Gifts for your Valentine according to his star sign

We’ve got a week left before Valentine’s Day is here. If you haven’t got a clue what to get for your significant other, perhaps it’s time to ask the stars – literally.

Here are gifts that we recommend, according to the traits associated with his star sign. Let us know if we’ve nailed it!

Gift for an Aries man

His traits: Aries man are go-getters who desire to be in control of everything. While he may come across as a little bossy at times, you also love that he takes a lot of initiative in maintaining your relationship!

Apple iPad Air

valentines day gift ipad air

Whether it’s for work, to stream a movie, or gaming, this tablet will satisfy your beau.

He’ll love that the 10.9-inch device can be brought around with him easily all the time and is compatible with the Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard so he can be productive any time of the day.

What’s more, it’s available in five gorgeous colours so you’ll surely be able to find one that suits his style.

Apple 10.9-inch iPad Air WiFi + Cellular retails for S$1,099. Get it on Lazada for 15% off, accurate at the time of writing.

Gift for a Taurus man

His traits: Loyal and dependable, Taurus may take time to warm up to people. But once he attaches himself to you, he’ll hold on to the relationship forever.

Adidas EQ21 Run Shoes

valentines day gift adidas shoes

The practical Taurus man will love a practical gift that he can use all the time.

This lightweight pair of running shoes offers ultimate comfort as it features a breathable upper to keep feet cool and fresh.

Besides great cushioning that make his run more enjoyable, this is also a good-looking pair of shoes that he won’t mind wearing even if he’s not working out.

Adidas EQ21 Run Shoes  retails for S$120 is available at just S$96 from Zalora at the time of writing.

Gift for a Gemini man

His traits: The outgoing and enthusiastic Gemini man is fun to be around. He enjoys being at the centre of attention and is the life at every party.

Louis Vuitton 1.1 Millionaires Sunglasses

valentines day gift louis vuitton sunglasses

The stylish Gemini will appreciate a statement accessory like this one from Louis Vuitton.

This playful look is from the brand’s Spring/Summer 2023 collection and features a square shape with a thick acetate rim. The colourblocking detailing is so eye-catching, he’s sure to turn heads – exactly what he’d love.

Louis Vuitton 1.1 Millionaires Sunglasses retails for S$1,320 at Louis Vuitton stores.

Gift for a Cancer man

His traits: Your beau is loving, nurturing, and sensitive and enjoys spending time at home the most.


Left: LED table/wall lamp | Right: Coffee table

IKEA has partnered with award-winning Dutch-New Zealand designer Sabine Marcelis to release the VARMBLIXT collection.

This stylish collection explores the surprising and emotional effects of ight at home, from both direct and indirect sources. Marcelis’ signature shape – the “doughnut” – is also featured distinctly in the collection.

Your home-loving partner is going to love the LED table/wall lamp (S$79), rug (S$259), and coffee table (S$329), among other eye-catching items in the collection.

The VARMBLIXT collection is available at IKEA.

Gift for a Leo man

His traits: While you may sometimes lament about his sense of ego and pride, you also appreciate that he’s fiercely protective, generous, and warm. He is also persistent and tends to succeed in whatever he puts his mind to.

Foam surfboard 500 7′

valentines day gift

You see this and go: Oh, but he doesn’t surf. Well, he’s going to after you’ve gift him this – what’s going to stop a Leo?

Designed by surfing enthusiasts, this is a great surfboard for beginners who are gaining confidence in small waves. Easy to handle and made for safety, this is going to make a great gift to start him on a new hobby – get one for yourself too so you can join him!

Foam surfboard 500 7′ retails for S$259.90 on Decathlon.

Gift for a Virgo man

His traits: Observant and insightful, the Virgo man is also a perfectionist who stands by his principles. He loves authenticity and is contemplative – making him one of the most trustworthy people around.

Sennheiser On Ear DJ Headphone HD25

valentines day gift Sennheiser On Ear DJ Headphone HD25

For those times he just wants to be in his own world, these headphones will come in handy. Lightweight but durable, these minimalist headphones are designed for purposeful listening and blocks out noise thoroughly – even construction sounds!

Besides being comfortable on the wearer, the ear cups are also rotatable to allow single-ear listening so he can still turn his attention to you quickly if you need it.

Sennheiser On Ear DJ Headphone HD25 retails for S$229 on Lazada.

Gift for a Libra man

His traits: The expert communicator, your partner is charismatic and tactful; he always knows the right things to say. He also loves anything that’s pleasing to the eye, which is why he spends a significant amount of time grooming himself.

Dyson Supersonic hairdryer

dyson supersonic topaz orange

Engineered for different hair types, the quick-drying and powerful Dyson Supersonic hairdryer is loved for how it’s engineered for balance in the hand while being quieter than conventional hairdryers.

On top of that, this smart hairdryer is also able to intelligently control temperature by measuring air temperature over 40 times a second, in order to prevent heat damage to your hair.

Dyson has released a special-edition Topaz Orange version for Valentine’s Day – this gorgeous device will certainly impress the Libra man.

Dyson Supersonic hairdryer special-edition Topaz Orange retails for S$699) and is available at all Dyson Demo Stores and the Dyson website.

Gift for a Scorpio man

His traits: This ambitious man may be seen as biting sometimes, but you’re certainly attracted to his strong sense of determination and loyalty. Scorpio men love intellectual conversations and exude a sense of confidence that is hard to miss.

Yves Saint Laurent Y Eau de Parfum

valentines day gift ysl y edp

This fragrance is intense – just like your man. Y is designed for the man who dares to dream and is constantly pushing to attain his next achievement.

Featuring White Accord Geranium Absolute and Sage in the top notes and Dark Accord, Sensual Woods, and Tonka Bean in the base notes, this fragrance is likely to win your favour as your hold him close too.

Yves Saint Laurent Y Eau de Parfum retails for S$201 and is available at Sephora and selected department stores.

Gift for a Sagittarius man

His traits: Carefree and optimistic, your partner is humorous and playful, which is why he always makes you laugh. The adventurous Sagittarius man also loves travelling, especially places off the beaten path.

Samsonite Varro Spinner 68/25 Exp

valentines day gift samsonite luggage

Feed his wanderlust by gifting him a trusty companion for his next trip – other than yourself.

This durable luggage may have high tenacity but is also lightweight at just 3.4kg.

Practical yet stylish, this also offers an expander for packing flexibility and practical interior dividers with pockets so your partner can pack more easily.

The luggage is equipped with double wheels so it’s smooth to manoeuvre and comes in several pleasing colours.

Samsonite Varro Spinner 68/25 Exp retails for S$450 at Samsonite stores and its official e-store on Lazada.

Gift for a Capricorn man

His traits: Your beau may sometimes be labelled as “boring” but he’s practical and dependable – which is what you love about him! The responsible Capricorn man is productive and serious about his work, so he’ll love a gift that helps him with it.

Flujo SmartTrax Standing Table

valentines day gift flujo standing desk

On those days he’s working from home, we’re sure he’ll appreciate an adjustable work table that can be put to a height that he feels most comfortable at or adjusted to become a standing desk.

This one from Flujo can be adjusted between 72cm and 122cm, and had four memory settings for him to save his preferred adjustments. There are even five desktop colours to choose from so you can find one that fits the style of his room.

Flujo SmartTrax Standing Table retails for S$1,199 but is available at 50% off at the time of writing on Lazada.

Gift for an Aquarius man

His traits: You consider your significant other your best friend and you admire him for his resilience and independence. He also has a strong zeal in the causes he believes in and is ever-ready to work on them.

Make a donation in his name

valentines day gift charity donation

Do you know what causes he advocates for? Make a donation in his name to show him that you support it too.

There are several websites you can visit to make a donation online such as, Children’s Society Singapore, Singapore Cancer Society, and World Wildlife Fund, just to name a few.

Alternatively, you can also look into volunteering with him on a more regular basis as your dates in the future.

Gift for a Pisces man

His traits: Romantic, emotional, and creative, he is the guy who may write you a poem or sing you a song. Pisces is also a self-motivated star sign who believes in following his dreams.

Samsung Galaxy S23 series

valentines day gift samsung s23

The newly launched Samsung Galaxy S23 phone may just be what your beau needs to explore his creativity.

Besides an enhanced camera that allows him to take captivatingly cinematic Nightography videos, its new Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform for Galaxy also turns the phone into an advanced device for gaming.

Samsung Galaxy S23 series is already available for pre-order and if you do, you’ll be able to collect or receive the device from 10 February – in time for Valentine’s Day!

Prices start from S$1,188 for the Galaxy S23 (128GB). Pre-order is available at Lazada, Shopee, Best Denki, Challenger, Courts, Gain City, and Harvey Norman. Customers who pre-order through Lazada, Shopee, and selected stores will be entitled to attractive e-vouchers.