includes beautiful blooms for your beloved specially on Valentine’s Day.

Sift through BTW.sg’s online catalogue and you’ll see that their bouquets are brimming with different colours, textures, and flower varieties, intricately wrapped up in gorgeous paper for a touch of rustic charm. Even better, their quality bouquets and arrangements won’t break the bank.

Opt for Autumn’s Twilight (pictured above), a floral surprise with two pink ice protea flowers, five champagne eustoma flowers, and three chocolate spray roses. It’s topped off with a sprinkling of calimero orange mini pom flowers, mini fruit stems, and eucalyptus, all wrapped up in a warm brown bundle.

BTW.sg’s Autumn Twilight bouquet retails for S$75 (excluding GST).

BTW.sg Flower Collection retails from S$75 – S$140 (excluding GST). Visit BTW.sg to place an order.


4. Alison Lou Heart Stack 14-karat gold and enamel ring


If we’re looking for jewellery that speaks of love without being an engagement ring, it has got to be this from designer’s brand Alison Lou.

Handmade from 14-karat gold and cast in the shape of tiny hearts that are each filled with glossy red enamel, this is a versatile piece that is perfect for both stacking and wearing on its own.

Its timeless and vibrant design also makes it an eye-catching statement piece that the love of your life will keep wearing.

Alison Lou Heart Stack 14-karat gold and enamel ring retails for US$1,444.99 (~S$1,918) at Net-a-Porter.

5. Gucci GG Supreme Horsebit 1955 shoulder bag


This iconic bag is well-loved by celebrities including Sienna Miller, Alexa Chung, and IU who each own one.

While the version with brown leather trimming is the most popular, we think the red variant is refreshing. And as a Valentine’s Day gift, we’re sure the red will remind its recipient of the love that went into picking this out each time it is used.

Gucci GG Supreme Horsebit 1955 shoulder bag retails for US$2,450 (~S$3,253) and is available at Net-a-Porter and all Gucci boutiques.

6. Rawbought Sleepwear and Lingerie

Turn up the romance this Valentine’s Day with Rawbought’s Sensual Sleepwear Collection, all in a variety of sexy and fun styles with warm colour palettes to match the most romantic day of the year!

The Carezza Set (left) comes in a classic, sexy, and elegant True Black, comfy, laid-back Desert Sand, and bright and feisty Samba! Made from a buttery soft modal fabric with a delicate lace that won’t itch, this is a sleepwear collection that’s most definitely gorgeous and comfy.

We all know we can’t go wrong with the classics, and the timeless Kiri Lingerie Set would make a great gift for her too. Designed to sit perfectly on the skin, providing the right support without feeling restrictive, the wire-free structure gives the wearer the flexibility and accommodates the wearer with the adjustable straps and removable cups.

The Kiri Lingerie comes in a Bralette in colours Black, Nude and Blush Pink and the underwear come in a variety of a thong, bikini and boy shorts in Black, Nude and Blush Pink.

The Rawbought Sleepwear and Lingerie ranges from S$18 to S$99 and retails at Rawbought.

7. Lee Hwa Jewellery Destinée The One Collection

This Valentine’s Day, Lee Hwa Jewellery took inspiration from the graceful swans for its Destinée The One Collection. Being one of most monogamous waterfowls known to mankind since they only have one mating partner their entire life, swans naturally represent everlasting love, trust, loyalty as well as inner beauty and self-love.

Comprising of a pair of earrings, ring, necklace, and bracelet, each piece in The Destinée The One Collection showcases two swans with their heads gently touching to form a heart.

And at the heart of the Destinée The One Collection is a Destinée diamond that is known for its eight perfectly symmetrical hearts and arrows that maximises light performance, giving it tremendous brilliance.

With this gorgeous diamond design, your significant other is sure to love this gift (and probably, not take it off, ever!)

The Lee Hwa Jewellery Destinée The One Collection retails from S$1,314 onwards at Lee Hwa Jewellery boutiques.

Tech & gadgets

8. Happy Plugs Air 1 Plus Earbud True Wireless Headphones

A great alternative to Apple’s AirPods pro at half the price, Happy Plugs is incredibly comfortable to wear and lets you stream up to 6.5 hours of your favourite tunes, with the case holding up to 40 hours of charge.

The new Air 1 Plus features two style options, Earbud and In-Ear, and with the wind noise reduction microphone tech and latest Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity, this makes a perfect gift for that busy gal who’s always on-the-go.

With a white marble, gold, pink gold, black, and white colourway, there’s bound to be one that she’ll like!

Happy Plugs Air 1 Plus Earbud Pink Gold True Wireless Headphones retails for USD$99.90 at Happy Plugs.

9. Stylpro x ASOS Exclusive Beauty Fridge

With lots of room to fit all her skincare and beauty tools, we know that any beauty junkie would love to receive this handy mini fridge for Valentine’s Day this year!

P.S: Go the extra mile and stock up the fridge with her holy grail products too.

The Stylpro x ASOS Exclusive Beauty Fridge retails for S$92.99 at ASOS.

10. MSJ Smart Water Bottle

If you’re always reminding your girl to drink up and stay hydrated, this 400ml bottle that comes in a black, white, or pink will do just the trick.

You’ll be able to see the temperature of the water on the miniature screen, and a light goes off every hour as a reminder to hydrate.

The bottle can also keep water cold for 24 hours, and hot water up to 12 hours, and it’s perfect as an everyday bottle too!

The MSJ Smart Water Bottle retails for S$33.99 at Shopee.

11. That Aesthetic Marble Wireless Charger

Unlike other bulky, eyesore wireless chargers, the wireless charger by That Aesthetic looks like a decorative piece, and will go great on any desk, kitchen counter, or even taken-on-the-go to the office or coffee shop!

But that’s not all – the charger is also has a thin light ring which glows subtly to provide a light accent while your phone charges and supplies a full 10W of power.

That Aesthetic Marble Wireless Charger retails for USD$69.99 at That Aesthetic.

Wellness & Lifestyle

12. Ikeda Spa 30 mins Couple Hinoki Onsen + 90 mins Zen Candle Therapy Massage in a VIP Couple Room

This Valentine’s Day, give the gift of a couples’ spa day to your significant other with this incredible deal from Ikeda Spa.

Real hinoki (Japan’s most prized cypress wood) is used in the Hinoki Bath, to release mineral oils with soothing scents and anti-bacterial properties to calm, uplift and even alleviate mild respiratory problems.

Begin your relaxing retreat with a nice onsen bath and continue with a massage. The minute your Zen Candle is lit, your healing journey at Ikeda begins, with soft light filling the room, and essential oils slowly awakening your senses while your therapist applies an aromatic and vitamin-enriched elixir in a soporific massage.

The Ikeda Spa 30 mins Couple Hinoki Onsen + 90 mins Zen Candle Therapy Massage in a VIP Couple Room package is available at a special rate of S$535 for two (U.P. 663.40) at the Salon Finder by Daily Vanity.

13. Diptyque Red Tubereuse scented candle


Walking through a field of long-stemmed tuberoses that emit a fresh and green scent may sound like the perfect way to spend a romantic day.

While any form of overseas travel is out of the window at the moment, it doesn’t mean that you can’t create a similar ambience.

This popular scented candle by Diptyque does precisely that, by enveloping you with the delicate scent of tuberose.

Get this in the special hand-blown red glass vessel, which will look divine on the dining table, next to the perfectly grilled steak you’ve just made her.

Diptyque Red Tubereuse scented candle retails for US$101.28 (~S$134) and is available at Net-a-Porter.

14. Couple Koyamaki Onsen Therapy + Ocha Massage + Back Scrub

A private room with onsen sounds like the perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day – and this is exactly one of the highlights of this spa ritual.

After a pampering 40-minute Koyamaki Onsen Therapy, you and your SO will also receive a 60-minute Ocha body massage and 15-minute back scrub/polish. This is a gift that no woman can say no to.

Couple Koyamaki Onsen Therapy + Ocha Massage + Back Scrub is available at a special price of S$248 for two (U.P. S$992.96) at the Salon Finder by Daily Vanity.

15. W.O.W! Wellness.Oneness.Wonders! Facial Guasha & Eye Guasha

While the guasha treatment is traditionally used in East Asian and Chinese medicine, it’s become popularised over the past couple of months, and we can totally see why.

A treatment that involves scraping a flat jade or quartz stone over the skin in an upward strike to relax stiff muscles and promote tissue drainage, Facial Gua Sha is a massage technique designed to relieve tension in the muscles of the face as it stimulates certain energy points along the face to promote Qi (energy) flow, boost blood circulation and encourage lymphatic drainage to banish bloat.

The treatment package also includes an Eye Guasha treatment to help get rid off toxins from around the eye area and help to rejuvenate them.

If your partner is in need of a skin rejuvenation and a much-deserved me-time, she will appreciate this thoughtful and pampering gift.

W.O.W! Wellness.Oneness.Wonders! Facial Guasha & Eye Guasha is available at a special price of S$58 (U.P. S$356) at the Salon Finder by Daily Vanity.