Starbucks Japan’s New Year merchandise includes sumo wrestlers, shiba inu & other cute Japanese elements!

In line with the Year of the Rat, Starbucks Japan has launched new merchandise featuring not just the cute rodent, but also other Japanese cultural elements like the fortune cat and shiba inu.

We know you can’t wait to see the full range, so scroll down to see everything in this collection that you’ll want to buy ASAP!

Sumo & Daruma Tumbler

This tumbler features two cute Japanese icons together – the sumo wrestler and daruma doll!

For the uninitiated, daruma dolls are traditional Japanese good luck charms for the New Year, and are meant to keep you focused on your goals, so you’re all set to have a productive year ahead.

P.S. You get a tiny sumo wrestler in the dome at the bottom of this tumbler as well – so cute!

Sumo & Daruma Tumbler retails at JPY2300 (around SGD28.50).

Icons Tumbler

For those of us who love shiba inus but can’t keep one at home, here’s an alternative that is sure to put a smile on your face no matter where you go.

Plastered with shiba inus, daruma dolls, fortune cats, and even Mt Fuji itself, this tumbler just screams Japan – and we love it.

Icons Tumbler retails at JPY1800 (SGD22.30).

Handy Stainless Icons Tumbler

Bring your hot green tea and iced matcha lattes on the go with this really handy tumbler that is filled with iconic Japanese elements.

Handy Stainless Icons Tumbler retails at JPY4400 (SGD54.50).

Stainless Sumo Tumbler

This is one of our top favourites in the collection, and we’re sure you’ll love it too.

The bubblegum pink bottle features a mini Starbucks bear dressed as a sumo wrestler, all ready to tackle on the year’s challenges with you, one hot coffee at a time!

Stainless Sumo Tumbler retails at JPY4000 (SGD49.55).

Stainless Fortune Cat Tumbler

With the fortune cats bringing in good luck wherever you go, your next cup of Americano could just be the lucky charm you’ve always needed!

Stainless Fortune Cat Tumbler retails at JPY3800 (SGD47.10).

New Year Mouse Mug

Get a rodent friend on hand to serve hot tea as and when you need a cup to wake you up from the daily food coma.

New Year Mouse Mug retails at JPY2000 (SGD24.80).

Mount Fuji Mug

Keeping on top of life can feel like an arduous task, but you can conquer one mountain at a time with a mug of coffee shaped like Mount Fuji.

Mount Fuji Mug retails at JPY1900 (SGD23.50).

New Year Mouse & Daruma Keychains

Whether you are looking to carry some good luck around with you or just get a cute keepsake of the zodiac year ahead, these adorable keychains will do just the trick.

Get these keychains at JPY1600 (SGD19.80 each).

New Year Mouse Bear Soft Toy

If your zodiac sign is the rat and you are always seen with a cup of coffee in hand, this soft toy is you.

New Year Mouse Bear Soft Toy retails at JPY3000 (SGD37.20).

Kimono Bearistas

If you didn’t know, each county’s Starbucks offers Bearistas dressed in the respective national costumes, so of course we can’t miss out on kimonos for our Japanese Bearistas!

Kimono Bearistas retail at JPY4800 (SGD59.50) each.

Other items in the collection

Other items in Starbucks Japan’s New Year collection include:

  • New Year-themed gift cards
  • Coin purse
  • Stickers

As at time of writing, the New Year collectables are available for sale on VeryGooods.JP. You can also try to request for them on Airfrov and see if anyone heading to Japan can help you get one of these!