Steigen Solar Pro (Gen 2) Automated Laundry System Review

Moving to a new home or thinking of upgrading your aged parents’ laundry rack into an automated system? Steigen is probably one of the first brands to come to mind.

To find out how Steigen’s Solar Pro (Gen 2) Automated Laundry System, which is very popular among homeowners, performs, we ask Keith, our colleague who owns this system for a thorough review. Read on to find out what he thinks!

Why consider Steigen?

My new place has a small kitchen that came with a 2-in-1 washer and dryer system. However, when it comes to heavier washing load, like our queen-sized bedsheet and duvet cover, the washer-dryer is not able to do the job as well. That’s why we were in the market to look for an automated laundry rack system that could complement what we currently have.

We don’t have a laundry yard in our house, so laundry is done in the kitchen. As such, given the space constraints, I honestly wasn’t optimistic about finding a rack in the market that is small enough and still can perform well, until one of my neighbours shared that he installed the Steigen Solar Mini (Gen 2) and he was happy with his experience.

This is why I decided to give Steigen a shot!

Free site measurement and assessment

One of the things I like about Steigen is the no-obligation free site measurement they offer. Instead of measuring the space yourself and figuring what’s the best way to orientate the rack, we can leave it to the professionals for space-planning and advice.

Initially, we thought given the space limitation, we had to go for a small laundry rack since we also had to accommodate our kitchen light. But after the site assessment, the consultant shared that instead of getting the smaller one we could forgo the kitchen light and get the Steigen Solar Pro (Gen 2), which is equipped with lights that are bright enough. At the same time, this means that we’ll have more space to accommodate a larger laundry rack!

Besides that, the consultant shared that we could also tap into the existing electrical point that was meant for the main kitchen light instead of installing a new electrical point for our laundry rack.

She also further assessed that our kitchen has a false ceiling, which won’t be stable enough for the rack. As such, a bracket will be installed on the actual ceiling to ensure that the rack would be strong enough to take a heavy load. These information were conveyed clearly and simply to a layman like me, making it easy for me to understand what to expect.

She then sent all the information, drawings, and measurements to my email so I can take my time to come to a decision.

Given how professional and thoughtful they were, I decided to install Steigen Solar Pro (Gen 2) over other options in the market.

The purchasing experience was seamless too; I could pay and book the installation date online effortlessly.

Key features of this series

Fast drying features that are quiet and safe

The Steigen Solar Pro (Gen 2) comes with the upgraded feature of four full-sized BLDC fans. These provide eight-way wind direction to replicate outdoor sun-drying conditions, a new trademarked design with wider vents, and larger air volume coverage (CFM), which together quicken the drying speed as compared to earlier models.

Just like how we rely on solar energy apart from the wind during outdoor drying, the system also offers 8-Core Solar Drying up to 60°C. What I appreciate about it is that while it’s able to offer solar drying, it is complete UV-free, which means it’s safe for me and my family to be near the system when drying is going on!

The result is fresh and fluffy clothes even though you’re drying indoors. Having done outdoor drying in the past in my previous residences, I really can’t tell the difference between my current dried clothes and previous ones.

What’s more the motor’s smart German technology provided superior drying prowess and is quiet enough to ensure it does not affect quality of life. Nobody in the family had complained about the noise – not even when use it at night during my preschoolers’ bedtime.

Designed for heavy duty

The Steigen Solar Pro (Gen 2) is able to lift up to 50kg of load, making it ideal for days when you have a huge amount of laundry, for instance, after you come home from a long overseas trip.

I also like that the system comes with extendable poles, which are great for hanging huge queen- or king-sized bedsheets and duvet covers.

Extending the poles require a simple mechanism so anyone can do it effortlessly. I like that it’s easy to extend and keep it as the poles are lightweight.

Chic design with ambience options

Homeowners will appreciate that the design is sleek and it comes with several colours to choose from to make sure it complements your house design. I went with Blush, which goes with the soft tones that I have in rest of my house. The result is a clean, chic design that blends in beautifully with the rest of my house.

The Steigen system comes with three modes of 20 watts LED light, with a wide range of colours to match various interiors.

Bonus feature for modern homes

Finally, Steigen Solar Pro (Gen 2) comes with a new 2-in-1 Sol Ion™ feature to provide relief from invisible odour-causing particles and dust mites. This keeps odour under control and helps with allergy management – something that I really appreciate given that I have eczema-prone skin and also have two young children in the family.

Installation process

Once you have decided on the model and had your free site assessment done, you can then book an appointment online via their calendar instead of liaising back and forth with a representative to settle on a date and time.

As I had been staying at my new place for about two weeks before the installation, my kitchen was no longer empty, so I was little concerned about how dusty it might be after the installation was done.

My mind was quickly put to rest as the installation technician took out sheets of new plastic covers to protect the rest of my kitchen from dust.

After the installation was done, he taught how to operate it and gave me a printout guide in case I forget. He even did a round of simple cleaning up to ensure the place was not too dusty.

Steigen review: How has it been so far?

Remote control mounted on wall. It can be easily removed when needed.

While we use our washer-dryer on a daily basis, people with a washer-dryer will know that once in a while we may estimate the dryer load wrongly resulting in the laundry that’s not dry enough.

We usually start doing our laundry after the kids go to bed and after our shower at around 10pm, then let the washer-dryer run for 5.5 hours while we are asleep and not check on it until the next day.

This usually works well. However, those with a washer-dry would know that there are times when we might estimate the dryer load wrongly. This had happened a few times to us and we had to face the problem of wet clothes only the next day.

Without our Steigen Solar Pro (Gen 2), we would have to let the load run for another 4.5 hours to dry the damp laundry before we could start washing a new batch of clothes, wasting time and breaking our routine.

Thankfully, with our Steigen laundry system, we can immediately transfer damp laundry and have them dried while running a new batch of clothes in the washer-dryer concurrently!

If you prefer to hang without hangers, it’s possible to hang it over the bar.

Besides that, washing and drying heavier items like bathing towels and bedding sets is difficult with our current 8kg/5kg washer-dryer – the only size my kitchen can fit. These items will always end up still damp after the drying process.

With our Steigen system, we don’t have to worry about it anymore. We now simply run these items in the washer for an hour, then load them up on the extendable racks for drying. This also frees up our washing machine for another round of washing

What about small laundry items like hand towels, cleaning cloths, and reusable masks? Any problems hanging them up? Not at all!

As you can see from the above image, hoops that can be used for hangers are placed close enough to serve as a clip for small laundry items. I have used this function several times and find that it is very secure and doesn’t get blown away or fall.

Finally, another function that I found very useful is its fan function that can be used for drying if we don’t want to use the heat drying function. Besides using it for laundry drying, we sometimes use it as a fan for ourselves too when it’s too hot in the kitchen when we cook. So essentially, this practically serves as a 4-in-1 appliance for us: a laundry rack, dryer, lights, and fan!


My experience thus far with Steigen has been nothing but positive from the sales consultation process and installation to the eventual usage. It is now such an integral part of my home life, I really can’t imagine how things will be without it!

And I’m not the only one who thinks so – evident from the 4.8-star rating it has received on Google from almost 600 reviews!

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