Liked Squid Game on Netflix? Here are 7 Squid Game-themed merchandise to check out

We’ll be the first to shamelessly admit that we’ve been super obsessed with the South Korean TV drama, Squid Game that’s currently streaming on Netflix – and as reality proves, we are not alone with this obsession.

Squid Game has soared to heights of popularity with the show receiving a commendable rating of 87% on Rotten Tomatoes, claiming the #1 spot in over 80 countries, and according to Netflix’s co-CEO, it may well be the streaming service’s biggest non-English language show ever.

As you eagerly wait for the second season of Squid Game (which may or may not happen), we’ve found seven Squid Game-themed merchandise that you can continue nursing your obsession with while you rewatch the series on Netflix.

1. Dalgona candy kit

Make your own dalgona sweets just like the ones in Squid Game! This kit includes everything you’ll need to make these candies with there even being all the tools needed to temper the sugar. It also has more than the usual four shapes mentioned in the show. Made from stainless steel, these cutters come in the shape of a rocket, bird, heart, and car.

Retails for S$17.50 on Shopee.

2. Squid Game t-shirt

Instantly feel like you’re part of Squid Game with these retro t-shirts, just like the ones the contestants wear. You get to choose between three different shirt colours of teal, green, and white as well as personalise your individual contestant number to be printed on the fabric.

Retails for S$12.50 on Shopee.

3. Squid Game sweatshirt and sweatpants

Dress up like a guard with these hot pink tracksuit sets, all you have to do is add on some of your own accessories like a belt and you’ll nail the costume down to a T!

The sweatshirt retails for S$25.78 while the sweatpants retail for S$24.10. Both are available on Shopee.

4. Minimalist Squid Game t-shirt

Want to show your love for trending series subtly? This basic printed t-shirt may just do the trick, and it’s available in four different colours of black, navy blue, maroon, and white.

Retails for S$13.12 on Shopee.

5. Squid Game hoodie

If you would rather dress up like a contestant in the Squid Game rather than a guard, then perhaps this green Squid Game hoodie is just right for you. It even has the iconic shapes on the right and the individual contestant numbers on the left.

Retails for S$20.27 on Shopee.

6. Squid Game Hangul t-shirt

Give this simple yet attractive Squid Game t-shirt a shot. It’s a minimalistic design with Squid Game written on it using Korean Hangul characters along with the iconic Squid Game shapes. You get to choose between two different shirt colours of teal and green.

Retails for S$9.02 on Shopee.

7. Squid Game keychain

After watching Squid Game, everyone is surely wondering who the masked frontman really is. If you’ve been intrigued by this character throughout the season, you’ll love this keychain plus other Squid Game designs we found.

Retails for S$8.65 on Shopee.