27 space-saving organisation hacks and ideas for your HDB flat

Is your home cluttered with items all over the place? And with all that furniture and items, do you feel like you have no space left at home? Many of us find it difficult to maximise space with so little space to begin with. We totally get it, so here are some space-saving storage ideas that could help with organisation and space management:


1. Hang your pot covers

The Kitchn

A great way to hang your pot covers is to use wall hooks. Paste these hooks on your walls or cabinet doors to keep your kitchen neat.

2. Expandable dining table

Home and Interior


I’m sure many of you think it is important to get a huge dining table to cater to those times when your friends and families come over for a meal. The problem with this is that it may not always happen and only a small part of the table is used most of the time. Why not get an expandable dining table? It solves all the problem.

3. Use a pegboard



Another great way to hang your kitchen utensils is to use a pegboard. Not only is this idea #hip,  it is also practical.

4. Use baskets to organise your items in the cabinet



Avoid stacking things behind each other with this hack. Baskets can help you reach your items more easily.

Avenue One tip: Label your baskets for better organisation.

5. File holders to organise your kitchen cabinets



This hack saves space by allowing you to vertically stack your stuff and store them neatly.

6. Rotating spice racks



Who wouldn’t want an item that organises their kitchen and also makes it look cute?

Available on Shopee for SGD18.20.

7. Tension shower rod to hang household products

Working mother


Another genius hack can come from using tension rods. Hanging your household products creates more space for you to store other things and also keeps your stuff organised.

8. Retractable cloth hanging rack

Steigen Singapore


Foldable clothing hanging racks are so last season. Make way for retractable racks which are now the in thing. Not only will you be able to air your clothes, it helps to save more space and makes your house look better.

9. Use hanging fruit baskets

Revisions Design Studio


#throwback to the days when hanging fruit baskets were used to store things. These make great storage ideas that could improve the look of your homes as well.

10. Hang your mugs


Ditch traditional dish-racks for this hack. The reason is simple. It works and it looks good.

11. Use transparent containers

The Kitchn


Not only does this hack keep your cupboards organised, it makes it easier for you to eyeball your items and take stock of what needs to be refilled.


12. Loft bed



Loft beds are the next big thing for parents with kids. It is a great way to save space and is also the cool option. Like what they say, if you cannot go horizontal, go vertical.

Loft beds can be found at Ikea from SGD199.

13. Double decker bed with staircase drawers



For those who are considering the option of a double-decker bed, consider getting one with steps that double up as storage for better organisation.

Available at Ikea from SGD665.

14. Furniture with internal storage space



If you prefer a hack that does not involve drilling, you can consider purchasing furniture with internal storage space.

15. Use a bar cart as your side table


Bar carts look awesome and they do the job. The open concept brought about with this item also gives the room a more spacious feel. Best part? They can be moved easily to wherever you need them.

16. Rotating vanity organiser



If one can have a rotating spice rack, they can also have a rotating vanity organiser.

17. Use towel rods


Towel rods are a great way to hang your clothes and handbags.

18. Purchase furniture with exposed legs

PEI Magazine


You’ve heard of the trick-eye museum. This hack uses the same idea to create the illusion of spaciousness with furniture.

19. Make use of walls

Design Sponge


Hanging your stuff keeps the room spacious and is the #trending concept for modern homes.

20. Use shoe organisers


Shoe organisers can come in handy to help pack other things such as socks, scarves and jewellery.

Available at Ikea for SGD7.90.

21. Use book dividers to separate your items

Spaceships and Laserbeams


Keeping your items neat and tidy can be done simply by using book dividers to create partitions.

Work station

22. Open-concept book shelves

Refinery 29


Similar to the idea of buying furniture with exposed legs, this hack helps to create the illusion of spaciousness.

23. Wall grid organiser

Carousell SG


Why place items on your table when you can hang them? This hack is #seriouslytrending on places like Pinterest and Instagram. Not only does it make your room look amazing, it frees up a lot of space on your desk.

Wall grid organisers can be found at Daiso for SGD2.00.

24. Hanging wire baskets


For those who cannot hang their stuff on the walls, you can declutter your tables with hanging baskets.

Hanging wire baskets can be found on Shopee for SGD2.90.


25. Roll your towels

Aquatica Bath


Save more space by rolling your towels instead of folding them.

26. Fold and place your shirts vertically

Storage Organizer


This method of organising makes it easier for you to pull out your shirts and also keeps your cupboards neat.

27. Hang your bags



Instead of stacking them behind each other, hanging them creates more space and helps you reach out for them more easily.