Things to do for Valentine’s Day

Whether you are a romantic or not, you know that Valentine’s Day nears with every day that passes. And with this in mind, you have thought of ways to make this day more special for your loved one. For many people, this day is all about dressing up and dining at a fancy restaurant in town. There is little or no creativity, even when it comes to  Valentine’s gifts for him or her. This year, think outside the box to make this day all the more meaningful. While you can still buy chocolates, wine, and cards, you should be ready to do that something extra. Here are some ideas to consider:



There are many ways in which you can go about this. If you are good at cooking, you can choose to make your significant other the meals he or she enjoys the most. That way, you can ditch the restaurant and settle for a quiet dinner where you can enjoy each other’s company. If you cannot cook, why not take a cooking class? It allows you time to bond, and you can have fun blending different flavours to create a perfect dish.

Play Games

Valentine’s Day is not all about wining and dining. It comes down to being with your loved one and reveling in the moments that you share. When was the last time you let your hair down and let your inner child out? This special day is an opportune time to do so. Find an arcade where you can compete with each other and have fun while at it. Be sure not to let competitiveness get in the way of having a good time.


Pastries are a great way to celebrate your love for each other. How about a bakeoff? You can take turns baking each other’s favorite pastries and competing as to who will win. Go for heart-shaped goodies as well as different fun designs that are a show of your love. Indulge your sweet tooth and find different ways to express your love other than chocolates.

Visit a garden

The traditional means of celebrating love is gifting loved ones with flowers. People end up with a bunch of roses that end up withering in the days that follow. Go for something more permanent such as a rose bush. And instead of planting one, you can take your loved one to a botanical garden. Here, they can feast their eyes on hundreds of roses instead of one bunch. And the icing on the cake is that you will not play a part in destroying the environment this time around.


Suppose you want to enjoy the weather, you can skip the fancy dinner and head to a park. All you need is some tasty food coupled with some drinks, and you are good. Take the day off and spend some time enjoying the wonders of nature. It would make for a pleasant surprise for your loved one, especially if this is not something you normally do.

Go out

Here, you can choose to go about it in two ways. You can go out and partly like you used to back when. It helps you have a hyped night while connecting with your partner. You can also catch one of your favorite bands and spend the night rocking away.

Alternatively, you can opt to have a quiet night in, away from the kids, pets, and other responsibilities. Find a hotel that you both like and check-in, leaving your worries at the reception. Dress in plush robes and order room service, locking the world out. You can also do this when spending Valentine’s Day on your own. The goal here is to get away even for a night.

Get Moving

How about dancing to the tune of your heartbeats? Yes, this is the time to take a dance lesson that will come in handy when you are in the mood to sway. It allows you to be in each other’s arms and feel closer to your partner than you could have imagined.

From massages to visits to the museum, there is a lot that you can do to make this day feel special. Remember to have fun while at it.