11 space-saving furniture ideas to make the most of your home

For many of us growing up and living in Singapore, you develop a new love for space (or lack thereof).

With 80% of us living in HDB apartments that are getting smaller and more expensive, it’s safe to say that we’re always on the lookout for ingenious ways to make everything fit. But if organising your home the Marie Kondo way doesn’t exactly spark joy for you, here’s an alternative that you may like: space-saving furniture.

From retractable to foldable, or even multi-functional, these furnishings help store more items, keep your crib tidy, and optimise more space. Ahead, AVENUE ONE has rounded up the top space-saving solutions that you can implement in your humble abode. Let’s begin, shall we?

1. Wall bed

Source: Spaceman

Also known as a Murphy bed, a wall bed pulls or folds down from against the wall or inside a closet. And with beds essentially taking up most of the space in a bedroom, going vertical is a great way to give you more room during the day.

Some that we found even combines it with a desk, a shelving unit or a TV console, which are ideal for open-plan apartments in need of sleeping accommodations.

Check out Spaceman for a wide range of single, super-single, double, and queen size beds that open either vertically or horizontally. You can even customise the size for a perfect fit.

2. Sofabed

Source: Spaceman

Whether you’re a couch potato or have guests staying over for the night, a sofabed is a must for a minimalist home.

But rather than conventional sofabeds that are practically impossible to sleep on, Spaceman offers ones that are made with a full-size mattress for a good night’s rest. They are available in a single, super-single, double, or queen size, as well as a bunk bed option.

3. Storage bed

Source: HipVan

Probably the oldest hack in the book, a storage bed is a quick solution for additional storage in your bedroom. It is perfect for storing bulky items like bedding, pillows, and seasonal items.

Select between ottoman bed frames from HipVan that lifts the top of the bed entirely or bed frames with drawers on the side from BedandBasics for easy-access storage.

4. Modular wardrobe

Source: HipVan

Boring wardrobes, begone! Rather than a bulky closet that makes your room look even smaller, why not get a modular, open-concept wardrobe that does away with carpentry and accentuates the bedroom space?

This one from HipVan offers nine configurations to fit your space as well as adjustable shelves that cater to different heights and positions to suit your every need.

5. Modular closet organisers

Source: Shopee

If a modular wardrobe is too pricey, you can also settle for these modular closet organisers. Not only is it super easy to set up, but it is designed such that you can stack it and literally create a chest of drawers.

Plus, it also features side rails so that you can pull out the middle shelves like a drawer and easily take out hard-to-reach items. Each one costs only S$6.70 on Shopee.

6. Multi-functional dining table

Source: Spaceman

Sometimes when you’re hosting, a gaggle of unexpected guests arrive and there simply isn’t enough table room to accommodate them. But within a blink of an eye, a multi-functional table that can expand from a four-seater to an eight will give you more tabletop space than you can ever imagine.

But if you think that is where the possibility stops, think again. Spaceman‘s dining tables not only extend but can even be converted into a low coffee table or a guest bed!

7. Movable kitchen island

Source: IKEA

It’s easy to see why a kitchen island is a much-coveted feature, but in sunny Singapore, most of our kitchens do not have enough room to implement this. The solution? A movable kitchen island.

Mobile and compact, it gives you an extra worktop for food prep or dining and can be shifted or rolled into another room if you need more space when entertaining, cooking, or cleaning. Pop over to IKEA’s website to see a variety of gorgeous kitchen islands that are not only practical but also look aesthetically pleasing in your home.

8. Kitchen racks

Source: IKEA

Just like the wall beds, try going vertical with your pantry items to save space. Instead of storing items in your work area, placing them on hanging shelves or racks are a better way to make use of your empty wall space and maximise storage in the kitchen. Check out some affordable ones we found from IKEA or HipVan.

9. Wall desk-shelf

Source: Ewins Group

In the default WFH mode that we’re in currently, having a solid desk is pertinent to working comfortably – and efficiently – from home. But traditional ones can take up quite a bit of floor space in our bedrooms and, not to mention, look quite a bit of an eyesore.

However, Ewin’s +39 Olpa Folding is a tabletop that can be tucked into a bookshelf when not in use. Not only does it save valuable space, but it also comes with foldable panels on its sides to conceal the unsightly mechanisms and give a sleek finish.

10. Pegboard

Source: IKEA

Perhaps the most versatile kind of wall-mounted storage, pegboards can be attached to the wall of any room to hold or display anything you want.

Alongside the SKÅDIS pegboard, IKEA also offers a whole range of hooks, bags, containers, or shelves that can be organised on the board however you like.

While most people mainly place this near their work areas, we also entertain the idea of putting it up in the bathroom or kitchen to organise toiletries or utensils.

11. Transparent storage boxes

space saving furniture ideas transparent storage boxes houze

Have a wee bit more space to accommodate storage boxes? Try to get your hands on the transparent type – these not only help you keep clutter away tidily but also let you easily identify what’s inside the storage boxes in just a quick glance.

We especially like the ones with wheels for easy manoeuvrability! For all kinds of storage boxes imaginable, just head over to HOUZE for your home organisation needs.