Get ready for the latest Starbucks x Kate Spade collection with New York City-themed tumblers and accessories

Get ready for the most stylish Starbucks collection yet as Starbucks has recently teamed up with fashion and lifestyle brand Kate Spade New York to bring to us a New York City-themed merchandise that you just have to get your hands on, especially if you missed out on their last holiday collaboration back in 2020.

Credit: @starbuckssg/Instagram

Starbucks x Kate Spade


Credit: @starbuckssg/Instagram

The Starbucks x Kate Spade collection features a total of seven drinkware items, with the usual Starbucks tumblers dressed up in stylish pink and green stripes, as well as mugs decorated with prominent New York City elements such as pretzels, flowers wrapped in newspapers, yellow cabs, push carts, and walk-up apartment buildings.

Credit: @starbuckssg/Instagram

And we can’t deny that the cutest item of all the drinkware products is this water bottle with pink and red strawberries all over. It even has a bulbous lid to add a touch of uniqueness to the bottle!

Credit: @starbuckssg/Instagram

Unlike other tumblers and bottles in the collection, this water bottle is flat, making it the perfect size to squeeze into your bag without it taking up too much space. This way, you’ll always have water with you so that you can drink up and stay hydrated! Plus, you get to look cute while doing so, so it’s certainly a win-win situation if you ask us.

And since the bottle is clear, you can even choose to spice up its look by adding coloured beverages into your bottle!

Credit: 好茶和么克/XiaoHongShu

Psst, we’re foreseeing that this will fly off the shelves, so brace yourself to get your hands on them the moment they’re available.

Lifestyle accessories

Other than drinkware, the collection also features lifestyle accessories in similar prints. Exude the vibe of New York City with this NYC Tote Bag that has New York City elements on it.

Credit: @starbuckssg/Instagram

This canvas tote is stylish and will certainly go with lots of casual outfits. If you don’t see yourself bringing it out as your primary bag, opt to fold it up and put it inside your bag so that you will always have a recyclable tote to use in place of plastic bags. This is especially useful as many places are starting to charge for plastic bags.

So if you ask us, this is a great buy because you’ll be saving the environment in style.

Now that VTLs have been established, we’re pretty sure many of you would have already started making plans for travel. Add on this adorable strawberry luggage tag to your luggage and you won’t have to worry about losing your belongings when you travel!

Credit: @starbuckssg/Instagram

If you have lots of pieces of jewellery that you like to bring around with you when you travel, get this limited edition jewellery box with strawberries peppered all over. It will fit at least three necklaces, six rings, and four pairs of earrings comfortably.

Credit: Starbucks

Where to get it?

This limited edition collection will be available at all Starbucks outlets in Singapore, and if you’re a Starbucks Rewards Gold Member, here’s some good news for you! You will be able to preview and shop the collection first today, on 15 March, before it is launched to the general public on 16 March.

We can already predict this collection will be a hit amongst many in Singapore, so make use of this chance to check out the collection and purchase the items that you like before they get sold out!

If you don’t think you’ll be able to head down to a store in time, don’t worry. You can also opt to shop the collection on Lazada and Shopee. Happy shopping!