These 3D food phone cases look so real, you will definitely feel hungry

Most of us love food, and if you are a huge foodie who wants to show your love for good food, there is no better way than using a food case decorated with none other than food.

While food-printed phone cases are nothing new, this Korean artist has taken it one step further by creating 3D food art to create unique phone cases that you’ll love to show off. She was inspired by the fake food that is usually on display at food establishments to let customers see how their food will look like, and wanted to make ‘funny and memorable belongings for everyone’.

Her specialty is in Korean cuisine, hence you can even find dishes such as tteokbokki, fried chicken, as well as ramyun on the phone cases!

She also creates phone cases with other popular food, including toast, bacon, and pasta.

According to the artist, her best-selling phone case is the one adorned with 3D fries and ketchup. Don’t they just look so real?

The attention to details and high-quality materials used have made her phone cases a hit among international customers on Etsy, which explains why she has earned five-star ratings from 43 satisfied customers.

You can buy her phone cases from her Etsy shop here. Unfortunately, the shop is temporarily closed so you are unable to place any orders now, but it will reopen in the fall (around September), so remember to check her shop around that period of time to see if it has opened! You can also follow her Instagram account for any announcements and updates on her new work.

All photos are taken from foodgadgetshop’s Instagram account.