7 smart kitchen tools that will make life easier for clumsy people

You have broken a few glasses around the house, spilled condiments on the kitchen table, and maybe injure yourself once or twice. If these describe you, you will need the tools we have curated in this article – trust us, they’ll make your life so much easier.

1. Tool that helps cut cakes perfectly


We’ve always wondered what’s the best way of cutting a cake perfectly – it doesn’t seem easy to get equal sizes, and the slices always topple over after we cut them, ruining the icing on top. We used to blame it on our clumsy hands, but now we think it’s just because we just haven’t got the right tool. The Magisso ABS Cake Server (S$20.90) is what we’ve been missing in our lives. Press it through a cake, gently squeeze it, and you’ll have the slice lifted easily off the rest of the cake. Then, release the squeeze when you’ve transported it onto a plate. Voila! Equal-sized slices that still have their toppings looking beautiful.

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2. Gloves that ensure you’ll never cut yourself


Slicing your fingers is a common accident that happens in the kitchen, and it can occur to both kitchen veterans and novices alike. These No Cry Food Grade Cut-resistant Gloves (US$10.99) are able to resist cuts from sharp blades and comes in five sizes to guarantee a snug fit. They’re so safe, we’re almost ready to get toddlers to help out with cutting in the kitchen. The gloves are also washable in the machine so you can keep them clean and hygienic easily.

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3. Serving tray that will keep everything safe


People who are prone to tripping and falling are familiar with this scenario: you’re trying to serve glasses of beverages to your guests on a serving tray, all the while imagining yourself tripping over your kid’s toys and having everything in a mess, on the floor. You can get this thought off your mind and have absolute peace the next time you need to take out plates, glasses, or cutlery, thanks to this Joseph Joseph Non-slip Serving Tray (£16). It is designed such that the items it’s carrying is kept safe and balanced. On top of the intelligent design, it also has handles to make it extra easy for you to carry.

4. Cap opener that lifts bottle caps effortlessly


Clumsy people would know how even opening a bottle of beer may go wrong: as we twist our wrist to get the cap off, we may lose the grip and tip the bottle over. Well, even if you’re not as clumsy as what we’ve just described the PoptheTop Automatic Beer Bottle Opener (US$9.49) is still a sleek tool to have around in the kitchen. All you need to do is to place it on the bottle, push down, and the cap pops off without bending. This makes bottle opening fuss-free and super fun.

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5. Tool that cracks egg and separates it within a split second


Egg shell in the food, messy tabletop, and broken yolk can be avoided when you crack an egg. The Zanmini Handheld Egg Cracker (S$6.44) doesn’t just crack an egg perfectly in less than a second, it also doubles up as an egg separator so you can divide the yolk from the white easily. This is going to save you so much time and trouble.

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6. A pan that helps you flip over food without spillage


Flipping over food when you’re cooking it (especially meats) can become a kitchen disaster for people who aren’t so nimble. This is why we can’t live without the Happy Call Double Sided Pressure Die Cast (S$62.90), which is also a must-have kitchen appliance in Korean homes. After you’re done with one side, close the pan tightly with its magnetic handle closure, then flip over effortlessly to get the other side done. It’s best for grilling flat foods such as meats. Moreover, it cooks incredibly fast, doesn’t cause oil splatter, and produce little smoke.

7. A lemon squeezer that helps you get all the juice and none of the mess


Squeezing a lemon can sometimes be tiring – it seems impossible to get all the juice out and sometimes you get it on your hands and on the table, where you don’t want it to be. This Stainless Steel Lemon Juicer (S$3.10) can be used to juice lemons and oranges, and ensures you get all the juice – without the seeds –  from the fruit with an easy squeeze. It’s definitely going to make your life easier.