SuperNature sets up new home at Dempsey Road and introduces outdoor seating and an updated menu at Glow

Organic lifestyle champion SuperNature has moved from its original location in Forum The Shopping Mall to its new home at Dempsey Road that’s bigger and better.

Housed in a conservation colonial barrack surrounded by lush greenery and designed by renowned Italian designer Paola Navone of OTTO Studio, the new SuperNature takes up a roomy 6,500-sqft space and is staffed with an in-house naturopath and nutritionist to help customers make wiser purchase decisions. Its in-house dining concept Glow now offers more seats, including an outdoor seating area, and an updated menu to look forward to.

SuperNature at Dempsey

supernature dempsey and glow 5

Regulars of SuperNature will know the brand for being at the forefront of the organic and natural products retail landscape in Singapore. Since its establishment in 2001, it has been offering a comprehensive range of certified organic and natural products.

At its new home, you can expect an even more immersive retail experience.

supernature dempsey and glow 3

It includes adopting a knowledge-based wellness approach to your shopping, as SuperNature’s in-house certified nutritionist and naturopath shares product expertise and wellness advice with staff and customers in an accessible and personable manner. This means that you’ll be able to get professional assistance to find the right wellness products for yourself. The in-house naturopath and nutritionist will be available in-store three days a week.

Additionally, SuperNature also offers workshop programmes regularly. Called the SuperNature Insiders Series, these programmes aim to educate consumers on health and wellness topics.

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With a bigger space than before, the new SuperNature stocks more products at Dempsey. It now offers over 4,000 products and 35 product categories, so you can be sure that you’ll be able to get your hands on practically anything you want for your lifestyle needs.

Those who are serious about leading a healthier lifestyle will be happy to know that 70 per cent of the range are certified organic, and this includes a full selection of organic fresh produce. The rest of the 30 per cent of its offering comprise natural products that cater to varied dietary requirements.

Glow at Dempsey

supernature dempsey and glow 2

SuperNature’s dining concept Glow also gets an upgrade in its new home in Dempsey. As before, Glow caters to various dietary needs, including vegetarian, vegan, and accommodations for gluten, dairy, nut, and egg intolerance. But what you can look forward to is more seats, including a relaxing outdoor seating area, and a new menu that’s still true dedicated to holistic recipes.

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AVENUE ONE tried a few of Glow’s recommended dishes and many of them stood out.

pumpkin soup glow
Pumpkin Soup (S$14)

I didn’t expect much from the unassuming bowl of Pumpkin Soup (S$14) that was served as the first item I tried that day. I’m familiar with pumpkin soup and even make it myself at home, so I really wasn’t excited by it.

But it only took the first spoonful of Glow’s version for me to perk up.

I was told that this was made with organic Japanese Pumpkin sourced from Australia, cooked with an organic reduced salt vegetable stock. The pumpkin is roasted for 30 minutes till it’s caramelised, cooked with sauteed onions, garlic, and stock, before it was blended. The soup is then topped with roasted pepitas.

The result is a naturally sweet and velvety smooth soup that easy on the palate and absolutely delectable.

And if you’re looking to recreate the pumpkin soup or make a pumpkin dish that contains the same wonderful pumpkin used in this dish, it is available at SuperNature’s retail section.

salads glow
From left, clockwise: Broccoli Salad (S$8), Tuna Salad (S$8), and Rainbow Slaw (S$8)

Glow offers a good selection of salads including the gorgeous Rainbow Slaw (S$8) and Tuna Salad (S$8), but what I enjoyed the most was no doubt the Broccoli Salad (S$8).

This features blanched broccoli forets and stem, raw kale, cooked organic pearl barley, organic raisins, and sliced green grapes.

Instead of a dressing, the salad is savoury, thanks to the addition of caramelised onions that are cooked in grapeseed oil, some organic Australian honey, and a touch of salt and pepper.

I enjoyed the exciting textures that come from the mix of ingredients; the barley, in particular, added an interesting edge to the salad. I also love how the lightly added honey made the flavours more nuanced.

If you enjoy pastries, then the Quiche Florentine (S$15) may just be up your alley. This delightful dish is made with organic ingredients such as organic baby spinach, baby shallots, and leeks. It’s probably note-worthy that even the crust is made with organic plain flour, organic unsalted butter, free-range eggs, unrefined brown sugar, and organic milk.

I found Glow’s Quiche Florentine creamier than most other ones I’ve tried before, and the taste of cheese – 18-month aged Comte cheese and organic feta – stood out evidently. This is a dish you’d enjoy if you’re a cheese-lover.

beef noodles glow
Beef Noodle Soup (S$25)

A surprising item on its menu is the Beef Noodle Soup (S$25). This Thai-style dish features a very flavourful beef broth that I couldn’t get enough of.

The broth is made with Australian grass-fed beef shin, simmered for up to three hours over low heat with stock. The stock, made in house, features the frame, bones, and trimmings from free-range chicken, spices, and herbs including Chinese celery, galangal, and lemongrass.

The same beef from the shin is then served with beef tendon, freshly made beef balls, rice noodles, and the delicious beef broth.

supernature dempsey and glow 1

Finally, for desserts, consider the gluten-free Chocolate Pumpkin Cake (S$7), a moist and decadent cake that features a roasted pumpkin puree or the gluten-free Orange Almond Cake (S$7), containing organic orange puree that offers a surprising flavour and texture.