Starbucks Korea releases the sweetest Cupid-themed Valentine’s Day collection that’s irresistible

We thought we were in love with Starbucks Singapore’s Honey Bee collection, launched for Valentine’s Day. But Starbucks Korea has dropped a super sweet line for Valentine’s Day that is giving the Singapore’s version a run for its money.



Featuring the Cupid, the “god of love” in Roman mythology, the Starbucks Korea Valentine’s Day Cupid Collection is super dreamy and whimsical. Read on to find out what this collection consists of.

2021 Starbucks Korea Valentine’s Day Cupid Collection

Cupid mugs


This ivory white mug with rose gold trimmings looks like what Roman gods would drink from.

Cupid couple mugs


Matching outfits? Passe. Something subtle but super cute – couple mugs in blue and pink that can be put together to form a pair of wings.

Tea infuser glass mug


The infuser resembles the bow used by Cupid while the mug cover features a tiny pair of Cupid’s wings.

And as if that’s not magical enough, pour in water that’s above 35 degC and watch the infuser transform from red to pink.

Cupid globe top cold tumbler


This cold tumbler has everything that says “sweet”: Starbucks’ iconic bear holding a heart within the globe-shaped cover, a straw with Cupid’s arrow, and a sleeve that has wings. What’s not to love?

Cupid’s hot mug with snow globe


A snow globe atop the mug cover? Cute.

In it, you’ll see an adorable Cupid holding his bow and arrow and sitting on a crescent moon. There’s no way it won’t make your day just by looking at it.

Love&Love tumbler


For something less cutesy, this tumbler that has dainty hearts all over it will be the collectible to go for.

Sweet Pink Walker thermo flask


This is super pretty flask that you can use throughout the year. Slip on a sleeve that features a pair of wings and you’ll take it to the season of love.

Cupid Phinney tumbler


Tumbler in a pink ombre shade, clear cover, and straw with cute wings? Add to cart!

JNL thermo flask


For something practical and with an artistic touch, this will be the item to look out for.

Sweet Pink Archie travel tumbler


This can be expanded or collapsed into a more portable size simply by removing the clear portion. It’s definitely something that practical folks will love.

Sweet Pink Cathy stainless steel mug


This understated design is for those who prefer a minimalist aesthetic.

Sweet Pink Newton stainless steel travel tumbler


Ombre pink design and practical, fuss-free functions? We love it.

My Own Hamton stainless steel tumbler


Pink is not your vibe? Then this dark blue tumbler may be it. Stickers are provided so you can stick your initials onto the pair of wings that hangs from the tumbler for some personalisation.

Opera stainless steel travel tumbler


An understated collectible item, this is what most men will be willing to use and is great for those who cringe at anything too sweet.

Stanley Iceland stainless steel thermo flask



Starbucks also collaborated with Stanley Iceland to launch two flasks that can be used all year round.

Sweet Pink leather ear buds holder


This high quality leather holder for your ear buds comes in a pale pink shade and a cute wing accessory to add to the sweet factor.

Cupid’s cloud pouch


This is popular among Korean women – and who can blame them. It’s hard to resist its fluffy texture and sweet colours. This is perfect as a handphone pouch or makeup pouch.

Cupid’s pins


Want to jazz up your jacket, bags, or pouches? These cute pins will do the trick.

Cupid’s fork and spoon set


This cute pair of utensils will make dessert time extra sweet.

Starbucks bear as Cupid keychain


Starbucks’ iconic bear transforms into Cupid is the cutest keychain you’ll be seeing in a while.

The Cupid collection is available at Starbucks Korea outlets, but we’ve also found a retailer on Shopee that carries selected items. Prices range between S$25.27 (for the fork and spoon set) and S$81.42 (for the JNL thermo flask) on Shopee.