15 TraceTogether token pouches you will want to carry everywhere with you

We’ve been reminded over and over again to carry our TraceTogether tokens out with us wherever we go – for good reason! It’s become an essential everyday item to keep us safe, in the midst of living in a time of pandemic here in Singapore.

But have you ever grabbed the wrong token on your way out of the house? Because we have, and we totally get the frustration especially with all the tokens in a household tending to look exactly the same. Now, what if we tell you that you can easily differentiate your personal token from your household member’s with a TraceTogether token cover that’s uniquely you?

Ahead, we’ve sussed out some of the cutest as well as aesthetically pleasing TraceTogether token pouches on the market for your shopping consideration. Some of these are actually Airpod cases, key holders, and mini card purses but they now have the added function of storing your TraceTogether tokens too – a super fabulous idea in our opinion!

Zip Pouches

1. Pastel Cartoons

You literally can’t get any cuter with these little pastel-coloured cartoon pouches for your TraceTogether token! Made of PU leather in the loveliest shades of pastels, choose from adorable cartoons of rabbits, bears, and crocodiles that will put a smile on even the sternest of faces.

Get it at S$8.40 from Shopee.

2. Translucent Daisies

There’s no whimsical chanting of “I love this, I love this not” with this floral see-through pouch! You can easily see if you’ve got your token and other essentials with you in this translucent zip-up pouch that’s prettied up with a simple yet gorgeous daisy print.

Get it at S$16 from Shopee.

3. Lucky Cat

Bring good luck with you every time you step out of the door with this bright red manekineko-printed pouch underscored by classy brown trimmings. If you’re looking for more options, this merchant also offers other Japanese-inspired prints that range from delicate florals to Nippon-style waves.

Get it at S$7.90 from Shopee.

Snap-button Pouches

4. Sanrio Characters

This one’s for all the Sanrio fans out there! We’ve found your favourite ribbon-wearing kitty, blue cat robot, floppy-eared bunny, and many of their friends for you. These characters are printed in their trademark colours on these button pouches that will house your token and keys comfortably.

Get it at S$6 from Shopee.

Cloth Pouches

5. Galaxy Dreams

Always dreamt of exploring the galaxy and beyond someday? Then you’ll love these space-themed pouches that let you have the planets, stars, and rockets with you everywhere you go, keeping your TraceTogether token safe as you explore our city.

There’s also a gorgeous mermaid scale pattern if you have underwater aspirations, as well as a range of other cartoon and geometric prints.
Get it at S$7.50 from Shopee.

6. Sakura Season

Miss travelling to the Land of the Rising Sun as much as we do? Then you’ll want to get your hands on one of these beautiful Japanese-inspired pouches for your TraceTogether token.

The pink sakura blooms will call to mind the beautiful days spent under the cherry blossom trees – perhaps, this will tide us all through until we can hop on a plane to see the delicate blossoms in person.

Get it at S$5.30 from Shopee.

7. Fruity Tutti

Get your daily dose of vitamin C (for cuteness) with these refreshing fruit-printed cotton pouches. Tropical fruits are available on this platter, with oranges, lemons, strawberries, and watermelons up for snacks – er, we mean grabs.

Get it at S$5.19 from Ezbuy.

Silicone Sleeves

8. Rainbow Cartoons

There’s something extremely satisfying about fitting your TraceTogether token into one of these smooth silicone sleeves. It’s so perfectly designed that there’s even an opening for your QR code to be scanned!

Available in all colours of the rainbow with cute silicone cartoon characters on top so you can easily designate a different one for every family member.

Get it at S$6.90 from Shopee.

9. Pretty Macarons

Kit out your TraceTogether token in a silicone sleeve that will remind you of gorgeous macarons, thanks to the range of pretty hues and smooth shells. These come in three-piece packs, which will come in handy if you prefer switching out the sleeves to match your mood and outfit.

Get it at S$11.49 for a pack of three from Lazada.

Hard Cases

10. Sleek Suitcases

We’re not travelling anywhere anytime soon but your TraceTogether token can travel in style around the island in these mini luggage bags that come in a rainbow of solid colours. We especially like the gold and silver, because there’s nothing like keeping your prized token safe in a luxe-looking suitcase.

Get it at S$2.69 from Ezbuy.

11. Candy Shells

Don’t tell anyone, but we secretly love these no-frills cases that come in nostalgic candy colours because they remind us a lot of our beloved Tamagotchi pets that we used to care for back in the ’90s.

Get it at S$5.90 from Shopee.

Personalised Pouches

12. Jujube Happiness

Image source: Sewfisticatedcraft

Fans of the whimsical and bold characters on Jujube bags will want to pay attention to this because we’ve found the ultimate shop making TraceTogether sleeves in a dizzying variety of prints featuring your favourite characters! Whether you go crazy for Tokidoki icons like Unicorno or Sanrio cuties like Hello Kitty, there are lots of lovable prints for you to browse and pick from.

You can also customise these cases with your name and have them made in your choice of colour as well as your preferred material for the base (choose from either PU leather or vinyl). These made-to-order sleeves are made for specific models of the token so do indicate that to the creator when you pre-order for one. These pouches also come as a set with sanitiser sleeves.

These retail from S$16 onwards from Sewfisticatedcraft, with additional costs for specific customisation choices.

13. Sophisticated Leather

Classic leather never goes out of style, and we just love these gorgeous TraceTogether-slash-key-holders with natural grained cowhide leather that come in seven pleasing colours. What’s even better, you can personalise your holder with your name, which will be hot-stamped in your choice of three classic colours – black, taupe, and red.

Get it at S$68 from Bynd Artisan.

Crochet Pouches

14. Sushi Cravings

Is it sushi? Or is it a sushi-inspired cover? With these adorable crochet holders, you’ll definitely be doing a double-take just to be sure!

You can choose from salmon sashimi, tamago or shrimp for starters, or liaise with the seller to customise your favourite sushi. The creator also has other beautifully made themed coverings (think Avengers, Disney Princess, and Pokéball) for your tokens, so feel free to go ahead and add a few more to your order.

Get it from S$10.90 to S$12.90, depending on the version of your token, from Shopee.

15. Cute & Fuzzy Animals

Crocheted with cotton yarn in vibrant colours, this shop offers a whole zoo of knitted animal pouches to keep your TraceTogether token warm and snug, so we’re pretty certain you’d be able to find your favourite animal here. And at such affordable prices, we totally won’t blame you for wanting to get more than one covering for yourself.

Get it at S$5.50 from Shopee.