Stickers World: Farm review – Will a kid enjoy and learn from it?

Parents who buy sticker books for their children may be familiar with the Sticker World series of activity books. Published by Lonely Planet Kids, the books in this series are suitable for kids aged six to eight but those who are younger may also appreciate the simpler activities in the book.

The latest three additions to the series are Sticker World: Airport, Sticker World: Farm, and Sticker World: Castle. These bright and bold sticker books are filled with fun facts and more than 500 stickers in each book, all designed to help children get a look at the inner workings of airports, farms, and castles respectively.

We sent a copy of Sticker World: Farm to Kaiyi, a three-year-old who is familiar with sticker books, having been exposed to it during his weekend activity sessions with his mum. Here’s what his mum has to say about the book:

“Kaiyi took about three sessions to finish the sticker book. As he is still unable to draw, we skipped the drawing activities (we can save it for when he gets older!) but he enjoyed the colouring and stickering pages. He definitely enjoyed the sticking and would even try to be funny and stick some of the animals upside down.

Exposure to new vocabulary such as ‘scarecrow’, ‘geese’, ‘cockerel’, and ‘honeycomb’ also served as a learning moment for him. I also had the chance to explain to him that milk comes from cows.



While I was disappointed that the only colours in the books were red, yellow, blue, green, and white, my son wasn’t bothered by it – he enjoyed it as long as he gets to stick.


I like the stickiness of the stickers; they are sticky enough to be stuck onto the book, but can be peeled off when he places them wrongly. (This is compared to other sticker books I had bought for him before, which are stuck so firmly that I can’t tear them off once they’re placed.) While I don’t normally rearrange the stickers he had placed, I like that he could actually adjust the stickers again when he grows up.



Although we’ve finished the activities that he could do in the book, he still likes the book and wants me to flip through it with him once in a while.

I would recommend Sticker World: Farm to other parents because it contains comprehensive information on the topic featured, and I believe it would engage older kids who are able to draw and write even more. The book encourages creativity and is engaging.


Kaiyi spent around two hours (accumulative, in a few sessions) with the book and we’re still revisiting this book from time to time.”

The three additions to Sticker World were released in 2019 and retails at US$6.99 each. You can find them in bookstores or the Lonely Planet online store.