10 Telegram channels you may not follow YET, but you should! Hidden gems of 2023!

Want to get the first dibs on “insider’s” information before your friends?

Be the first to get the latest information for travel and lifestyle hacks, entertainment, great deals, personal finance and health tips, and more when you join these Telegram channels! Here are the hidden gems you can find on Telegram.

Telegram channel to follow to make weekend plans

Are you looking for things to do on the weekend with your friends, family or date? Not too sure what to do aside from your usual cafe-hopping or movies? It’s definitely not easy to plan for the weekend when you and your companions have no idea what to do.

telegram channel for weekend plans

Why not follow SG Weekend Plans (@sgweekend) on Telegram? SG Weekend Plans tells you the latest weekend happenings and exciting events in Singapore, from festivals and markets, to workshops and outdoor adventures.

With this Telegram channel, planning your weekend is no longer a headache when you have all the possible fun activities to do!

Telegram channel to follow for date ideas

Do you run out of ideas on what to do for your next date, or you do not know what to do for your first date? Planning for a date might be different from planning a simple weekend outing with your friends and family.

telegram channel for date ideas

We got you! Follow dateideas Singapore (@dateideas) on Telegram because it curates all the unique and creative date ideas and experiences in Singapore! It ranges from romantic dinners to outdoor adventures. You no longer will be at a loss when you’re planning for your next (or first!) date!

Telegram channel for music junkies

Have you ever only found out your favourite music band is in town too late such that their tickets are completely sold out already? Or were you always the last one to find out that your favourite band is coming to Singapore, and you never had enough time to save up to buy tickets, or it was too late to take that precious one-day leave because it was playing on a Wednesday night?

telegram channel for concerts

We understand that frustration – it’s definitely a huge bummer when you miss that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to watch your favourite band on our homeground.

You can stay up-to-date with SG Concerts by Bandwagon (@sgconcerts) Telegram channel! SG Concerts by Bandwagon provides you with the latest updates and information about concerts, gigs, and music festivals happening in Singapore. You’ll never have to miss a concert with this Telegram channel!

Telegram channel for beauty newbies and enthusiasts

Are you looking for the latest beauty deals, or have no idea which lipstick to purchase because there are just too many out there in the market? Or perhaps, you just want to get the latest deets on the newest Rare Beauty drops so you won’t miss out?

daily vanity telegram channel

You can follow Daily Vanity (@dailyvanity) on Telegram!

Singapore’s #1 beauty media, Daily Vanity provides the latest beauty news, tips, reviews and recommendations that are catered just for folks in Singapore.

You can now be the first to know when your favourite beauty brand is dropping their new collection, or to find the perfect type of foundation for your skin type! Psst, do you know they occasionally hold amazing giveaways in their channels too?

By the way, Daily Vanity also has a private Telegram group (Daily Vanity Insiders) that is community for Singaporean beauty junkies to connect, share tips, and exchange recommendations on the latest beauty products and trends in Singapore. Join now if you haven’t!

Telegram channel for the movie & TV show junkies

Are you always facing a dilemma on what to watch for movie nights, or not sure what’s showing in the cinemas? There are so many good shows out there, you just don’t know where to start!

telegram channel for weekend plans for movies

With SG New Movies & Shows (@sgnewmovies), you don’t have to face the dilemma of picking the shows to watch.

SG New Movies & Shows is a Telegram channel that gives you regular updates on the latest movies and TV shows released in Singapore, as well as reviews and ratings to help you decide what to watch – giving you an easier time in choosing!

Telegram channel for the frequent travellers

We all love to travel, but it can really make a huge hole in our bank accounts.

Not only that, itinerary-planning can be quite a headache when you’re not sure what to do, especially when it’s a destination you’re not familiar with and your travel buddy isn’t much help with it.

Planning the budget isn’t easy either when there’s so many cool and fun things to do!

telegram channel for travelling

This is where SG Travel+Lifestyle Hacks (@youtripsg) is helpful in your travel planning!

Started by multi-currency travel wallet app, YouTrip, SG Travel+Lifestyle Hacks is the Telegram channel to go to for travel tips, recommendations, hacks and deals. Not only that, they also hold giveaways for new and existing users! This is the perfect Telegram channel to check out before you travel.

Telegram channel for the foodies

With so many good food options out there, it’s hard to find a place that would suit your palate, or one that could accommodate the taste of your friends, family, or even date. It’s also painful when you ask your friends or date what they would like to eat, and they reply with “anything”.

telegram channel for food reviews

Ease that pain by following DanielFoodDiary (@DanielFoodDiary) on Telegram!

Run by popular Singaporean food blogger Daniel Ang, DanielFoodDiary shares the latest food recommendations, reviews, and promotions from restaurants and cafes across the city. Not only do they do local food recommendations, they also recommend great food places overseas when you travel. With this, you now have several options to let your date, friends and family to choose from instead of the painful “anything”.

Telegram channel for the budget-conscious

Have you ever gone to your favourite coffee shop and realised you missed the 1-for-1 promotion timing? Or perhaps bought a new pair of sneakers, only to find out that a sale for the brand had just ended the day before?

Sometimes there can be so many deals going on, you wish there was a channel to help you keep track with all the great deals.

telegram channel for deals

Well, the good news is that, there is! Great Deals Singapore (@greatdealssg) is the Telegram channel for you.

The channel curates all the best deals and promotions from various restaurants, retail stores, and online shops in Singapore. You’ll never have to miss a deal from your favourite coffee shop, and you can save money for your future shopping spree!

Telegram channel for those who are starting to manage their own finance

Getting started on your finance journey is definitely scary! Are you someone who wants to improve your financial knowledge, and make better financial decisions? There’s so much financial information out there, it can get overwhelming and you won’t know where to start.

telegram channel for personal finance

Get started with Seedly Personal Finance SG (@personalfinancesg) Telegram channel!

Run by Seedly, Singapore’s leading personal finance platform, you can get tips and advice on budgeting, saving, and investing. You can also get updates on the latest financial news and trends. So whether you are trying to save money, invest, or plan for your retirement, there’s something for everyone in the channel.

Telegram channel for those looking to improve their health and wellness

You’re getting started on your health and wellness journey, but there’s just too much information out there on the internet.

You are also not too sure if the information you found on the internet is accurate, it might just be another myth, or it contradicts with what everyone is saying.

telegram channel for health and wellness

If that’s the case, then Healthhub.sg (@healthhubsg) Telegram channel is the place for you! The channel shares health and wellness tips, and advice from trusted sources, as well as updates on the latest health-related events and activities in Singapore, covering topics such as nutrition, exercise, mental health, chronic diseases and more.

This will be the perfect channel for you to learn more about living a healthy lifestyle, and gain reliable information and tips about health and wellness since it is run by the Ministry of Health so there aren’t any advertisements or fake science.