25 Swarovski gifts under S$200 – with free shipping! – for the most important women in your life

Now that we are just a couple of weeks away from Christmas, many of you are probably scrambling to find gifts for your loved ones. And if you’re experienced, you would know that it’s best to buy the gifts early so that you don’t run the risk of having to buy your second or third choice because your first choice is no longer in stock.

Christmas is usually a time where you spoil your loved ones and let them know how thankful you are for them. One of the best gifts you can get is jewellery, but we all know that they can easily burn a huge hole in your pocket.

If you’re looking to get a little something sparkly for an important lady in your life without breaking the bank, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are 25 gifts you can get from Swarovski under S$200 this Christmas. (Bonus: if you stay till the end of the article, we’ll share an exclusive promo code for free shipping!)

1. Angelic Pendant

This Angelic Pendant is perfect for anyone who loves minimalist jewellery. It features a single round white stone as the centrepiece, with a line of white pavé around it.

Credit: Swarovski

This is a piece that exudes simplicity and elegance and you can be sure your giftee can wear it whenever and wherever.

The Angelic Pendant retails for S$139 and is available here.

2. Creativity Pendant

The Creativity Pendant is another everyday piece that still makes a statement. It features a pavé of clear crystals in the shape of a circle. This necklace has a fixed pendant, which is good because your giftee will never face issues where the clasp somehow moves to the front and situates itself beside her pendant. To some people, this can be considered unsightly.

Credit: Swarovski

You can choose between two colour options, the rhodium-plated one or the rose gold-plated one.

Credit: Swarovski

The Creativity Pendant is available for S$109. The rhodium-plated one can be purchased here, and the rose gold-plated one can be purchased here.

3. Constella Ear Cuff

Asymmetrical earrings have been trending for a while now and while some people love it, others may not be daring enough to try out this trend. If you know that your loved one is just like the latter, you can consider getting her this pair of Constella Ear Cuffs.

Credit: Swarovski

Each side is only slightly different in design, which allows your loved one to feel like she isn’t stepping too much out of her comfort zone. This will also help ease your loved one into trying out bolder designs in the future.

The Constella Ear Cuff retails for S$119 and while it is currently out of stock online, you can reserve a pair and collect it from Swarovski’s Marina Bay Sands outlet. Simply click here to proceed.

4. Swarovski Sparkling Dance Oval Stud Earrings

This pair of simple rose gold stud earrings is suitable for those who do not like drop earrings, but still like a little movement. One round crystal floats in the rose gold-plated metal cage, forming a “dancing crystal” as your giftee moves.

Credit: Swarovski

The Swarovski Sparkling Dance Oval Stud Earrings can be purchased for S$159 here.

5. Swarovski Sparkling Dance Oval Necklace

If you like the idea of a “dancing crystal”, you’ll probably like this piece. The Swarovski Sparkling Dance Oval Necklace is a rose gold-plated necklace with a fixed pendant in the middle. Similar to its earrings counterpart, a sparkling round stone floats in the rose gold-plated metal cage.

Credit: Swarovski

This necklace is available here for S$179.

6. Swarovski Sparkling Dance Earrings

Here is another variation of the Sparkling Dance series; a charming floral design is used this time in place of a rectangular metal cage, and a pink crystal is suspended in the middle of the flower. This entire charm is then suspended from a huggie earring that is lined with clear crystals.

Credit: Swarovski

This is a more feminine version of the series, and we would recommend it if your giftee likes soft colours.

The Swarovski Sparkling Dance Earrings retails for S$179 and is available for purchase here.

7. Constella Earrings

If your giftee has been wearing asymmetrical earrings and she’s comfortable with them, you can opt for this pair of Constella Earrings. It is a pair of drop earrings with four crystals on one side, and seven crystals on the other.

Credit: Swarovski

This pair of earrings is available in two colours: rose gold-tone and matte gold-tone.

Credit: Swarovski

The rose gold-tone Constella Earrings is available for S$199 and can be purchased here. The matte gold-tone variation retails for S$229 and can be found here.

8. Angelic Earrings

A pear-cut crystal is attached to a huggie earring in a dangling fashion. Since the earring hugs the ear, wearers don’t have to be worried about losing the butterfly backs that are commonly used in stud earrings.

Credit: Swarovski

This pair of earrings, like its name, is truly a piece that reflects the purity of the wearer with the clear crystal pavé surrounding the pear cut crystal in a halo.

The Angelic Earrings retails for S$159 and is available here.

9. Twist Hoop Earrings

Unlike the usual hoop earrings, this pair of Twist Hoop Earrings boasts a unique twist to it, literally. Two curving lines are intertwined with each other to form the hoop of the earring, with one embellished with bright crystals and the other in rhodium-plated metal. This timeless piece is refreshed with a modern take to it, exuding a touch of luxury.

Credit: Swarovski

This pair of Twist Hoop Earrings can be found here for S$179.

10. Tennis Deluxe Hoop Earrings

Here is another pair of hoop earrings in the shape of a “C”. This time, the earrings only have one line embellished with clear crystals, making it a very simple piece that can be worn comfortably everyday.

Credit: Swarovski
Credit: Swarovski


The Tennis Deluxe Hoop Earrings is available in two colours for S$199 each. The rose gold-tone version can be purchased here while the rhodium-plated one can be purchased here.

11. Angelic Ring

Looking to buy a ring that doesn’t break the bank? Take a look at the Angelic Ring which has a big round crystal as the centrepiece, complemented by a thin band embellished with crystals.

Credit: Swarovski

This ring retails for S$179 and you can find it here.

12. Tennis Bracelet

This Tennis Bracelet is suitable for someone who likes bracelets without any charms that may get in the way of their daily tasks. It is a simple piece with round crystals all around and is secured with a foldover clasp closure.

Credit: Swarovski

This Tennis Bracelet is available for purchase here for S$199.

13. Millenia Necklace

Does your giftee prefer coloured crystals? Perhaps you can consider the Millenia Necklace which has an octagon cut stone as its centrepiece. This stone is then framed by smaller cut white crystals. This necklace has four different colours you can choose from so you’re definitely getting a lot of variety with this piece. The first colour is a rhodium-plated necklace with a bright blue crystal.

Credit: Swarovski

The second is a sweet pink crystal with a rose gold-plated setting.

Credit: Swarovski

The third is a canary yellow crystal that matches its matte gold-tone linked chain.

Credit: Swarovski

And the last variation is a classic white crystal set in a rhodium-plated setting.

Credit: Swarovski

The Millenia Necklace retails for S$179 and can be purchased here.

14. Gema Clip Earring

If your giftee doesn’t have any piercings, you can probably consider the Gema Clip Earring. It is a clip-on earring designed to be worn on any part of the ear. Let your giftee feel extra pretty even without any piercings! It comes in a set of three with different coloured crystals each.

Credit: Swarovski

You can purchase the Gema Clip Earring here for S$199.

15. Constella Hoop Earrings

The Constella Hoop Earrings is part of the Constellation collection, in which its crystals are meant to look like stars in the sky.

Credit: Swarovski

Let your girl know she leaves you starry-eyed with this pair of earrings. It is available for purchase at S$199 here.

16. Garden Tales Mistletoe

Need a reason for kisses this Christmas? It’s time to purchase a Garden Tales Mistletoe and let it work its magic.

Jokes aside, this single champagne gold-tone branch of a crystal-embellished mistletoe offers a beautiful decoration that can be placed in a vase. And here’s the best part, it will never wilt. Here’s another way for you to profess your love for your loved one by likening it to the lifespan of this particular mistletoe.

Credit: Swarovski

The Garden Tales Mistletoe retails for S$149 and can be found here.

17. Numina Stud Earrings

Another colour associated with Christmas other than red is green, so what better way to get into the spirit of Christmas than to get this pair of green asymmetrical stud earrings!

Credit: Swarovski

This pair of earrings is gold-plated, and features a pear cut crystal on one side, and an imperial cut crystal on the other. This is the perfect way to showcase one’s individuality, and to let your loved one know how unique she is.

The Numina Stud Earrings is available at S$139 here.

18. Tennis Deluxe Ear Cuffs

Here’s another pair of ear cuffs lined with crystals, but unlike the others where they are lined by round stones, this particular pair has its crystals in various shapes ranging from drops and squares, to triangles and circles.

This is yet another piece that is simple in a glamorous way.

Credit: Swarovski

Interested in getting this as a gift? Pick up a pair here for S$139.

19. Bella V Earrings

The Bella V Earrings showcase a round grey crystal with a clear crystal pavé in the shape of a “V’. The setting is rose gold-plated, making the contrast of the two colours stand out beautifully.

Credit: Swarovski

If you’re not a fan of this combination, there are two other colour options available – a rose gold-plated setting with a round pink crystal, and a rhodium-plated setting with a round white crystal.

Credit: Swarovski
Credit: Swarovski

All three variations cost S$109 each and are available for purchase here.

20. Vittore Ring

If you would like to get a simple band instead of a solitaire ring, you can opt for the Vittore Ring which showcases a thin band embellished with a line of clear crystals.

This is suitable for everyday use and can even be stacked with other rings of your giftee’s to enhance the elegance of them all.

Credit: Swarovski

The Vittore Ring comes in three variations – rhodium-plated, rose gold-plated, and matte gold-plated. However, do note that the matte gold-plated variation is currently out of stock.

Credit: Swarovski
Credit: Swarovski

The Vittore Ring retails for S$109 and you can place an order for it here.

21. Swarovski Iconic Swan Bracelet

If she’s someone who loves bold colours, this Swarovski Iconic Swan Bracelet would be suitable for her. It features a bright red and gold-tone bracelet, with Swarovski’s iconic swan charm embellished with red crystals.

Credit: Swarovski

This bracelet will not only be suitable for Christmas, but it will also be suitable for the upcoming Chinese New Year thanks to its auspicious colours.

The Swarovski Iconic Swan Bracelet is available for S$139 here.

22. Swarovski Iconic Swan Pendant

If she loves bold colours but isn’t a fan of bracelets, you can get her the Swarovski Iconic Swan Pendant. Similar to its bracelet, this piece features a gold-tone chain with the iconic swan motif embellished in red crystals.

Credit: Swarovski

The Swarovski Iconic Swan Pendant can be purchased for S$159 here.

23. Kris Bear Christmas Annual Edition 2021

Instead of getting her jewellery, you can also consider getting her a Kris Bear. This is a seasonal item that you can pretty much only gift during Christmas.

Credit: Swarovski

Sure, it may not be soft to the touch like other teddy bears, but this crystal bear will serve as a beautiful table decoration that will make her think of you whenever she lands her eyes on it. The Kris Bear has 540 crystal facets which will light up any room.

With its adorable smiling face, a red Santa hat, green scarf, and a piece of candy, it’s hard to turn this little bear away.

And the good thing about it being a seasonal item is that the year of issue is engraved on the bear, which will make for a good memory to look back on in the future.

You can purchase the Kris Bear Christmas Annual Edition 2021 for S$159 here.

24. Crystalline Ballpoint Pen

If she’s someone who is very practical and doesn’t really like to accessorise, you can get her this Crystalline Ballpoint Pen. This rose gold pen with Swarovski’s signature Pointiage®-embellished swan charm is sure to capture anyone’s attention with its sparkly torso, rose gold barrel, and rose gold clip.

Credit: Swarovski

With the clip on the pen, she can easily carry it with her in one of the compartments in her bag whenever she goes to work. She can also place it in the complimentary pouch and she’ll never have to worry about not having a pen with her to take down notes or sign papers.

Since this is a ballpoint pen, there will also not be any anxiety of an ink leak that could cause damage to her bag.

When the pen has run out of ink, the high-quality ink cartridge can easily be replaced.

The Crystalline Ballpoint Pen retails for S$109 and is available online here.

25. High Smartphone Case

Alternatively, you can also get her the High Smartphone Case which is compatible with the Apple iPhone 12/12 Pro. This is a fully crystalised gold-tone phone case, with an integrated bumper for added protection.

Credit: Swarovski

This case offers the right amount of bling for your loved one, while still maintaining a functional purpose.

The High Smartphone Case retails for S$139 and can be purchased here

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You can also take a look at the full holiday catalogue here.

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